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Recent posts by Liv Smith

Let us assume for a moment that I am the 85 yo lady Otis, living alone, owning a beautiful piece of land. Lots of sweat and tears of my own went into making this place the paradise it is now. It’s not perfect, but has been managed for decades as a natural, waay better than organic, mostly self sufficient place to provide food and shelter and work place for many people.

I want to “will” it to a person or a couple that can prove it to me that they will continue the work I started, and make it a hundred times better.

I find this SKIP program, and it all sounds so great, but wait, I need to get PEP “certified” before I can find someone suitable and work with them to get this process going.

At my age, or even if I was 10 years younger, will I be considering this? What do I need to “prove” to someone?

PS: there is a possibility, of course, that not all Otises are advanced in age, and they might consider participating in events and meeting potential peppers in person and so on. I think the number of those kind of Otises compared to the rest of them does not justify the “should” get PEP certified suggestion.
4 months ago

Cat Knight wrote:

Deb Rebel wrote:

Pollenator is the first level. They get to try some things, and learn some things. They can give out apples to deserving posts.

Gardener is an invitation extended to some pollenators. They can do more things and hand out more apples.

Woo! Thank You! I was wondering how to give an apple, and now I know I have to finish my profile scavenger hunt. I am stuck on starting new threads because I always try to search and see if there was already one, and so far people have basically already been discussing everything I wanted to talk about

You can always start new a new thread about projects you’re working on and dreams you’re dreaming about. We love to see - and learn from anyone, and give advice, if asked. We’re a community in the truest sense of the word. Lifelong friendships have been forged here. And you’ll find tons of inspiration and encouragement.
Stephen, welcome back! To posting (and I assume to Wheaton Labs).

I am looking forward to hear about your adventures!
Welcome to permies! One of the best places to be on the (whole) internet☺️

4 months ago
Yes, distance and daily chores here that, in the summer include milking the cows twice a day and tending to an acre garden.

That being said, in the future I’d really like to get there for one of the events. When I’ll find someone trustworthy to take care of things around here for a few weeks.

The PTJ with all the projects and the PDC with Alan would be my favorites.
4 months ago
I wanted to say that being free range, maybe they lay the eggs in the bushes, and in hidden spots, but by now you’d be overrun with baby chicks, as when this happens, they tend to sit on them and they hatch.

With that many chickens, you’d find eggs with soft shells or some sort of remnants of eggs. Unless they themselves eat them, and/or some other creatures.

In my experience, egg laying it’s not like a tap that can be turned on and off. They’ll lay, at least the eggs that were “ready”, no matter what the conditions.

Please post if you ever figure out what the cause was for all of us to learn from your experience.
5 months ago

Anne Miller wrote:I could easily do a 30-day challenge, "pull up a weed every day".

I actually normally pull up several every day so this would not be much of a challenge.

Anne, me too! Mine could even go to 90 days:)
5 months ago
Rachel, I love your challenge idea! Congrats!

What a great way to honor Earth Day! Way to go!
5 months ago
While I can’t say it’s my favorite household chore, I do feel good about doing it.

In the summer even more so, as clothes dry out fast and they get this good smell no automatic dryer can ever do.
5 months ago