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Peg Campbell

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since Apr 29, 2012
Lakeland, FL, Zone 8-9
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Recent posts by Peg Campbell

Kris De Decker---creator of "Low Tech Magazine"

His research and magazines on Low Tech go beyond and deeper, thoroughly researched, and he lives what he learns.

Here's just one article:
3 months ago

Helena Norberg-Hodge:  One of the most inspiring documentaries I've ever seen was from her:  "Economics of Happiness"
3 months ago
Rob Greenfield:

From wiki:

Rob Greenfield (born August 28, 1986) is an American adventurer,[1] environmental activist,[2] and entrepreneur.[3] He has "made it his life's purpose to inspire a healthy Earth, often with attention-grabbing tactics".[4]

Greenfield is also a writer and speaker, world traveler, ambassador to One Percent for the Planet,[5] and founder of The Greenfield Group.[6]

   1 Early life
   2 Adventurer
       2.1 2013: Off the grid across America
       2.2 2014: A year without showering
       2.3 2014: The food waste fiasco
       2.4 2016: Trash man
       2.5 2019: Food freedom: a year without buying food
       2.6 2020: Europe
3 months ago

Peg Campbell wrote:Seems like I only have one apple?  Instead of 10?  Or even 100 if it's changed to that?  And when I try to vote with my one apple, it just freezes up with nothing happening.  Until I refresh the page and get my apple back without my vote working.....

Not sure how or why but it seems to be working now!  
3 months ago
Thanks, Paul for this link "The apple poll is part of our apple system.

If you have three apples, you would get just three votes. "

I figured that Apples were rewards to be earned but also saw Nicole saying that everyone was getting 10 for this voting and that she was increasing it to 100 just for this?

And the one Apple that I have (not that active on here, obviously!, at least so far) isn't working.  I was able to use my one thumbs up vote, though on the big poll.  Still says I have one Apple left to use and no more thumb votes.  Shrug shoulder icon here.....

I do think this is an outstanding forum in every way possible, technically and human energy.....looking forward to participating more.

And looking forward to learning more about how it works!

Thanks to all of you!
3 months ago
Currently reading this: and thinking Derrick Jensen will be known as the Rachel Carson of our times.  He has a critical message for all of us Permies and Environmenatlists need to hear if we're truly honest and serious....
He should be on the list!  Thank you!
3 months ago
Seems like I only have one apple?  Instead of 10?  Or even 100 if it's changed to that?  And when I try to vote with my one apple, it just freezes up with nothing happening.  Until I refresh the page and get my apple back without my vote working.....
3 months ago
YES!  I was ready to nominate Heather Jo Flores myself but you did it already!  She should surely be on the list!!!
3 months ago

Jotham Bessey wrote:Attention getter is not necessarily a bad thing. The makeup industry really could be blamed for this. their ads suggested you had to wear makeup to be beautiful. Even the name..... "Cover Girl" ..... seriously? cover what? The makeup industry wanted more business and instead of promoting festive uses and self expression, they tried to convince everyone they needed makeup to be beautiful. Some people believed them, most people believed them to the extent that they now think makeup is for covering up.

A little bit of makeup for festivities or self expression fine. I'd like to point out though, There are a great many people that you wouldn't recognize without their makeup. Go in a bank with a mask on and they'd call the police, but completely covered in makeup, fine!
So this is what the discussion is about. it isn't saying makeup is terrible thing. But if you buy into the makeup industry propaganda that you have to be constantly wearing their product to be beautiful, you've let them kill your self esteem and suck you into another facet for consumerism slavery.    

"Cover Girl" makeup alludes to the fact that you can look like the models on the cover of magazines who are known in the modeling industry as Cover Girls--the most beautiful models (according to someone) are the ones who are chosen for this.  So, if you wear Cover Girl makeup you can look like a Cover Girl model--extremely beautiful!  :-0
3 years ago
Hi Nick, Yes, for sure you wouldn't be having prescribed burns there. I foresee your area transitioning to something slightly different than the sandhill it's forest at a time. You are a pioneer and demonstrator in your area as are most of us at this point.

How high are you above sea level? Also wondering how deep they go in your area before they hit water---a well company in your area would know the answer. Also wondering about deserts of the world which the sandhill seem to be similar to. How deep is it to water in the various deserts? They're doing Permaculture in AZ and the desert by the Dead Sea that I mentioned and wondering if anyone knows the depths of water tables there. And of course, part of Permaculture is creating water cachement systems where there are none already or where they are not working the way we would like them to.

Again, glad you're moving along, as are we, and everyone else's energy flows over this way and out, motivating us to do what we want to do anyway!
9 years ago