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Forum Name Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post
greenhouses Hot Folder Started building the walipini today! 38 matt sorrells
matt sorrells Latest Reply
Sepp Holzer Folder Vernal pond/crater garden 8 Luke Perkins
Zach Weiss Latest Reply
rocket stoves Folder 10" outlet off of manifold? 4 Robert Hohulin
shilo kinarty Latest Reply
rocket stoves Folder Rocket vs Kerosene Stove Temperature 2 Henry Ikeme
Satamax Antone Latest Reply
nibblers Folder bone sauce to keep voles from root crop(potatoes) 0 Adam Buchler
Adam Buchler Latest Reply
wheaton laboratories Folder i'm visiting wheaton labs, whattya wanna see??? 6 Cassie Langstraat
Vida Norris Latest Reply
wood burning stoves Folder Improved Cook Stoves Might Actually Be Dangerous 5 Henry Ikeme
Henry Ikeme Latest Reply
WWOOF / organic farm volunteers/interns/jobs Folder Seeking Permaculture study partner 6 Kenny Garcia
Lucas Harrison-Zdenek Latest Reply
honey bees Folder Honey Production 2 Henry Ikeme
Henry Ikeme Latest Reply
woodland Folder Earthworms may not be our friends in North America 1 Karen Walk
Meryt Helmer Latest Reply
goats, sheep and llamas Folder What to do with a really old goat?? 2 Matt Powers
Alder Burns Latest Reply
chickens Hot Folder Raising meat chickens on no grain? 31 Wes Hunter
Miguel DaStein Latest Reply
rocket stoves Folder Top Coat or Finish coat 1 David Marin
thomas rubino Latest Reply
tinkering with this site Folder Need help editing/clarification with post 1 Weston Ginther
paul wheaton Latest Reply
natural building Folder ! Vining plants can cool buildings 9 Michael Longfield
Katie Bretsch Latest Reply
small farm Folder For Rent Opportunity Clean Land Ready for Organics 0 Mandy Latchu
Mandy Latchu Latest Reply
missoula Folder Native species 0 sue bee
sue bee Latest Reply
plants Folder Rubus spectabilis 4 Landon Sunrich
Landon Sunrich Latest Reply
plants Sticky Welcome Robert Kourik author of Roots Demystified 16 Cassie Langstraat
sue bee Latest Reply
earthworks Folder Swale Idea Complication!! 3 Jon La Foy
G Moffatt Latest Reply
composting Folder Where can I watch Geoff Lawtons 18 day compost video? 3 David Biffel
Aljaz Plankl Latest Reply
fungi Folder Growing mushrooms on hay 4 Philip Nafziger
John Saltveit Latest Reply
soil Folder Can you introduce mycorrhizal fungi via compost tea? 15 Joe Camarena
John Saltveit Latest Reply
alternative energy Folder Windbottling: Converting kinetic energy into compressed air 2 Brian Pettit
Brian Pettit Latest Reply
gardening for beginners Folder I'm giving a garden for Christmas. 2 Dale Hodgins
Dale Hodgins Latest Reply
fungi Folder Clearing garden area by inoculating stumps? 3 Bethany Dutch
John Saltveit Latest Reply
rocket stoves Folder !!!!! Particulate Emission in Rocket Mass Heaters... Looking for Data!!! 7 Jesse Biggs
Matt Walker Latest Reply
meaningless drivel Hot Folder jokes
[ latest reply Go to page: 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
146 paul wheaton
Cj Verde Latest Reply
rocket stoves Hot Folder What is the best way to grow fuel for an RMH
[ latest reply Go to page: 1, 2 ]
50 Richard Hauser
Glenn Herbert Latest Reply
ponds Folder what kind of pump do I need? 1 Adam Buchler
Justin Wood Latest Reply
greening the desert Folder Bulldozer for water retention swales 0 Matt Banchero
Matt Banchero Latest Reply
WWOOF / organic farm volunteers/interns/jobs Folder Couple in quartzsite Az looking for work. 0 Julie Wilde
Julie Wilde Latest Reply
forest garden Folder Tree size: standard, semi-dwarf, dwarf- In the food forest 10 Danielle Venegas
Ann Torrence Latest Reply
plants Folder Honeysuckle (bush) replacements/control 1 Sean Henry
Justin Wood Latest Reply
wheaton laboratories Hot Folder Kristie's weekly-ish pics
[ latest reply Go to page: 1, 2, 3  ...  26, 27, 28 ]
1108 Kristie Wheaton
Kristie Wheaton Latest Reply
wood burning stoves Folder Mass heater for tiny house? 2 Neera Nagero
Neera Nagero Latest Reply
plants Folder Oak trees 6 Am Ainsworth
Alder Burns Latest Reply
dogs and cats Folder Hypoallergenic Livestock Guardian Dog 2 Dan Ellis
C. Hunter Latest Reply
plants Folder Proper way to plant Caragana arborescens seeds 13 Dusko Bojic
Crt Jakhel Latest Reply
wood burning stoves Folder Wood Stove Conversion Project 2 Rob Torcellini
Rob Torcellini Latest Reply
earth bag Folder Building earthbags in the winter 1 Tom Connolly
Jay C. White Cloud Latest Reply
meaningless drivel Folder Decline of bees forces China's apple farmers to pollinate by hand 3 Burra Maluca
Dale Hodgins Latest Reply
dogs and cats Folder 2 of our 4 our LGD's are stinkier than normal! (Akbash) 2 Randy Gibson
Henry Ikeme Latest Reply
horses, donkeys and mules Moved what is the best draft animal?
[ latest reply Go to page: 1, 2 ]
77 Abe Connally
Bernadine Newland Latest Reply
honey bees Folder Jacqueline Freeman's new book! 1 B.E. Ward
Ernie Schmidt Latest Reply
forest garden Folder Linden Tilia uses: browse, carving 12 Paul Cereghino
Carsten de Duurzame Latest Reply
dogs and cats Folder Best Practices Manual for the use of Livestock Guardian Dogs 1 Cj Verde
Henry Ikeme Latest Reply
pigs Folder pig soup 1 mike clark
Bernadine Newland Latest Reply
meaningless drivel Folder Cats! We knew they had to be good for something. 5 Jennifer Wadsworth
Dale Hodgins Latest Reply
rainwater catchment Folder How do you collect water in winter when everything is frozen? 9 Shawn Koop
Dale Hodgins Latest Reply
farm income Folder Homestead Income Streams and Self-Sufficiency Plan for goal: RETIREMENT 4 Tina Paxton
Tina Paxton Latest Reply
earthship Folder small earthship 6 Rob Lougas
G Moffatt Latest Reply
missoula Folder 42 Billion Questions in the Flathead Valley 0 Mary Powell
Mary Powell Latest Reply
market garden Folder Will Dog destroy garden beds? 11 Beth Mouse
Devon Olsen Latest Reply
plants Folder Sweet potato now in purple ! 2 David Livingston
Kris schulenburg Latest Reply
dogs and cats Folder Good use of 3D Printing in my view...and where it really shines!! 3 Jay C. White Cloud
Henry Ikeme Latest Reply
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