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Recent posts by M Marx

Paul, I really like what you do with your empire, and the forums and videos.
For some reason, I can't listen to more then 5 - 10 minutes of most of your podcasts.
I have tried, really I have and I wish I could get more out of them.
I do find rare golden nuggets when you interview really interesting people.
Even a couple of times I try to make it past the intro funny bits and bobs, but I find them often lacking in any substance that is valuable to me.
It's cool that a lot of people like it, but most of it seems like buddies shooting the breeze and not much else.
Maybe its just me.

Desert or Paradise

19.35 with a release date of Nov 15th 2012.
Just thought some would like to know.
it's a 35% discount from list price.
I bought a copy.
9 years ago
It seems like so much of what you have at Zaytuna is incredible and I would love to have an opportunity one day to enroll in your internship program.
My question regards how much of what I will learn regarding the plant selections is transferable to other climate areas.
Or maybe said another way, is an internship at Zaytuna best suited for someone who will eventually set up a home area in the tropics or sub-tropics?
Or do all the other great opportunities at Zaytuna outweigh this minor point?
Part of the reason I ask is b/c I thought I remembered you mentioning in your interview with Jack Spirko, that you hadn't worked in an area that was cold enough to justify using Hugelkulture.

Thanks for all the work you do!
9 years ago
Owen, are you guys working with Greg Judy?
9 years ago
I am currently in the wet tropics and looking at farms. Yesterday I saw a vast series of secondary ridges and valleys (I think I am using those terms right I just finished water for every farm) that were all heavy clay soil at 30 degree grades give or take that were all starting to slip due to over grazing of cows. Apparently last year a 5 Hec parcel fell into the river. What sort of immediate remedies might a Keyline plan involve to help those folks repair their land to a somewhat stable state? I read through MollisonĀ“s take on the wet tropics and he mentioned Lemon Grass and Bannana grass as a stabilizer factor in steep slopes -- what else might help?
Thanks and really enjoyed your podcast on holistic management Owen and Paul.
9 years ago
Great podcast!
I remember running across this video somewhers maybe here on permies?

Lots of good pictures and for me good explanations.
I am going to Costa Rica and am wondering if any folks have farms that my wife and I can visit?
We are traveling the Pacifiic side in a few days and are really interested to see some places.
If you know of any or are open to that -- please let me know on this thread or pm me.
Thanks Robin! That guide is what I was looking for while reading Yoeman's book!!!
10 years ago
Thanks All!
I had found all those videos but the Milkwood, pretty good stuff.
10 years ago
Thanks, Amazon has an updated version of that text -- it seems mostly to be about legalize stuff, history of surveying and not so much practical application -- I'll try to find the older version -- but if its like the new one . . .
I am mostly interested in learning how to use the dumpy for marking contours for swales and dams.
Am pretty sure I get the jist of using the dumpy -- just looking for a simple how-to guide/manual so I can learn faster.
10 years ago