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Stacy Zoozwick

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since Dec 15, 2011
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Recent posts by Stacy Zoozwick

I just picked up my first Hair Sheep. Just on FM for now till I find one more, then a ram in the early fall.
I have had goats for a long time and have never had any problems kidding them.
Anything I should be doing different with the sheep? I will be putting her into a small stall about two weeks before delivers for warmth and safety.
All my reading say's it just about the same as goats.
I just can wait to taste my first rack of lamb in the late fall next year.
9 years ago
Blessing All!
I am hoping all you smart permie homesteading people can help me out.
I am in the process of building a greenhouse totally made for old patio and barn windows. My plan is to make it 12’ by 8’. Now this is what I need to know. Thankfully we are having a mild Jan here in WI and building it is working out. But what are some of your suggestions for heating it? I know some people use a couple 100wt light bulbs and some manure. But I am looking for a more cost efficient and simple way of doing it. The Rocket Mass Stove has really caught my eye, but I’m just not sure. Or do I just get an old fashion wood stove and start it up each night? Whatever I do has to be good enough to stand -15’ to -30’. We may be having a mild winter now but I know it won’t be like this forever. Idea’s and thoughts please!!

9 years ago
My family and I just got wonderfully blessed with a new small farm and house. We are 15 min east of Marshfield Wi on the top of a beautiful hill. We will be signing a land contract in Jan. 30 arc or what we will be getting to start our new homestead. The chickens and goats are already in heaven here and can’t wait to start my organic pasture raise chicken next April. I didn’t think we would ever have the opportunity for this much land. So you can imagine how my mind is going a million mile per hour right now. I defiantly will be opening up my homestead to the public for free range eggs and healthy chick and food. Its going to be a lot of hard work to get thing up and going to where we need it. But that the fun of it right? First goal self-sustaining homestead, second get off the grid. Lord I’m glad I have praying friends lol.
10 years ago
Great Movie!! You can see it on YouTube for free and then send to all yr friends for them to watch.
The more my eyes are open to the stupidity of the FDA and our Government it make me want to stick my head in a hole.
But the fact is America is waking up and coming out of there lil Matrix/LaLa land.
I know so many people that just don’t care or want to know about our freedoms disappearing. When you actually force them to listen then they
wake up and understand.
This movie is great along with many other movies for education.
To many people think the Government helps & keep them safe. But it seem in recent years our government has been hurting us more than not.
Support your local small farmers stand up them that are being prosecuted for selling raw milk veggies or whatever the government deems unfit.
If we all just keep watching these movies and never speak against it, what good does it do?
Write your Congress & Senate and tell them they will not have a job the next election year if they don’t stand for our God given right to eat healthy foods.
10 years ago
Hello all, I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful girls 12 & 3. We started on the path of living a simpler life right from the start of our marriage. We always lived of the deer meat we shot and garden that I planted. However in the last 5 years we have took it to a higher level. Wanting our girls to grow up without all the modern tech (games TV act) we knew we did not want them apart of the CRAP most kids are in. It was important for us that our girls stay focus on what is important in life. First & foremost is serving our Lord Jesus! Now at days living and being a part of the WORLD or RAT RACE, make is sometimes difficult to do that. We realized early on that TV games and all that junk took us and our girls away form time with our Lord, so we got rid of a lot. Second important thing we want to teach our girls is how to live of the land and survive without government handouts. By doing this we are also teaching them to be good stewards of the land witch we are commanded to be. We have been homeschooling for 3 years now and have seen such an impotent in my oldest daughter grades and attitude.
My 12 year old often reads and listens to the videos on permie. We have used this site to learn and teach many things. I pray more people take a step back from all the CRAP the world has to offer & look to the important simple things in life, Faith Family and healthy living for all.
Though it all our one goal is to raise to wonderful Godly women that care about their neighbors and that can live on their own in hard times. Cuz God know, most of us are going through hard time right now and need faith and the know how to get though.
10 years ago
Well my barrel garden that I planted is doing very well. I am getting a tremendous yield & have not had to worry about watering as much as a traditional garden. I planned it so that if the rain was excessive I would have ample drainage. However put the barrel on blocks so if it was dry I could drop it to the ground and It would retain more water. This has worked very well, I don’t have any run off at all. Even with the extreme drought here in WI I use gray water only about every 3 days. I have learned a lot by doing this. FYI no tilling no weeding. I used 50/50 manure to dirt and I have never had a garden come up so fast. I will be expanding my entire back yard (.5acr) next year to a barrel garden. I have to say it may not be pretty but It saves so much work and the barrels are free for us. Still having trouble finding hay, but we are very lucky to have loving friends that are helping out. Blessing all.
10 years ago
That’s right Ken my horses are just for joy. I have 2 kids and our horses put smiles on their faces. I do my best to be self-reliant by growing food saving water etc. I look at it like this there are people that will buy an expensive boat spend cash on gas that pollutes the rivers and lakes. My horse may eat a lil but they also earn there keep (when there is not a drought). Usually I don’t have to feed in summer they move from place to place eating grass. Also having Halflingers, its wonderful to be able to turn the earth if need be or use them when cutting wood. With that said I'll look at the suggestion that were made on this post to. As for my goats and buying milk around here. Nope not going to happen there is only 1 other person in 20 miles that will even consider selling raw milk. Not worth the drive nor the 7$ a ct. WI is tough on selling raw milk so nobody really want to chance it. I am fencing 1 acre of wooded area so the goats can eat all the leaved grass and other good stuff.
I am pretty sure I found a wonderful home for at least 1 of my horses. It is sad to see her going but I am a women of faith & know that one day I will have a lil team of Halflingers again.
10 years ago
Hello Lisa from the devils triangle LOL.
I’m from Rapids area and am excited to see someone so close to home on permies.
I grew up in Junction City went to SPASH, so I know your area very well.
I am excited for your big taboo at your farm.
Hope it is coming together with ease.
Looking forward to meeting people with the same concerns and love from this lifestyle.
10 years ago
Still no rain here is WI but I have to say,( the farming community is Great)! I have been blessed by so many people on this site in in my local area. I post one add looking for hay due to drought. I had people emailing me with number names and places. 5 emails just saying they will be on the lookout and let me know a.s.a.p. if they find any. The one thing that comes from hard ships or hard times is, the Love that is shown by other in times of need. This is really the important lesson about the drought and fires. You know who the kind loving people are and them that are not. To all you that are still in need of rain, (this family is praying for you)!
10 years ago
I just made yogurt for 1st time from my goats milk. LOL I think I really screwed it up and don’t know if it will even turn out.
First off I boiled the milk, second I put the culture in when it was hot didnt wait till it was 110'. LOL I bet that kill the bacteria I needed to make yogurt.
Well we shall see by tomorrow morn If it works. SHOULD I EVEN EAT IT?? WILL I GET SICK??
Oh the one thing I can’t seem to find out is, when do you put the fruit in?? When it's cold or hot?
10 years ago