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projects Resolved Requested !!!! Pebblespring Farm (Port Elizabeth South Africa - 34 deg South)
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49 Timothy Hewitt-Coleman
Sue Rine Latest Reply
forest garden Folder Which garden will suit my home? 0 lauren mathews
lauren mathews Latest Reply
rocket stoves Folder What wood to use on a rocket cook stove. 2 David Creed
David Creed Latest Reply
goats, sheep and llamas Folder !!!!! Goat Kids Dieing...What to Do 3 Justus Walker
Burra Maluca Latest Reply
wheaton laboratories Folder quick and easy winter shelter 14 paul wheaton
kadence blevins Latest Reply
ponds Folder Breathing life back into largish pond gone stagnant 13 Rob Irish
Serge Leblanc Latest Reply
composting Folder Compost tea: dehumidifier water 6 Adam Buchler
Meryt Helmer Latest Reply
gardening for beginners Folder Why plant vegetables when weeds are more nutritious? 15 dan long
William James Latest Reply
cascadia Folder Biochar and soil regeneration 0 Elissa Thomas Thomas
Elissa Thomas Thomas Latest Reply
forest garden Folder order of establishment for Mark Shepard style forest farm 11 Joseph Weidinger
R Scott Latest Reply
southern usa Resolved Requested Georgia Adobe Building Seminar 5 Joe Woodall
Joe Woodall Latest Reply
missoula Folder Freedom Gardens at the Missoula County Fairgrounds 2 Heath N. Carey
Chris MacCarlson Latest Reply
ancestral skills Folder Debris Hut 9 Ginger Keenan
Justin Jones Latest Reply
wheaton laboratories Hot Folder !!!! Kristie's weekly-ish pics
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924 Kristie Wheaton
Kristie Wheaton Latest Reply
urban Folder Remote watermelon patch / pumpkin patch with no access to water 1 Nick LaDieu
Scott Stiller Latest Reply
chickens Moved Chickens and compost heaps 29 Katy Whitby-last
Scott Stiller Latest Reply
solar Folder World’s Largest Solar Steam Cooking System 9 Cassie Langstraat
Len Ovens Latest Reply
chickens Hot Folder First predator attack! 20 Tony Hill
John Polk Latest Reply
permaculture singles Hot Folder Infancy stage of a polyamorous intentional permaculture community N. Central Mass. 33 Christopher Kyprianos
Christian Wolff Latest Reply
ontario Folder ! Gleying small ponds 0 Kate Michaud
Kate Michaud Latest Reply
critter care Moved Does anyone farm frogs? 12 Ray Cover
Al Senner Latest Reply
composting Folder giant black wasps 3 laura sharpe
Matu Collins Latest Reply
fungi Folder Fungi on my wood chip pile 5 Dave Miller
Al Senner Latest Reply
fungi Folder growing king stropharia with chlorinated water 0 Al Senner
Al Senner Latest Reply
green building Hot Folder Alone in the Wilderness - The Story of Dick Proenneke
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47 paul wheaton
Jesse Biggs Latest Reply
missoula Folder It's Huckleberry Season! aka The best date idea ever 1 Justin Jones
Cassie Langstraat Latest Reply
missoula Folder Cute lil video about One Day in Missoula 0 Cassie Langstraat
Cassie Langstraat Latest Reply
cob Folder Cob Durability 9 John Smithington
John Smithington Latest Reply
homestead Folder Tornadoes and your farm - reducing your risk 0 Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis Latest Reply
Sepp Holzer Folder Holzer Raised Bed Diagram 0 Dave Burton
Dave Burton Latest Reply
midwest usa Folder Red Cedar conundrum 1 E Skov
Dave Burton Latest Reply
ontario Folder Need some help? 3 Emalie Kamrath
Kate Michaud Latest Reply
australasia Folder newspaper for mulch and compost in Australia. 0 Krystelle Ellaby
Krystelle Ellaby Latest Reply
ontario Folder I want OUT! 3 Carmen Cormier
Kate Michaud Latest Reply
cascadia Folder Summer Permaculture Design Course in Monroe w/Dave Boehnlein 0 Gabe Garms
Gabe Garms Latest Reply
south america / central america / mexico Folder Wanted: Contract Permaculture Specialist in Southern Costa Rica 3 Nate Smith
Scott Gallant Latest Reply
books Folder Permaculture books in Spanish 3 Dawn Hoff
Dave Burton Latest Reply
WWOOF / organic farm volunteers/interns/jobs Folder Wine yard in Andalucia, Spain 6 Dawn Hoff
Dawn Hoff Latest Reply
Iberia Folder ! Olive growe/goat land transformation 3 Dawn Hoff
Dawn Hoff Latest Reply
cascadia Folder Travel Ideas 3 Nolan Robert
Dave Burton Latest Reply
midwest usa Hot Folder ! how to respond to City of Saint Paul damaging my permie garden 20 Kelly Rued
D. Logan Latest Reply
hugelkultur Folder Where are they now? Give us an Update. 0 Donald Kenning
Donald Kenning Latest Reply
midwest usa Folder upper michigan 1 sean mahoney
Troy Rhodes Latest Reply
meaningless drivel Folder Permies: def. Nerds gone wild on the farm 0 Amit Enventres
Amit Enventres Latest Reply
WWOOF / organic farm volunteers/interns/jobs Folder Partnership to develop land for farming, and homesteading 8 Daniel Palacios
Kevin Villers Latest Reply
trees Folder The fourty-fruit tree. 2 Sergio Santoro
Michael Qulek Latest Reply
rocket stoves Folder mini rocket mass heater 7 Chris Burge
Sean Printz Latest Reply
urban Folder Winter/Autumn Harvest plant that uses a trellis? 1 Laurel Crisafulli
leila hamaya Latest Reply
mason bees Folder Is this a bee? Identification help needed 6 Justin Jones
Irene Kightley Latest Reply
southwest usa Folder !! California Drought 1 Donald Kenning
Dave Burton Latest Reply
rocket stoves Folder Rocket Stove Hot Water Heater for Outdoor Wood Fired Hot Tub 3 Zane Bridgers
Bob Jackson Latest Reply
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