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This is definitely one of the coolest "un-conferences" I've been to! Forget the formalities of other conferences you've attended, and feel free to come, enjoy yourself, and start a conversation with anyone about anything!
9 years ago
PS, he promoted and advertised our RMH workshop for FREE, several times, in several ways, and has certainly looked past my imperfections!
Because of Paul, I have met & been invited in to the homes of Toby Hemenway & Mike Oehler, I have built a wonderful relationship with Ernie and Erica Wisner, as well as folks like Jocelyn, Jon, Owen and Kelly, contributed to several of his podcasts, I have been inspired to be a better person, and now have 4 rocket stoves at my place. I have hosted a full RMH workshop, and also contributed at the INPG Conference this past weekend. In a nutshell, he has given quite a bit to me, and I haven't paid him any money. The only thing he asked of me was to be gracious, say thank you, and continue to show the world how we can be better through what he is sharing. In my opinion, that's just not greedy, it's generous!


Matthew Nistico wrote:
1) He did not mention it, but I assume that his system works on the add-a-scoop-of-carbon method? If so, what does he use... sawdust? straw?

I assume he did use something, but also didn't see or hear what he was using.

Paul, does he combine pee in to the system too? If you mentioned it, I missed it, and am curious as to how he dealt with that. Thanks!
10 years ago
Hi Elia,
Yes, we have been discussing all those options, and it looks like a kickstarter is in the works to get started this week. Believe me that we are so excited for all this to happen, and to share with everyone, but it just requires some planning to ensure success & safety for all, which is our priority. That being said, as soon as I get a link for the kickstarter, I will make sure to update everyone, probably in a different thread regarding that topic.

10 years ago

Max Kennedy wrote:If the hot water portion won't be filmed how will it achieve widespread dispersal among the permies group?

Good question Max, and the details are still being worked out for video sharing. As I mentioned before, it's a huge liability, and there is caution in making a video for wide distribution, without any pre-qualifications, that show a "how to do hot water". Thanks for your understanding, and as I also mentioned before, we will share whatever we can, when we can.
10 years ago

Elia Charalambides wrote:

I would pay 30 a pop+ for this information in video format. It seems to me many others would too. Just seems like a lost opportunity for those holding the knowledge. While it would be ideal for us all to learn through apprentice style workshops...sometimes its just unfeasible.

Even $400 one time compared to $200 a month for gas heating cost in the winter seems like nothing.

Sorry its not "on-topic"... but for those of us that are excited to learn these things but can't make it, what else is?

Hi Elia, Thanks for your input, and I definitely understand where you are coming from!
A lot of the video hesitation comes from a few things:
1. The nature of the hot water addition to RMH's will NOT be filmed, because of the liability, and this is one of several huge innovations & reveals at this particular workshop.
2. The time, cost, and commitment of a videographer and crew is a large task to organize, on top of the workshop. Several things have been discussed, and we will definitely let everyone know if a solution is reached and set in stone, especially due to the interest!
3. The priority for viewing what's going on, and experience, will always go to those who have paid and committed to coming in person first, so balancing those interests is also a consideration.

We really appreciate all the interest, and are trying to provide the best experience for ALL. Even those who can't attend will benefit from this, because these reveals mean that some big things are happening in the world of RMH's!

10 years ago

Ryan H wrote:Is there still room? How many have signed up so far?

Hi Ryan, I know there is still room, but I haven't heard of the final tally from Caleb yet, as payments are coming in every day.
Let us know if you have any other questions!
10 years ago
It was so exciting to have Ernie and Erica this weekend!
Without giving too much away, here are a few photos from over the weekend.
10 years ago

Adrien Lapointe wrote:Caleb,

thanks for the info. How cold is it in Missoula this time of year? I.e. would I need very warm camping gear? Are most people staying on site?

Yes, to be clear, I would recommend warm camping gear. We don't yet have a final tally on campers vs. non-campers, but if it is comfortable for you, I would recommend camping on site! There are many conversations and experiences you will have by staying with all us folks on site.
10 years ago