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Recent posts by Ryan Barrett

I agree with a lot of the things Jennifer mentioned above and the bit Nicole mentioned in the initial thread.

There are so many variables so I'll try to stay as generic as possible.
It's mostly just the two big elephants in the room;
  • Work More to Make More than just enough (find a side hustle) or
  • Find a new living situation that allows for current income to be more than enough (e.g. https://www.cheaprvliving.com/).

  • Oh and the third little baby elephant which is maintaining the frugal lifestyle to put any extra to savings.

    In that case, I think building social capital is most valuable in this situation. It should not cost any money and It can do two things, Increase the potential income and/or offer a better a living situation.

    Most importantly; build it with people you would like to emulate.
    Find someone in your area, or Join a group of people, that is doing something you love and talk with them.
    e.g. If you want to start a side business, find a group in your area that is doing/learning/teaching how to start a side business. (These are absolutely available, for free, in every medium/large city via something like meetup.com)

    You may find something/someone that allows you to increase your income or an awesome new flatmate or a farm owner that needs someone to watch their farm in return for a place to live.

    Keep those thoughts positive and things will move in the right direction.

    Also, Frugality advice from Thor: HOW TO LIVE LIKE A KING FOR VERY LITTLE BY THOR HARRIS
    5 years ago
    Just something to mention that may help others when attempting to access the embedded Candy videos.

    If you see something like:
    Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here."

    Your web browser may have a "privacy enhancer", Such as Privacy Badger or uBlock.
    If you allow Permies.com through, your video should display properly.

    There should be a tiny arrow pointing right (à la plus/minus tree expansion in most stuff)
    Click that.

    Also, try it logged out.  It's looks fine when I log out.
    Weird, no?

    In Chrome or Firefox
    F12 brings up the dev/debug console thing.

    Click "Console" (Firefox/Chrome)
    and expand "Mixed content" for Chrome.

    That should give you the list of insecure items.

    Regarding that page:
    'http://i1.ytimg.com/' seems to be the main offender.

    They seem secured if I am not logged in.
    When I log in the dev debug tool freaks out about all the insecure items.


    paul wheaton wrote:

     What are other folks doing?   Anybody have suggestions on what "reward" I should offer?  

    A nomadic traveler guy I follow on youtube has a couple offerings I really dig. Patron only Maps and Photos.  https://www.patreon.com/FindingSimon

    The maps are of places he has visited, hopes to visit, finds neat enough to put a pin on the map, etc.
    The photos are of his daily travel and maybe more personal than what he would share on instagram/etc.
    And a Real time updated map of his travels,

    Things wheaton labs could offer:

    I really enjoyed Jesse's videos; It was great to see the progress through the year and other goings on out on the lab.  Your recent posts of bringing in a full time videographer, I think, would be awesome for this.

    A weekly lab update would be perfect for patreon (maybe sharing with youtube once in a while or delayed a month.)
    Maybe more often than weekly if something fancy is going on.


    Maple syrup powder? Wowza, that I may have to test in camping pancakes.

    paul wheaton wrote:I have a window open for this  http://amzn.com/B00N18DLJA

    That leaves 9.  

    I roll with these in popcorn regularly:
  • Nutritial Yeast!!! (tastes of cheese!)
  • Chipotle powder
  • Garlic Salt

  • 7 years ago
    Oh nice! I'm totally going to make this for our family thing this year. They sounded great in the podcast and even better as a recipe.

    Jocelyn Campbell wrote:

    I never was quite sure what 1 pink bottle of dark Karo syrup meant though, more often than not, I have preferred using maple syrup or brown rice syrup to corn syrup any way.

    The Karo might be a Midwest thing,  I recall seeing this stuff as a kid at my grandma's house(German descent too.... but I don't recall Pfeffernuss).
    7 years ago
    Her channel used to be called something regarding "Shitty Robots"

    I love the cereal one...  The knife one is pretty great too.

    7 years ago

    I threw a quick patreon plug together.
    Feel free to use it, or not, as you wish.