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spiky fungus

paul wheaton

Joined: Apr 01, 2005
Posts: 14839
Location: missoula, montana (zone 4)
I've never seen anything like this.  I think it is a kind of fungus.

super high res version

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paul wheaton

Joined: Apr 01, 2005
Posts: 14839
Location: missoula, montana (zone 4)
This is growing on a stump in north idaho.
Charles Kelm

Joined: Apr 30, 2010
Posts: 148
Location: Western Washington (Zone 7B - temperate maritime)
Quick - someone get Paul Stamets.  STAT!

Western Washington (Zone 7B - temperate maritime)
Christina Darling

Joined: Jun 24, 2011
Posts: 71
Location: East-Central Illinois
Yikes - it looks like a sea anemone.

"It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself." -Thomas Jefferson

Joined: Aug 06, 2011
Posts: 12
It is a tribble, obviously! 

Joined: Jan 16, 2011
Posts: 26
Location: Burbank , Washington (south central)
A tribble with dreadlocks!

David Wise, DaBearded1.  Doing Permaculture on .5 acre in a suburban setting, in a arid shrub steppe climate.
Lee Einer

Joined: May 08, 2011
Posts: 169
Freem wrote:
It is a tribble, obviously! 

I think I just heard it bidding 1500 quatloos on the newcomer.
Raven Sutherland

Joined: Nov 09, 2010
Posts: 128
Location: Massachusetts
Amazing find....  looks so much like a coral
from the sea and i find the math matics of it's growth
pattern to suggest intelligence.   (seriously)

Digging around on a piece of ground in my home town
waiting for someone or something to show me the way.
Robert Ray

Joined: Jul 06, 2009
Posts: 1315
Location: Cascades of Oregon
I was going to say tribble too, but perhaps an Idaho hedgehog?
  My nephew is working on his doctorate at U.W and is studying mushrooms I sent him the link maybe he'll know.

"There is enough in the world for everyones needs, but not enough for everyones greed"
Jamie Jackson

Joined: Dec 04, 2010
Posts: 187
Location: Zone 5b - 6a, Missouri Ozarks
From some of my facebook friends, I posted the photo it was so cool:

1.  Kooshballa onrockii?

2.  Kooshballia anemonensis?

3.  Cotton-base coral (I'm looking at my Audobon guide)?

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Ernest Friedman-Hill
Dúnedain of Arnor

Joined: May 09, 2008
Posts: 23
The best I've got is a big Cedar Apple Rust Fungus, a rather large and atypical one

Joined: Aug 19, 2011
Posts: 1
My 'guess'  it could be a coral finger.  Just like the name suggests, the coral mushrooms typically look like coral, although some might be better described as club-shaped or finger-like, they come in quite a few shapes and colors.
Clavariaceae: The Coral Mushroom Family


Joined: Aug 19, 2011
Posts: 4
awww, sparticle beat me to it. I was gonna say, "I dunno. It looks to me like a kooshball gone bad."

Good one sparticle
Jamie Jackson

Joined: Dec 04, 2010
Posts: 187
Location: Zone 5b - 6a, Missouri Ozarks
Hey photo by Tom Elpel, cool the slip form guy.
Franklin Stone

Joined: Jun 09, 2010
Posts: 152
Wow! That is pretty amazing.

Have you tried posting the photo at ?

Somebody over there might recognize it.

Deb Berman

Joined: Sep 12, 2010
Posts: 41
Check out the Western Montana Mycological Association website ( They have a lot of good mushroom identification resources, and if you are still not sure they will ID it    for you.
subject: spiky fungus
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