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since Aug 06, 2012
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Gardener since childhood. Paleo living, even with a cave dwelling (modern with internet!). Long time nature dweller, that went from mushing in the north to settling in the south! I worked in nature pedagogy through animals. I have human skills for those who find the way, as I have poor social skills. Versed in autonomic system/somatic feelings, learning cranio-sacral.
La Palma (Canary island) Zone 11
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My pic did not load...
Thanks, I didn't know they existed with a handle!
1 month ago
Here is a photo with my daily used electric appliances and some hand used, which I know have electric equivalences.

Can we share what hand tools we find?

I think of only 2 that will always be electric:
- computer
- phone

But I don't see the point of electric citric juicers and mayonnaise can be done by hand.

I still have a small electric stove 500w for some heating up, and I daily use a distiller. How can I distillate with the sun? Is there a way to use a parabolic sun cooker? But then how do I get the water from the steam? (I will do a full topic, this is an example here)

What are the electric tools you think are needed to keep and how are you doing with your search of replacements?
1 month ago

Bethany Dutch wrote:Being vegan is a choice made, homosexuality isn't.

Eating and sexuality are both natural needs we do not have that much choice about.

I do not compare veganism and homosexuality. I compare what are the different social norms and how they are rejected by the other groups. It is obvious that veganism rejects omnivorism, and as I have mentionned, there begin to be some cases as in schools, where eating a certain way is IMPOSED. I have also read about some possible new tax on red meat… similar to tobacco…

Both eating and loving go with a social norm in the way we live and experiment it. I am also a neuro-diverse person, and socially, this is similar too… There are norms in society. Omnivore was the norm, and there are many intents to change this norm and make plant eating become the new norm. It is taking away people from much more important influence humans have on the world and climate change than their ways of eating.

Omnivorism as a norm gives the choice to eat animals or not, while veganism gives no choice. I have no problem with the people and personal choices, but with the idea behind yes. This is why I want this freedom to be guaranteed by LAW. We have gained some freedom of speech and they want to challenge our freedom to eat?
1 month ago
I do not compare vegans being treated the same as homosexuals but the reverse ! I mean that most of the time, the case is that vegans considere that they are having the right tendency, and that meat eaters are disgusting deviants!!!
I do not speak about vegan being a choice, but eating meat NOT being a choice for some people ! Our diet is no much more a choice than our sexuality. And also some people can be allergic to beef, so this is anyway very much physiological ! So no it is not all about choice, and our culture has forgotten it, it seems to me! Many vegans talk about "sacrifice", but only talking about taste... Food is not about taste but about health needs, and it is physiological.

Even in the comparison with sexual orientation, I do not understand why comments are about homosexuals not trying to recruit, when the parallel can have been the reverse! Heterosexuals were trying to recruit and change people !!! Weren't homosexuals in some cases influenced to "come back to the norm"? Maybe you all see homnivore as the norm and vegan as the exception, but for veganism, we should all be vegans. For me, it looks as if they have the truth and want meat eaters to not follow their body, in the same way that some people wanted homosexuals to become heterosexuals. "Just make a little effort"....

Has anybody read Matt Walker on this forum, when he said how he healed with the zero carb diet? Carnivore. No plant. And he healed his guts. I owe him the information, and I have gone my way on this diet actually. The best way I have found with all my vegan friends was to complain that I could not eat my fruits any more and to hope one day I can eat at least less meat and more plants... They have seen my health get better, so all good!

1 month ago

Chris Kott wrote:There simply doesn't exist the history of hate and violence against vegans or omnivores that exists for those discriminated against on the grounds of sexual orientation. It's not a congruent comparison.

Nor is it even like religious discrimination, where in some communities, if you don't identify as one of the celebrated sects (usually of Christianity), you're either a target for conversion or shunned.

I did not believe this either, until I saw that yes it happens to meat eaters. No it is not a long history, as it is just starting, and this is why we are in time to legalize on it before it goes too far!

Yes some people have been frighten to death, farms attacked by vegans "to save animals", and many years ago I Heard a woman who was very stressed because she was selling organic sheep skins and was violented verbally in a way that was really too much and damaging! If you have the luck to have a strong nervous system and be well socially supported, this is like muscle strength: we cannot Project ours on others and think they should be able to stand the same!

And yes, I have also seen or Heard about being a target of conversation or shunned! Ex vegans loose all their Friends and support, or hide that they went out of the diet… they get more than a los of Friends, they are violented and shamed etc.

It is more important thann what you seem to have witnessed. And it increases.
1 month ago
A few citations from somebody healed by the carnivore diet, and who has received even death threats for speaking up, as he is an ex-vegan. Here he was talking to a vegetarian long time friend, in good terms and with some good humor but also real fright about veganism taking over and eating meat becoming difficult.

"ruminant animals are our ancestral diet, they don’t cause climate change and the ridiculous vegan propaganda is threatening the food supply of many, like me, who have healed and would get very sick again if we had to go back to plant-based slop."

" there are many out there campaigning for the whole world to go vegan, and the governments are listening, because it enriches the big corporations that control them. This is a disaster for the environment, the animals and human health. There is a scenario where we might not have a choice unless we speak out. Believe me, if that happens, I will eat vegans before I eat a Beyond Burger!"

" I just can't ignore what's going on any longer. I mean, just look at this, the latest in the line of thousands of such videos popping up… and this is what they are trying to tell us is healthy? It's depopulation. Feed the expendable slaves cheap grain foods to keep them sick and impressionable, create panics and then make up false solutions… history repeats itself."

This woman has the right to be angry! " I was afraid of meat all my life, and I became a dedicated vegetarian as an adult, at 20. And spent 12 years straight living that way. Eating eggs for the for the first few years, and eating cheese during most of the time. With bouts of raw food, juicing, and no animal product. At that time, it wasn’t “vegan” it was still vegetarian as far as I knew. I went full VEGAN two years ago, for a full year. And it almost killed me. Sorry the dialogue was hard to follow, but, my point was it was a mindset since I was 10, to be afraid of meat. And I did vegetarian/veganism for 12+ years straight over the past 25 years. I have healed tremendously this year eating mostly animal products and very little plants. "

So, for me, making people be ashame or anything feeling bad about eating animal products, is negating people the right to listen to their body. Discriminations are often about how people are different from each other, and about reproaching something of the BODY PHYSIOLOGY we can do nothing about. This is why for me, comparing with sexuality orientation was a good parallel, because people just feel and discover how they are in their body, and the law should protect people and preserve their right to listen to what they feel and need! If some people feel they are not fond of meat, great, but the reverse is also true. I have a friend who have 2 boys and they do not eat the same, as one eats more fruits and the other wants much more meat. She respects their choices and do not force nor influence their eating!
1 month ago
Well, if bully and any form of violence regarding a physiology need we have Little choice upon is not discrimination… then I made a mistake on the signification of discrimination. For me discrimination is far more than getting or loosing a job. In Spanish, gay is maricón, and I recently saw a photo about a painting of this Word on the ground, and how reprehensive it was, and even illegal. If it is illegal to write a despising Word about sexual orientation, then it should be illegal to write anything meaning you are not fully human if you eat what you want.  

I can see this violence developping, and it is more than conversations being difficult with vegans. Actually, I know also that vegans also receive some violent comments, as I remember a guy nearly spitting at my neighbour's face saying a provocative "hmmmm a good steak"... that froze me.

Discrimination is being treated as not really 100% human, and this is what I feel is conveyed not by all people about food choices, but by veganism as a movement yes.

And have you seen that some schools have removed meat from lunch and prohibit children to bring meat in a lunch box? Have you read farmers being invaded and attacked? I just see it increases…

Chris, look if you apply to sexuality: "Being insulted isn't being discriminated against. I encounter many offensive things throughout my day. I choose to let my offense govern my decision making, or not. "
Do you mean it is illegal to kick out of a job, but not illegal while keeping a gay person in the job, to insult them every day because they just should not be ofended?
1 month ago

Stacy Witscher wrote:Xisca - they are not being discriminated against. People don't get fired for being vegan. It is not a fair comparison. This thread is about respect and how often vegans don't respect other people's food choices.

It is a fair comparison, many people get insulted and more, for their choice of food. Discrimination is not only about keeping a job. Not respecting other people's food choices is what I said: discrimination based on the way of eating.

I was not specific about who discriminates who, but I have seen more discrimination the other way round, not against vegans, but vegans treating meat eaters badly. Insults and intents to make people feel ashame for their eating meat is not rare!
1 month ago
If the title was "conversations with heterosexuals", them talking to homosexual persons, it would be scandalous.
So why is it not the case for each person trying to eat in the way their body tells them to?

Listen to your body and the rest should be illegal. Vegans have to be respected, and meat eaters too. Specism is an idea and animals are anyway all specists: they favor their species, and eventually eat other species. Actually they all do as they at least eat bugs in their Grass or in their fruits!

I want discrimination based on the way of eating to be as illegal as based on the way of loving or any difference. Discrimination is just not acceptable.

1 month ago
Of course yes you can leave it to others and it is best to think about your healing. I did answer for your understanding, as stating what I understood as "some people victimize though not very traumatized" is a common judgement that is not true because traumatisation level has to do with much more than the importance of the event.  
A big part is the type of support after the events. One small accident can have long term effects and seem unrelated!
When we understand what to do and can get to more compassion than empathy, it becomes easier to listen to victims stories. Their deep need is to discharge the activation they feel in the body and cannot alone.

The 1st time I could listen to a victim and stay present to her story without becoming emotionally touched and put down (which would have prevented me to help her) , I was just coming back from a Somatic Experiencing module, so of course I could understand why it came naturally to me.
By staying fine while not having to run from her, I could help her reach my level of emotions instead of us both feeling bad!
I prefer empathy to function this way!

So if you mean by " talking about different things " that your story is more heavy than some others' who look like victims, yes sure it is possible, but I inform that you can also considere that people with less important events can also need to regulate their nervous system.

When I hear people with victim stories, especially repetitive, I know they did not get the appropriate though easy help that would have lifted a burden from them. And I have helped a few to do so by just making them see I noticed the emotion, believed it and not dismiss it. But then I have a training that made me understand what we miss by not being told about it :
I suggest and help to stop the inner dialogue that goes on between the mind and the emotion, to sense where is the body sensation also "talking", which make "move the e-motion" and release it at body level.
I  try to make open the dialogue into a "trialogue"
The body level can modify instantly the emotional and the meaning levels.

When we learn how simple it is and do it, we can not only help a lot but it becomes a self-help,  and self-healing, because it creates a deep sense of love and connection. It is just impossible that it beneficiates only one side!

The main obstacle to generalise this in our society is a toxic cultural shame about being weak, flawed etc, for needing this type of support instead of being able to do so on our own.

This is why I compare to what we know about physical strength and capacities! And this is why I ask for awareness about the science of the nervous system, which can be as physically wounded as any other body system.

Why would it be a shame for only 1 out of about 12 body systems to be hurt? Why do we get hurt regularly by The sentence "this is in your head"? After all,  our head is part of our body! Even thoughts are emanations of the body.  Thoughts are only 1 language we have, the other 2 are emotions and body sensations. The 3 in 1 make what has been coined as the felt-sense.

2 months ago