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soil Hot Folder daikon radish soil building 21 gary reif
klorinth McCoy Latest Reply
natural building Folder Breathable Walls 0 Terry Ruth
Terry Ruth Latest Reply
homestead Folder Help me start my paper/computer plan 3 Pokletu Staktu
Dave Burton Latest Reply
greenhouses Folder Biodomes - Geodesic glass house/greenhouse 7 remi willis
remi willis Latest Reply
introductions Folder Universal Welcome 1 Dave Burton
Sue Rine Latest Reply
composting toilet Folder Separating the yellow from the brown. 6 roger Van Couwenberghe
Feidhlim Harty Latest Reply
grey water Folder Grey water problems in heavily wooded, heavily sloped land 3 Philip Nafziger
Feidhlim Harty Latest Reply
europe Folder Permies in Ireland? 3 Vida Norris
Feidhlim Harty Latest Reply
grey water Folder Cold weather grey water cold frame 2 Gilbert Fritz
Rebecca Norman Latest Reply
Permaculture Real Estate Moved FOR SALE...forty acres in the Arkansas Ozarks 30 Judith Browning
Seth Cheshier Latest Reply
cattle Folder Yaks! 3 Niko Economides
Rebecca Norman Latest Reply
projects Hot Folder Permie for Pennies in France
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96 David Livingston
David Livingston Latest Reply
rocket stoves Folder Dale's Rocket Powered Mass Heater, Water Heater and Cookstove. 15 Dale Hodgins
Satamax Antone Latest Reply
rocket stoves Hot Folder Which book to buy? 22 Geoffrey Levens
Geoffrey Levens Latest Reply
rocket stoves Hot Folder Emergency quick and small batchbox for the 400 sq ft wofati (0.7)
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206 Rick Edwards
Peter van den Berg Latest Reply
farm income Hot Folder I sure could use a hand around here. 22 Ken Peavey
Siobhan Myers Latest Reply
books Folder Create an Oasis With Greywater by Art Ludwiig 6 Simon Johnson
Luke Perkins Latest Reply
earthworks Folder solutions for hill side erosion 1 Emily Wood
Jami McBride Latest Reply
products Folder Automatic flat bread machine. 4 Amedean Messan
Sean Fry Latest Reply
urban Folder Coppicing silverbeet 1 David Wood
Phoenix Blackdove Latest Reply
gardening for beginners Folder Absolute beginner question! 11 cynthia staub
cynthia staub Latest Reply
permaculture Folder Integrating a pond into a backyard swale 1 Ben Bishop
William Bronson Latest Reply
communication Folder tongue twisters 5 Bill Puckett
Dave Burton Latest Reply
chickens Folder Growing all your own chicken feed? 13 Dean Moriarty
Joseph Lofthouse Latest Reply
cascadia Folder Cooking oil 2 Landon Sunrich
Landon Sunrich Latest Reply
aquaponics Folder ANYONE in Washington State/Seattle? 10 Seth Connell
Landon Sunrich Latest Reply
rabbits Folder Hutch: how and where? 7 Will Holland
Kathleen Sanderson Latest Reply
south america / central america / mexico Folder a Longer Term Opportunity - Build a Life 1 amarynth leroux
Freddie Orcut Latest Reply
food as medicine Folder DHEA/ Low Testosterone in Women help 0 Steve Lansing
Steve Lansing Latest Reply
eastern usa Folder 12-week Permaculture School in Asheville, NC 1 Janell Kapoor
Freddie Orcut Latest Reply
aquaponics Folder Problems getting siphon to start 4 Nancie Baker
Nancie Baker Latest Reply
blatant advertising Folder Diatomaceous Earth with Calcium Bentonite - 25% off Coupon Code : January 26 - February 1 Only 0 Justin Wood
Justin Wood Latest Reply
ontario Folder Hugelkultur for noise reduction 2 Kathy Duncan
Landon Sunrich Latest Reply
fungi Folder My introduction and spent grains as substrate? 1 Ben Gerard
John Saltveit Latest Reply
eastern usa Folder Where to live? Virginia/NC/MD/etc. or New England 3 Adam Gulliford
Freddie Orcut Latest Reply
hugelkultur Hot Folder Where are they now? hugelkultur updates? 31 Donald Kenning
Vida Norris Latest Reply
eastern usa Hot Folder 7 acres in Maine looking for helpers
[ latest reply Go to page: 1, 2 ]
65 Craig Dobbelyu
Freddie Orcut Latest Reply
trees Folder Planting large trees in swales on heavy clay soil 0 Tao Weilundemo
Tao Weilundemo Latest Reply
rainwater catchment Folder !! LDPE pond liner as roofing membrane for workshop? 6 Paul Ryan
Bill Bradbury Latest Reply
eastern usa Folder Looking for Philly Permies 4 Joel Andrews
Jinx Bright Latest Reply
survival Hot Folder Deep Pantry for people who like food
[ latest reply Go to page: 1, 2 ]
64 Adrien Lapointe
Ross Raven Latest Reply
meaningless drivel Folder Seattle Mariners just got greener 1 John Polk
Landon Sunrich Latest Reply
rocket stoves Hot Folder Bricks for the box of my cob bench
[ latest reply Go to page: 1, 2, 3 ]
109 Bacon Lee
Glenn Herbert Latest Reply
forest garden Folder !! Growing Pistachios in the Rocky Mountains at 4500' elevation Without Irrigation 7 Morgan Bowen
Bill Bradbury Latest Reply
wheaton laboratories Hot Folder hedge plants 31 Jocelyn Campbell
Bill Bradbury Latest Reply
natural building Folder Bathroom Remodel/Retrofitting with Natural Materials 16 Kieran Chapman
Bill Bradbury Latest Reply
organic Folder Fertilizing Citrus 4 Sharon Reeve
Alder Burns Latest Reply
conservation Folder Heat mats 5 Landon Sunrich
R Scott Latest Reply
alternative energy Folder Dale's off grid cell phone reception and computer conectivity solutions. There's a flag pole. 10 Dale Hodgins
Linda Myers Latest Reply
eastern usa Folder Rocket Mass Heater wrkshp in upstate NY April 2015 15 Valerie Dawnstar
Valerie Dawnstar Latest Reply
homestead Hot Folder ! What's the perfect homestead for when s*&t hits the fan?
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43 Dean Moriarty
Jobob Fjord Latest Reply
Mike Patterson Latest Reply
rabbits Folder Polyface Farms rabbits 13 Don Abbott
Freddie Orcut Latest Reply
rocket stoves Folder testing the temperature inside a RMH 13 Jason Sergeant
Glenn Herbert Latest Reply
earth bag Folder Building with earth in North East Texas? 13 Cydny Jenkins
Jack Edmondson Latest Reply
wheaton laboratories Folder the solar electric sawmill 13 paul wheaton
Phoenix Blackdove Latest Reply
soil Folder Soil improvement using a post hole auger? Pros and Cons? 4 klorinth McCoy
klorinth McCoy Latest Reply
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