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Muscovies bees and other flying insects

Paz Zait-Givon

Joined: Nov 12, 2012
Posts: 5
So I know that muscovies are famous for eating mosquitoes. Ive looked everywhere and cant seem to tell if they also eat bees. Would they be compatible with an apiary. I suspect a bigger problem with stingless bees but I don't know. While I'm at it do they also eat wasps? flies? Flying ants? I would be really happy if you shared your different experiences if you have any.
c cagle

Joined: Oct 29, 2012
Posts: 21
I did not have a problem with my muscovies eating my bees. I only had perhaps 10 mucovies at the most at one time and three hives of bees - not sure I could have told even if they were eating them. For that matter, I couldn't tell that the muscovies were eating flies but then again I did not have too many flies before or after.
Burra Maluca
Mother Tree

Joined: Apr 03, 2010
Posts: 7364
Location: Portugal Zone 9 Mediterranean Climate
Muscovies love flies. If a fly lands on your leg and there's a muscovy nearby, they'll waddle over and snap it up. And they like ants. Ours were sooo happy when the rains came and they not only had ponds to swim in again but all the flying ants hatched out and they could all stand around picking them off as they emerged and then go for a swim to celebrate.

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Nancy Sullivan

Joined: Nov 16, 2012
Posts: 4
I have muscovies and also honey bees. They pretty much avoid each other, although one duck nested under a hive, (it was on a raised stand), for a while- pretty safe place, I thought!

Even when I had a hive die off at the end of the winter and I cleaned it out, neither ducks nor chix touched the corpses. The bees will also drink from the ducks' water and I have never seen a duck snap at one.

I don't think you need to be concerned. I don't know whether the ducks realize honey bees are dangerous or if they don't like their general fuzziness, but they don't find them tasty at all.
I agree. Here's the link:
subject: Muscovies bees and other flying insects