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Yeaaaah, I really love using the retired construction equipment on the homestead!  I consider it a hobby!
2 months ago
Also, look into using some lumber for skiddable structures and animal shelter.  Making some shakes out of short stubs of big logs is pretty practical and sustainable -- just update the old building techniques building with a modern pneumatic staple gun!

Where the land is flat enough, design you silvopasture planting to be able to pull structures through it without going through ditches or hazardous slopes.  Usually with a 20' grid spacing, you can go through both directions with ease.

3 months ago
I would stay start small and see what works.  Maybe hire a portable sawmill to come out and produce some cuts and see What you can market while considering if you want to get a bandsaw mill of your own.  
I can be very hard to get timber value through volume sawmills when the timber is natural shapes and not grown to spec size.

3 months ago

...Green Day never wrote a song about Ridgefield...
3 months ago
It looks like a generally neglected house and property which can be a good start if you're willing to start tackling the project.  Make sure a buying process had any financing contingency that you need and a very thorough home inspection so you can work the price a little and start with the top priorities for getting the place livable.

It can be very fulfilling to rehab a house if you have the time and desire for it!
5 months ago
Beautiful location!!  Hope you have much success meeting up with the right people!

Post some more on your building ideas when you get a chance.
5 months ago
Looks like a good score!

Definitely get them in the ground in a final planting - preferably in the final location you want them.  The roots will recover fine over the Winter and the tree is genetically programmed to deal with growth on the top part.  

7 months ago
A long overdue update for our grassfed beef quarters:

We still have our beef sales online at

All of our processing is done at Matt's Custom Meats in Longview, WA

We have a weekly delivery loop from Longview through Vancouver-Portland-Hillsboro

7 months ago
The bigger rootstock trees may survive, but will not do well in a pot.  Better off getting the M29 or Bud5 rootstock and trying to get them in a 10 gal or larger pot.

If it's M111, just plant them in the ground - find a way!
8 months ago
How about placing 2 or 3 rings of 4' fence about 4-5 ft apart so the deer wont jump in?  Electric fence as previously mentioned always helps too!

Or...  get the HOA to pass a "No Deer" ordinance! :)