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Forum Name Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post
gardening for beginners Folder Asparagus 13 Julia Franke
Rick Roman Latest Reply
tinkering with this site Hot Folder paul wheaton is impossible to work with 22 paul wheaton
Jocelyn Campbell Latest Reply
plants Folder rooting a tree collard cutting 4 Olivia Helmer
Olivia Helmer Latest Reply
intentional community / city repair / ecovillage Hot Folder ! Non-Hierarchical Paleo Permaculture Hunter-Gatherer Intentional Community
[ latest reply Go to page: 1, 2, 3 ]
110 Andrew Scott
Matt Ferrall Latest Reply
homestead Hot Folder thanks to the tent worm invasion..... 26 Brenda Groth
Nick Segner Latest Reply
greening the desert Folder Cactus based Hugelkultur 1 shauna carr
Jennifer Wadsworth Latest Reply
small farm Folder Is there a better tool for breaking sod than a plow? 3 Mike Cantrell
Mike Cantrell Latest Reply
green building Folder Tires as footer/foundation for straw bale house 2 Philip Nafziger
Jay C. White Cloud Latest Reply
transportation Hot Folder Mobile battery bank in your vehicle 29 Sam Barber
Jeremy VanGelder Latest Reply
finishes Folder ? using linseed oil in plasters 0 Kate Nudd
Kate Nudd Latest Reply
hugelkultur Folder Hugel location theory 2 Dave Tedford
Marianne West Latest Reply
cattle Folder Building a Working Living Fence this Spring 1 Joseph Lewis
Judith Browning Latest Reply
woodland Folder national forests vs land trust lands? 7 Wesley johnsen
Matu Collins Latest Reply
homestead Folder Just inherited a small home and some land, help a newbie take the first steps to doing it right. 13 Case Thomas
S Bengi Latest Reply
trees Moved Propagating Blood (cling) Peaches
[ latest reply Go to page: 1, 2 ]
60 Judith Browning
leila hamaya Latest Reply
wild harvesting Folder What Is It? 1 Darren Landry
S Bengi Latest Reply
permaculture Folder Water, Water, Everywhere! 16 Ferne Reid
S Bengi Latest Reply
forest garden Folder !!!!! new Forest Garden Design videos 1 Toby Hemenway
Jennifer Wadsworth Latest Reply
meaningless drivel Hot Folder !!! Permie themed Science Fiction / fantasy 37 David Livingston
D. Logan Latest Reply
trees Folder Cornelian-Cherry Dogwood 6 Julie Bernhardt
S Bengi Latest Reply
wild harvesting Hot Folder Curly Dock Seeds 25 Rabid Chipmunk
Devon Olsen Latest Reply
hugelkultur Folder Sepp Holzer and trees in hugelkultur 0 Morgan Morris
Morgan Morris Latest Reply
wheaton laboratories Folder free hugelkultur workshop on april 26 5 paul wheaton
loren ward Latest Reply
cob Folder Miscellaneous questions about compressed earth blocks 2 Tom Connolly
R Scott Latest Reply
appalachia Folder Perma Ethos Charleston WV 6 John Merrifield
Adam Moore Latest Reply
predators Folder So that was what was munching on my sheep... 12 Fred Morgan
Tom Scialla Latest Reply
projects Hot Folder Stoney Edge: 32 acres in northwestern Vermont 24 Ghislaine de Lessines
Ghislaine de Lessines Latest Reply
cattle Folder dexter fencing 3 Juan Pedro Ortiz
Tom Scialla Latest Reply
products Folder what do you use for harvest? 12 tel jetson
Darren Landry Latest Reply
rocket stoves Folder Heating home with Rock-it with pic 18 Joe Sylwestrzak
Satamax Antone Latest Reply
cattle Folder Pasture raised beef, Breed suggestions 16 Randy Alexander
Tom Scialla Latest Reply
wild harvesting Folder spicebush not producing berries? 2 Christy Domino
Darren Landry Latest Reply
meaningless drivel Folder A love letter to food (video) 0 Craig Dobbelyu
Craig Dobbelyu Latest Reply
ozarks Folder What are you growing in 2014? 4 Case Thomas
Wesley Staggs Latest Reply
hugelkultur Folder Started my first hugelkulture bed 1 M Johnson
Wyll Greenewood Latest Reply
DVDs, movies, videos and documentaries Folder BBC Documentary 2013 Genetically Modified Foods in America 1 Ken Peavey
Marty Mitchell Latest Reply
Geoff Lawton's online PDC Hot Folder Permies In Geoff Lawtons Online PDC
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88 Rebecca Holman
Sam Boisseau Latest Reply
cascadia Folder 21 Acres - Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living - Tour on April 26 0 Jocelyn Campbell
Jocelyn Campbell Latest Reply
gardening for beginners Hot Folder "dead soil" 20 Philippa Gaywood
S Bengi Latest Reply
wild harvesting Folder morels 15 mick mclaughlin
drake schutt Latest Reply
bugs Folder Quarter inch holes in mounds around my yard 6 Peter Ellis
Miles Flansburg Latest Reply
gardening for beginners Folder Fungus? Virus? Heat? Please help!! 5 Savannah Thomerson
Alder Burns Latest Reply
paul wheaton's permaculture podcasts Folder 287 - Reverence for Bees part 4 12 Adrien Lapointe
Tony Flint Latest Reply
passive solar Folder Idea for a solar "wall" 4 Creighton Samuiels
Brian Knight Latest Reply
rocket stoves Folder Not enough heat 7 Mike Canfield
Mike Canfield Latest Reply
finishes Folder Cow Dung for Cob house Plaster? 12 Jonathan Frame
Jonathan Frame Latest Reply
goats, sheep and llamas Folder Number of Boer goats on 50x50m managed grazing 5 Stephen Gibberd
Katy Whitby-last Latest Reply
rocket stoves Folder Radiant heat from a RMH in a house with many rooms 2 matt hogan
matt hogan Latest Reply
rocket stoves Folder RMH,double barrel stove hybrid 5 Alan Mikoleit
Alan Mikoleit Latest Reply
hugelkultur Hot Folder Garden picture exchange!
[ latest reply Go to page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
205 Mark Boucher
Josh Wells Latest Reply
trees Folder vertical hugelkulture for spring planting 2 Jeff Wesolowski
Jeff Wesolowski Latest Reply
farm income Folder A good financial mindset is a major tool can drive permaculture forward... Much Faster. 4 Marty Mitchell
Marty Mitchell Latest Reply
cattle Folder grafting calves 0 Amy Saunders
Amy Saunders Latest Reply
forest garden Folder Check out this natural "Food Forest" growing wild... in terrible soil 2 David Goodman
Isabelle Gendron Latest Reply
meaningless drivel Folder Stephen Fry 8 paul wheaton
Shane McKee Latest Reply
vegan Folder Vegan cook books? 10 Alan Mikoleit
Sunshine McCarthy Latest Reply
financial strategy Folder Monitizing life and fertility in a society based on property rights 4 Landon Sunrich
Ann Torrence Latest Reply
homestead Hot Folder Air Well - collecting water from the air
[ latest reply Go to page: 1, 2 ]
75 Cassie Rauk
allen lumley Latest Reply
cob Folder cob in the city - advice request 5 J Kyriacou
Jay C. White Cloud Latest Reply
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