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Rockwall, TX
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A couple near-by offered to use their Pay pal account. They only want a couple books and we are splitting a shipment.
My phone is for talking and texting, not apps. On my laptop I can enter debit/credit card information by hand for each purchase. I am an old fart and my main source of income is Social Insecurity, that's why I only want one dozen books.
Is there any way to buy the books other than Pay Pal? They want to keep my card info and I just want a one time purchase.

Jerry Sledge
Rockwall, TX
Has anyone mentioned shipping containers? They come in two or three sizes and are sorta easy to relocate if you need to (just drag into place). Since they are made of steel they are fire "proof" except for the floor which are usually treated hardwood (I think). They are popular with the tiny house movement. You could also mound up dirt on the sides and top for "insulation". I had one for a shop/storage use about 10 years ago.
I was reading an email today that had another link to it. Here is a bit from the post. The link follows.

Biodegradable bowls contain PFAS

Concerns over mounting plastic waste pushed fast food companies to invest in safer wrappers and containers, but recent findings reveal a truly remarkable lack of understanding on behalf of some manufacturers. Writing for New Food Economy, Joe Fassler reports the disappointing news:23

   “The biggest culinary star of the past five years isn’t a chef, or a restaurant group, or the author of a cookbook. It’s a bowl, a humble piece of take-out packaging that’s taken the world of commercial foodservice by storm, rising so quickly that few have noted its troubling secret …

   If molded fiber bowls have become a kind of status symbol in the restaurant world … it’s probably because they’ve been positioned as an antidote to the industry’s alarming take-out waste problem.

Jerry Sledge
1 month ago
Just got back from my work share at Eden's CSA farm. The farm is SW of Dallas, TX in Balch Springs. The lady farmer needs help.

I live in Rockwall, TX. Retired handyman, 71, widower.

3 months ago
Just for information, scale is from dissolved minerals in the water. It can't be filtered out. You would need a water softener installed to lower the mineral content in the water.

Had a similar problem with an old tank-less water heater.Home owner decided to up grade the heater. Wan not easy to change out the systems. Required replumbing to adapt the new heater.
7 months ago
Pressure cooker, 6 hours, and it does gel. I don't add vegetables to my broth, just bones.
1 year ago
I recently bought an ozone generator. It is supposed to kill mold and spores along with some household pests. The problem is that it requires low temperature and low humidity. I'm only supposed to turn it on while I am now home.It's on a timer, 1 hour on and 1/2 hour off. It also removes odors.
1 year ago