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Recent posts by Cj Sloane

So glad Higgs is working out Craig.
6 years ago

Julia Winter wrote:Speaking of lots of apples, we just bought 900lbs of "seconds" for $150, which seemed like a pretty good deal.  

That's even a good deal for livestock feed
6 years ago

Judith Browning wrote:Cj, I noticed when I 'quoted' your post that you used  'vimeo' instead of 'youtube' to embed....I imagine that's all it is.  If you get it maybe a moderator can delete my posts here?

Thanks. I couldn't get vimeo to work and didn't think to look on youtube. I've linked the youtube one instead.
6 years ago
This video is totally mesmerizing!

It's a short of a full length video available for purchase. Here's the link.
6 years ago
I'm not sure if this is the right one for me. Can I scale it down to say 10 feet? Or if I keep it at 40' can I incorporate turns to cover a shorter but wider area?

I'm hoping to heat the floor of a shed/dehydrator as backup on days the sun doesn't provide enough heat.
6 years ago

Erica Wisner wrote:These plans individually cost about $20/each, ...

I'm interested in purchasing an individual plan. Should I send you a purple moosage or another way?
6 years ago
I'm about to re-do one of my sheds and I'd like to make the front into a solar dehydrator mainly for drying apples. Some autumn days are perfect for this here in Vermont, other days... not so much. So I'd like to incorporate a RMH in the floor or along the back wall, bench style. I think the pebble style will be faster and cheaper to do.

What I really want is to purchase plans! Who can hook me up?
6 years ago
Last year, Stinging Nettle hay was a moderate success. Not something they can eat a ton of but it has some good qualities such as 34% protein!
6 years ago