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permaculture singles Folder 66/m/healthy/ vegan,raw/29 acres/central VA/ seeking female with similar 10 bob day
bob day Latest Reply
ulcer factory Hot Folder guns vs people-thoughts-
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121 Leila Rich
Ken Peavey Latest Reply
wheaton laboratories Hot Folder ! designing a round door - hobbit house style
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57 paul wheaton
Valerie Dawnstar Latest Reply
gear Folder !!!!! Cordless Hedge Cutter becomes Sickle Bar Mower attached to wheelbarrow 9 Dale Hodgins
John Polk Latest Reply
wood burning stoves Folder RMH and flue fires? 19 Steve P
allen lumley Latest Reply
forest garden Folder Can I move my plum trees after two growing seasons? 6 Autumn Hughes
John Saltveit Latest Reply
WWOOF / organic farm volunteers/interns/jobs Folder 4 Natural Builders looking for land 1 Sara Tamler
Ken Peavey Latest Reply
trees Folder Hazels 1 Landon Sunrich
Landon Sunrich Latest Reply
chickens Hot Folder First predator attack! 25 Tony Hill
Suzanne Gossett Latest Reply
wofati and earth berm Folder Gambrel wofati? 2 Paul Bonneau
Bill Bradbury Latest Reply
cob Folder Waterproof and breathability? 7 Tom Connolly
Bill Bradbury Latest Reply
chickens Folder special equiment needed for 25 chicken harvest? 11 Beth Mouse
Suzanne Gossett Latest Reply
hydro Folder Problems with an induction Generator Pics 3 iam xanadu
iam xanadu Latest Reply
trees Folder question about established trees outcompeting 1 Starr Brainard
Akiva Silver Latest Reply
books Folder The Gourmet Butcher's Guide to Meat 1 J Hampshire
Will Holland Latest Reply
wheaton laboratories Hot Folder Sams Photos From the Base Camp
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180 Sam Barber
E A Thoreau Latest Reply
alternative energy Folder Solar Hydrogen Trends 15 Bill Bradbury
Bill Bradbury Latest Reply
rocket stoves Folder New lurker coming out of the shadows. 2 Josh Whited
Josh Whited Latest Reply
meaningless drivel Hot Folder jokes
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141 paul wheaton
duane hennon Latest Reply
tinkering with this site Folder the posted at times are showing incorrectly on my phone 1 Rick Edwards
Jeanne Boyarsky Latest Reply
wheaton laboratories Folder what to do with two million dollars 12 paul wheaton
Tom OHern Latest Reply
art, music and aesthetics Hot Folder Music of the Moment
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573 Rion Mather
Judith Browning Latest Reply
meaningless drivel Hot Folder Is unbridled greed and ambition compatible with permaculture
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69 Dale Hodgins
Cortland Satsuma Latest Reply
tiny house Folder Tiny Accordion Home in Madrid 0 Dave Burton
Dave Burton Latest Reply
composting toilet Folder Switched from Oak Sawdust to Sphagnum Peat Moss (Having issues now) 8 James Steig
Wyatt Barnes Latest Reply
tinkering with this site Hot Folder capitalism, gift economy and prices that are too damn high! 33 paul wheaton
nancy sutton Latest Reply
food preservation Folder Where to Dry Herbs and Shallots? 0 Nicole Alderman
Nicole Alderman Latest Reply
rainwater catchment Folder How much rainfall? 9 Tom Connolly
John Polk Latest Reply
cooking Folder Talk to me about turnip greens 7 Ann Torrence
Ken Peavey Latest Reply
soil Folder Anaerobic weed soup bad for soil? 0 Tim Wells
Tim Wells Latest Reply
alternative energy Folder just plug into the dirt 0 duane hennon
duane hennon Latest Reply
DVDs, movies, videos and documentaries Folder Victorian Farm 2 Cj Verde
Ken Peavey Latest Reply
greenhouses Folder Potential glazing source 1 Peter Ellis
Jay Grace Latest Reply
plants Folder ID Andean Plants? 8 Matt Tebbit
leila hamaya Latest Reply
urban Folder Reduce, Recycle...RePurpose 15 Ken Peavey
Burra Maluca Latest Reply
rocket stoves Folder Adobe bell stove, Dragon Heater core 6 Kirk Mobert
Kirk Mobert Latest Reply
lawn Folder People Powered Lawn ahem::pasture::ahem Care 0 Kyle Williams
Kyle Williams Latest Reply
gear Folder Cordless 56V blower. I tried several and bought the most powerful one available. Works great. 1 Dale Hodgins
Dale Hodgins Latest Reply
rocket stoves Hot Folder Emergency quick and small batchbox for the 400 sq ft wofati (0.7)
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122 Rick Edwards
Satamax Antone Latest Reply
PEX / PEP1 Folder levels: white belt, black belt 9 paul wheaton
Ludger Merkens Latest Reply
meaningless drivel Folder Toast.... and more.... 2 nancy sutton
nancy sutton Latest Reply
straw bale house Folder Dipping straw bales into a clay-water mixture 12 Tom Connolly
Andrew Parker Latest Reply
chickens Folder Has anyone fed sunflower seed to poultry in order to make the feathers fall out easily? 12 Cj Verde
Cj Verde Latest Reply
chickens Folder Turkeys at high altitude? 0 Ann Torrence
Ann Torrence Latest Reply
conservation Folder Exists? Indoor clothes drying rack that won't fall apart 11 Ann Torrence
Lorraine Storch Latest Reply
plants Hot Folder the dark side of native plant enthusiasm
[ latest reply Go to page: 1, 2 ]
48 paul wheaton
Patrick Kniesler Latest Reply
natural building Folder Laurie Baker - Vernacular Architecture in India 3 nathan luedtke
nathan luedtke Latest Reply
cascadia Folder If you were a survivalist.... 4 Tara Swenson
Thom Foote Latest Reply
rockies Folder Looking to Work and Learn - Spokane Wa 5 Matt Wright
Thom Foote Latest Reply
frugality Folder Diapers - can your baby go diaperless? 18 Burra Maluca
Lorraine Storch Latest Reply
rockies Folder Lots of big land parcels in Nevada, cheap, some with water! 6 Miles Flansburg
Thom Foote Latest Reply
small farm Folder Permitted Rural Development in the United Kingdom - Planning Permission 3 Anna Holmes
Burra Maluca Latest Reply
trees Hot Folder cold tolerant pomegranates
[ latest reply Go to page: 1, 2 ]
56 Thekla McDaniels
Danielle Venegas Latest Reply
natural fibers and materials Folder how best to clean a moldy spinning wheel? 9 Annie Gibbons
Lorraine Storch Latest Reply
greenhouses Hot Folder Started building the walipini today! 37 matt sorrells
matt sorrells Latest Reply
permaculture Folder How have any of you integrated market-gardening or veg/meat sales into your place? 13 Joel Russ
Joel Russ Latest Reply
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