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Liv Smith

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since Nov 15, 2011
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Portland, OR
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Maybe try to get some kefir grains to make your own kefir from the milk. It may help.

1 week ago
Yes, very interested!

Love growing, cooking, and eating food!
1 week ago
Welcome to permies!

May I send you a PM with some suggestions?
1 month ago

Artie Scott wrote:They are so beautiful, Liv, i don’t know how you can stand it. I would want to watch them all day long and get nothing else done.

Oh, there are lots of trips to the barn and in the calf pen throughout the day.

They’re such good “medicine” for any ailment.
1 month ago
The one on the left is the calf in the above post, now almost two months old, and the one on the right is her “cousin”, purebred Guernsey, one month old. So nice to raise some heifers after many, many bulls/steers.
1 month ago

Douglas Alpenstock wrote:

(The porcupine returned; we had a chat.)

That is cute. Hopefully, porcupine lived to see another day?😁

Thank you for your input.

The tree is somewhat stressed out by other things around it, and it met the same naughty goats before in its life. I would like to help it, especially since I didn’t do anything for it, it just sprouted there on its own. I love when trees grow by themselves like that.

1 month ago
Young maple tree, maybe 10 or 15 ft tall, just got its bark stripped by naughty goats.

Is there anything I could do, wrapping it in something, or some other creative idea, to save it?

ETA, I think picture is sideways, sorry, I can’t fix it right now, and have to run.

Thank you☺️
1 month ago
I would love to know the recipe for this cheese. Would you post it, or point me to a website where I can find a good one?

Thank you!
2 months ago
Hi Elin,

Welcome to permies!

You will find lots of info here, and many nice people to learn from and share with.

I am in Western Oregon, US. It’s a beautiful spring here, and we truly enjoy it.

What breed of cows are yours?

We have 3 dairy cows, two Guernseys and one cross, and we absolutely love them.

2 months ago