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since Sep 24, 2011
Southern alps, on the French side of the french /italian border 5000ft elevation
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Recent posts by Satamax Antone

Mass heater. It is the real name for the thing, has been for centuries. Would it be a "ofen", "Tepushka" "Kachelofen", "Steinofen" "Kakelugn" "pystyuuni" "Kakeliuuni"

It is still always a mass heater. Everybody, or nearly knows these. The words speak for themselves. Easily understandable. By even the most unaware of heating apparatuses.  

Would it be rocket, normal firebox, russian firebox, vortex firebox, batch, J tube, oven, or whatnot.
3 weeks ago
Time for a batch conversion.
3 weeks ago
Trevor.  Do you know anything, besides metal monel, and iconel,  which would withstand the continuous 1200C° of a batch rocket, for a whole winter heating season?
1 month ago
Scots John. All reight beig man?

Well, the builder of the rocket you've posted the video of, has been made by Fox James.

He doesn't come here anymore, because of me. He said, i'm too negative. He doesn't seem to have pursued the single vortex path.

I'll send him a message, to see if he's keen on coming back.
1 month ago

Jack Burke wrote:Terry Sommers, did you ever get your rocket pizza up to temp? I have recently started plans to do something similar and stumbled onto this thread.

Don't know if he did. But but among all iterations of my workshop heater, i've managed to make a working pizza oven.
1 month ago
Well, I'll follow somewhat Gerry's and Thomas's advices.

But I would say, transform that chimney into a bell. With a plunger tube.
2 months ago
Willy, by the looks of your drawings, you have a misconception.

You don't round the corners, or slant the feed tube.

Internal surface area should be the same in all parts of the system.

How many builds do you have?

If none.

Better, imho, to build  a 6" or a 8" j tube. Tried and true design. And get the feel for it.
2 months ago