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since Nov 15, 2011
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Recent posts by Liv Smith

Count me in to be in the audience:)
5 days ago
Yesterday was butter making day, among other things.

I really like cultured butter and try to make it as often as possible. It doesn’t always work, especially in cold weather. Those bacteria and yeasts that make my cream taste divine like warm temps, and in the summer it’s really easy to get cultured cream fast. In winter it’s more of a gamble.

This time it worked, even though my kitchen is on the cold side.

It probably looks funny to most people round shaped like that. I squeeze the whey out by hand, so that’s the shape I get, and I don’t mind. It dissapears fast in our bellies anyway.

The only thing better than this butter is the one made from spring grass cream/milk.

1 week ago
It’s hard not to be complaining about things when in the midsts of so many projects and things to do.

I am going to do my best to not go there.

A great thing right now: the weather is dry for the next week or so if I am to believe the forecast. The sun felt so weird today after so many cloudy days.

Need to use this time to try to finish as many projects as possible.

Oh, and about this time each year I start dreaming about the seeds and the plants and the garden. It feels so good. Hopefully my big hoop house is gonna be ready in time for starting seeds. I purchased the kit several years ago, and only now it’s being built.

Maybe another thing to learn this year is to be more frugal with the garden. Every year I grow too many things and almost always am surprised half the way into the summer how tired I am and how much work there is to do. Why is it so hard to learn?

Would it be enough to just tell myself: only 50 tomato plants instead of 100?

1 week ago

Nancy Reading wrote:Is this the bigger "why?" of Permaculture:

Or just "Why ~Cows?"

Both of those, and more. It’s going to be a long process and one there really is no manual for:)
1 week ago
Reflection time.

I just realized the other day that this will be my 8th year of milking. Every day. Actually, most of this time was twice a day.

For the sake of being thruthful, I did take a two and a half months break last winter, when I had everybody bred to freshen within the same month - April - so the dry period was the same for all of them, so no milking for me.

Take the two and a half months out of 8 years, there is still a whole lot of time left. In the beginning there were goats, then one cow and goats, then more cows and goats, and after that only cows.

It’s possible that I am setting the scene for a question that has started to bug me recently: why am I doing all this?

Me writing here is an attempt to find the answer to that question.

It’s also a practice for a skill I am trying to get better at.

And I’m also trying to find my voice. They say everyone has one. For some it’s just not that obvious or it’s burried deeper.

So far I’m not very fond of my voice. I sound like an accountant ( well, which I am!) reading a bunch of numbers. Boring to tears.

I really hope there is truth in “practice makes perfect”. I’m gonna practice till I get better at it. And then some.
1 week ago