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since Sep 24, 2011
Southern alps, on the French side of the french /italian border 5000ft elevation
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Recent posts by Satamax Antone

Glenn Herbert wrote:I think if you want to get more heat to the workshop side, filling the tile cores all the way to the floor would be helpful, so there would be no more air spaces to insulate the wall.
If you only want to prevent heat rising in the cores, you could stuff the cores with rags or something... umm, maybe something noncombustible :)... and only need a small amount of grout above the level of the heater top.

 Yes Glen, that's another option. I guess, full concrete blocks could be the solution, or shuttering blocks. Or pouring a big lintel, if i want to keep it insulated a bit.

Graham Chiu wrote:

Satamax Antone wrote:Modified the stove again. Laid some firebricks on the whole front of the "barrel" To cut a bit of direct heat.

And the final answer is, yes you can make pizza in my rocket.

So that's a black oven?

Yep, black oven. I love it.
3 days ago

Glenn Herbert wrote:I think it would be fairly easy to cut into the tops of those hollow tiles and pour thin grout into the cavities to fill them. The question is whether that would prevent the wall from getting hot above the heater level. I am not sure of the answer.

Yes Glen, it would. Since, here convection is the problem. I have may be 50/60 cm between the stove top and the beam, the wall is only 20. So heat would travel faster to the other side, than up. I ran it today, without problems. It's gone hotter outside. And with three burns, it's too hot in the flat! It was really cold the last few days. Hence, me pushing it, and having problems.
4 days ago

Glenn Herbert wrote:I have figured out the second IR photo, with the dark silhouettes of pipes running across the top. The 146.9C reading is on the surface of the wall just below the beam. The exposed beam is considerably cooler, but the back of the beam in contact with the wall would be as hot as the wall. I think quick action is advisable.

Yes, exactly. The beam is at risk. I have asked a mate of mine,; how much it  would cost to make that wall, with full concrete blocks. I guess he'll pop around tomorrow. I'm cooking a boar's shoulder "ham", right now.  And the temps are far cooler around the beam, for the moment.  Yesterday was very cold for the place i live in. And i might have overheated the wall. But i don't want to be in that situation again. So, yes, quick action is required.
4 days ago

Graham Chiu wrote:Can't you just cover the rafters with the ceramic fibre blanket as a temporary fix?

Nope, this is the wall overheating.

Have you seen the thermometer?

That's about 700c°
5 days ago
I know Douglas. It is not too close. But the bricks behind are hollow bricks. And the heat from the "barell's" back, which is in contact with those; rises up in the bricks.

The first step, I think, would be to drill holes in every  cell of the bricks,  nearly all the way through. On the backside. So the heat escapes on the cold workshop side.

And may be in spring, I will shutter and pour concrete in there. If the temporary fix doesn't work.

But if anybody has some other ideas. Please tell me.
5 days ago
Hi everybody.

Sorry; i know this is not usually allowed. But i would like to redirect you all to my build thread. I scared myself tonight, with wooden, beams above the stove; reaching 140C°, well above the cooked wood auto ignition level.

Please, if you want to help, go there

5 days ago
Yeeehhh hhhhaaaaa!!!

But i admit i have a problem.

700C° or so in the oven, that's a first. -19C° this morning only -10C° at the time of the pic.

But my beams above the stove are cooking. It is said that wood can auto ignite at around 68C°, when well cooked.

But my beams and floor above are, on the edge, at about 130/150C°

The smell of cooking wood is present too. That is shit scary.

Anybody has an idea?

Sorry to other staff, but i'll start another thread about just that. To get more coverage.
5 days ago
It already bears the right name, "mass heater" just forget the Rocket part for the general public!
1 week ago
Well  everybody.

I have to admit, i have made a mistake. The first hit of proper winter has come, the last few days. Snow is falling outside.

If you look at this photo, you can see a very hot stripe next to the oven door on the right, going down to the cooking plate. I wanted to get rid of that "direct heat" feature, to stop overheating the flat.
So i piled firebricks in the  "barrel"  against the square exterior of the heat riser. To stop hot gases to come to the left, you can already see the divide on the photo above, before the modification. I have a gap of about 2 inches, between riser and front of the "barrel" So it was heating a bit less.

The result of this, i have lost 5c°  in the flat at night. And the next morning, i'm down something like 2c° or 3c° In the evening, i'm down to a rather even 17c°/18c°

And my chimney temp, next to the mass is about 40c° hotter on average.

The future plan, remove some of those bricks. To get back some direct heat. Prepare for the  Upstairs mass piping. I'm struggling finding some stainless 20cm single wall pipes and elbows. To pipe the upstairs mass.
1 month ago