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Recent posts by Tony Elswick

Families in Hudson. Likely will be starting my permaculture in Ruskin though... but still starting food forests in Spring Hill too.

10 years ago
depends on the topic of conversation really

1)I always have seen permaculture as the practice of Austrian economics. Permaculture production is the optimal human action response to inflated prices, ushering in a cost efficient mechanism to bring all markets to equilibrium.
2)Permaculture is a biotrophic effect from adding a human function to mycorhizzal symbiosis for purposes of fostering diverse elements of soil life.
3)As above, so below, along the edge we will know.
11 years ago
My Maringa is having problems in Tampa Fl.

It is roughly 6 months old... about 11 feet high. but the weather is getting around 50 degrees to 40 degrees now and dropping... the leaves yellowing and dropping and the branches are growing
weak and falling off.

any ideas on what I can do to save this miracle tree?
11 years ago
I feel like in Florida putting the cactus on the edge of a woodlands and a low lying swamp would work for something... thinkin out loud
11 years ago
I am in Central/Northern Florida and getting out of law school next year, the plan is to start an food forest and I have never worked in one but I am going off my studies...

you seem to know a lot about this so I was wondering if you had any suggestions for this area?
11 years ago
did you seed directly into the ground? or seedling transplants?

11 years ago
I think we should get him teamed up with Paul Stamets and make a video about introducing Mycology to Ecosystems.

1) Like using Entonomorphic fungi as insecticide to houses in Zone 0

2) Using beneficial fungi to promote healthy immunity in the food forest from outside disease.

3) Working with Pluerotus for remediation, and building composting plastic bins

4) Building a MycoLab on the property to support your aquaponics system would be interesting to see,
mycology is based on a utilitarian principle which should be injected into the inner zones
11 years ago
The best book to buy is The Mushroom Cultivator by: Paul Stamets.

this book teaches you how to isolate agar cultures and clone cultures to make them run through substrate at faster rates. With the Pluerotus variety you get the fastest growing mushrooms in the world, and with P. Djamor you
get the fastest growing Pluerotus.

Plueurotus (Oyster mushroom) eats plastics.

after developing a superstrain off petri dishes.

set up a three level bin and only put plastics into the top level. the top level should be full of substrate mixed with your plastics. let it run through that a bit and then grain to grain down to the middle level introducing the top
level to a completely plastic free middle level substrate, this re-energizes the culture and they work on the plastics more. Then do the same thing after it runs through the middle level to the bottom introducing new substrate.

substrate = sawdust and plastics.

the amount of fruits will be overbearing, best to throw those into the biomass generator to power the aqauponics pump.
11 years ago
That is absolutely a shaggy mane..

yum yum
11 years ago
Chlorophyllum molybdites, which has the common names of false parasol or green-spored parasol is a widespread mushroom. Highly poisonous and producing severe gastrointestinal symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea, it is commonly confused with the shaggy parasol, and is the most commonly consumed poisonous mushroom in North America.[1] Its large imposing appearance and similarity to the edible Parasol mushroom, as well as its habit of growing in areas near human habitation, are reasons cited for this. The nature of the poisoning is predominantly gastrointestinal.

it looks like the shaggy mane especially at first... grows in poo in lawns all over the US
11 years ago