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Cris Bessette

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since May 20, 2011
North Georgia / Appalachian mountains , Zone 7A
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Recent posts by Cris Bessette

Dennis Bangham wrote:

Cris Bessette wrote:Cold hardy tropicals (or tropicalesque) that I've had luck with here in North Georgia:

Pineapple guava (Acca sellowiana), I've noticed no winter damage to these.

Cris,  What varieties of Pineapple Guava have oyu had success with? I am in North Alabama (Zone 7B) and want to try to grow these on the east side of my house. Would roots be a concern?

The truth is I have no idea about variety, I just ordered a few off the net somewhere (Amazon? Ebay?)  and planted them, it's been 5 or more years ago.   I'm pretty sure they stay pretty small as trees,
maybe 10 feet tall on average, so I don't imagine the roots would be big enough to damage anything.  
22 hours ago
personally, I would think with a constant water supply coming in, you will get some kind of pond, liner or not.

Just let the water run in, and see how well the existing soil holds water and for how long.   If not enough,
then stop the ingress of water, let the hole dry up and try a liner or clay.

As for "gunk" you're not generally going to get algae or other build up if the water is moving and not stagnant.
Some buildup of natural algae, mosses, water plants is natural of course.

4 days ago
In my little North Georgia county this has been a subject of discussion for the last week or so.  
The governor is being petitioned to close all public recreation areas.  
3 months ago
Just occurred to me that learning guitar or another instrument is a pretty permie thing to do.  
Creating music on your own instead of consuming, creating entertainment on the cheap, homestead activities,etc.
In older times, this is what people did because this was the only way you were likely to hear music, DIY music.

I know I've gotten a lot of joy out of my 30+ years playing, sharing music with friends.
4 months ago

Mary Wildfire wrote:...... Consequently I can't get RID of some growing in my garden or next to my compost bin.

I've discovered they sucker from roots very easy.  Any existing tree can lead to young trees starting from the roots.
4 months ago

John F Dean wrote:We planted 2 a couple of years ago.  The seem to be taking forever to grow.  I this usual?

plants being plants, it depends on the situation.  
I started with fresh seed and 6 years later a few of my trees grown from those seeds are already producing fruit.
4 months ago
I took your survey, but I'm reallly not clear on what attributes you are envisioning for an "indoor garden",
are we talking about a few pots with herbs in them, or a large operation that might say, take up an average room?

The scale of the "indoor garden" is going to effect responses.  Auto-watering wouldn't make any sense for a few pots, but would for a room full of planters.

IF I was to need an indoor garden, it would have to be stackable or use vertical space as much as possible.  It would have to have LED lighting to make up
for any lack of natural light, it would have to be clean and provide protection from soil/water from getting on home surfaces, uncomplicated without bits and pieces
to get lost or broken. Rugged construction.  

I don't currently have an indoor garden per se, but rather I keep plants, trees/bushes etc, inside during the winter that will go outside.  I also start young plants
for eventual planting outdoors, so I do have similar experiences.  Keeping things clean and dry are some of the more involved bits with this.
4 months ago
Each LED uses about 10-15 ma.  Red LEDs use about 2 volts and blue/green/white LEDs use about 3 volts.  

The only LED Christmas lights I've seen that run on DC are small battery powered sets and ones that have controllers integrated for different flash patterns.
Yes, Christmas light sets would look better without the 30hz flicker, but they are cheaper to produce without the extra diodes / capacitors necessary to make smooth DC to run them.  
4 months ago
Christmas LED strings generally do not use any rectification, they simply put the LEDs in series to drop the current and run them on AC

(The LEDs are only on during the positive going cycle, thats why you can see a 30hz flicker)
4 months ago