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Satamax Antone

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since Sep 24, 2011
Southern alps, on the French side of the french /italian border 5000ft elevation
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I forgot to say, iirc, for a good cyclonic burn chamber with not too much drag, you need at least 3x the riser size on big systems, on small ones, you can go up to 8x, this is to avoid as much drag as you can.
1 week ago

We all strive to have the fiercer, hotter burns possible, in order to achieve the best burn efficiency.  And  the idea of letting the fire out of the riser, which for most of us happens during the bad portions of a burn. You trod a somewhat beaten path with this single vortex. Peter has tried it, and some others too, nearly the  way you have implemented it this time. You'll have to sniff in the old posts at Donkey's.

If you really want to make your fire turn one direction. I'd say, go the cyclonic route. A J tube entry, round if possible, finishing into a neutral vane into a big burn chamber, even better if it's conical, like a cyclone.

Been there, done that, and i can tell you the fire gets hot and turns a lot.  (Pics of the cyclonic thingy0)

Thought, it would may be better to do it with a batch and neutral vane, so you could overload it.

Two overloading examples of a batch.

1 week ago
Fox, if your flame gets out of the riser, it's not burning well!
1 week ago
Insulate, or cools the flame?
1 week ago
Tristan, without burning, or lots of work, not a chance.

There are options.

A "maturateur à miel" is one, often in stainless steel.  Hard to find.

Stainless barrels.  

But there is a few and far between.

There are other options;

"baignoires" (bathtubs) and "cuves à fuel" (home heating fuel tanks) Bathtubs, for a "half barrel system" mostly. Home heating fuel tanks, for the barrel.

Caustic soda and hot water pressure washer are a must.

Otherwise, you do a "pocket rocket" in your big barrel, and surround it with rockwool, to burn your paint. After, you clean with a wire wheel.

You do like this without the barrel inside, and wrap it with rockwool.

1 week ago

Mind you, having a barrel orl a metal container of some kind, as i use square ones.

Helps warming the place faster, when real cold.
2 weeks ago

For the thick old type.

But what you realy want is a barrel with top lid. So you can open the heater for inspection.

That's just a quick search on leboncoin.  If you want the normal barrels, just go to your nearest point S or whatever garage they'll give you one.

Myself, i've taken advantage of what we can find in france, and i don't use barrels anymore, but home heating fuel tanks. They are square. Which is useful when you want to stick it against à stone or brick wall. The pics are further down.

Hope this helps.

2 weeks ago
That's à P channel.
4 weeks ago