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Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post Forum Name
Apple seeds and cyanide
[ 1, 2 ]
42 Cj Sloane
Ken Crum
Martin Crawford 9 Cj Sloane
Anne Miller
permaculture artisans
Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture by J. Russell Smith 0 Cj Sloane
Leigh Tate
Ideas of simple tasks that anybody can do at anytime to help
[ 1, 2 ]
58 Cj Sloane
Jane Lewis
tinkering with this site
Feeding my cows trees
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
119 Cj Sloane
Joe Grand
Raising LGD puppies (warning - cute pics) 22 Cj Sloane
Sharon Pena
dogs and cats
2 Maremma puppies available (Vermont) 29 Cj Sloane
Jamal Bailey
blatant advertising
Thoughts on electric chainsaws?
[ 1, 2 ]
49 Cj Sloane
Sonja Draven
Herbal Fire Starters 8 Cj Sloane
Joylynn Hardesty
wood burning stoves
Ketogenic Diet
[ 1, 2 ]
64 Cj Sloane
carla beemer
Oyster mushrooms growing from wood chips in 5 gallon bucket
[ 1, 2 ]
53 Cj Sloane
Alley Bate
Mesmerizing video of handcrafted shoes from leather. 6 Cj Sloane
Deb Rebel
RMH in a shed as a backup to solar dehydrating. Plans? 0 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
rocket mass heaters
Vermont site
[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
173 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
Ramp pesto 4 Cj Sloane
Cassie Langstraat
food preservation
Storing mushroom spawn long term 5 Cj Sloane
Adam Pickatti
Getting off store bought sweet feed 25 Cj Sloane
Gail Gardner
critter care
Bee Huts 17 Cj Sloane
paul wheaton
honey bees
Unbelievable House Truck Transforms Into Fantasy Castle 6 Cj Sloane
Richard Stromberg
tiny house
Curved draw knife v straight? 5 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
$150 bike camper 2 Cj Sloane
Chai Nelson
tiny house
Perone Hives
[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
164 Cj Sloane
Todd Parr
honey bees
Permies links not working 6 Cj Sloane
Pete Nicklas
tinkering with this site
1.2 ETHICS (Care of Earth) 23 Cj Sloane
Howard Story
permaculture a designers manual
Regrarian trainwreck on FB 2 Cj Sloane
John Master
ulcer factory
Best way to incorporate woody material into the soil - without machinery? 16 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
Digging up trees for re-planting 2 Cj Sloane
Grant Schultz
large farm
Queen rearing calendar 0 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
honey bees
Traditional German skep video series 3 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
honey bees
This free 4-weeks online course about soils has just started (July 6, 2015) 0 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
Baby Turkeys & Guinea Hens??? 4 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
Eco Floor for bee hive 3 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
honey bees
New thread suggestion "Permaculture Couples" 3 Cj Sloane
Ann Torrence
tinkering with this site
Tesla unveils solar-batteries for homes 28 Cj Sloane
Luke Hairs
Electric chipper shredder (looking for recommendations) 1 Cj Sloane
R Scott
Secrets of the Castle (same crew as Tales of Green Valley & Wartime Farm) 8 Cj Sloane
Jason Silberschneider
movies, videos and documentaries
Two Greedy Italians 0 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
wild harvesting
How do I tell the difference between Male and Female Seabuckthorn Plants? 2 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
Sustainability Advocate Creates “Recycle-a-Bicycle” 2 Cj Sloane
Danielle Diver
Patrick Whitefield 3 Cj Sloane
Lorenzo Costa
permaculture artisans
The SLF Great Debate presents: To Collapse or Not To Collapse 11 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
ulcer factory
Does the R-Value of wood decrease over time? 7 Cj Sloane
R Scott
natural building
Meatza 1 Cj Sloane
Dave Burton
This $9 Cardboard Bike Can Support Riders Up To 485lbs 0 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
Amazing Water & Sound Experiment #2 1 Cj Sloane
Dale Hodgins
meaningless drivel
Searching For A Floodgate That Really Works 12 Cj Sloane
R Scott
Rainwater catchment in areas that freeze 19 Cj Sloane
Bill Bradbury
rainwater catchment
Best Practices Manual for the use of Livestock Guardian Dogs 1 Cj Sloane
Henry Ikeme
dogs and cats
Heritage Hog Carcass Yields 1 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
Shed/barn for critter food storage 13 Cj Sloane
Jay C. White Cloud
critter care
Crate training LGDs 2 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
Victorian Farm 2 Cj Sloane
Ken Peavey
movies, videos and documentaries
Has anyone fed sunflower seed to poultry in order to make the feathers fall out easily? 12 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
Feed bins 9 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
critter care
Chinampas 25 Cj Sloane
bob day
"having the profile of what we now call A.D.H.D. would have made you a Paleolithic success story" 5 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
meaningless drivel
Good fall foraging 7 Cj Sloane
M.K. Dorje Jr.
Cooking King Stropharia 6 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane
BadgerChar Mobile: A Farmer-Friendly Mobile Biochar System 2 Cj Sloane
allen lumley
Gear for a walk in the woods 25 Cj Sloane
Cj Sloane