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Recent posts by Randy Asher

Thank you Paul!  Works perfectly.  And wow, great video quality!
I've been trying to work out my own, self inflicted, email issues to access old email messages.  I still haven't got it to work.

Can I request the message again contained the links?  

My Vimeo account is user42210503
My email is listed either as iam or shop at randyasher dot com

Sorry to be so lame.  Ha.
Get well soon Paul!

In the meantime... I'll repeat over and over: Good things come to those who wait.

Hang in there Paul. We need the Duke!!!
4 years ago

New features to give even more candy? Awesome!!
Good stuff! I'm in for the $25 CAD digital download. Thanks!!!
Isn't irrigation another main factor? I understand that once they are established, they require no irrigation in most cases.

Note: I have no practical experience but have studied this in Sepp's books and Paul's article/podcasts.
7 years ago
Has anyone modified one of these Stovetec rocket stoves before?

I purchased the 2-door model a few years ago for camping & outdoor cooking and was wondering about modifications. Perhaps a J-tube style modification..?

Just curious while we're all waiting for the DVDs and possible shippable cores.
7 years ago
Our house has fallen into the convenience of the Keurig as well. I hardly make a pot anymore.

You might want to be careful with flavored coffee grounds... I'm not sure. Personally I drink a ton of coffee and prefer these:
They're not cups, more like little filters with plastic tops. They're a little bit more messy but they work well. I've gone through several boxes already. It tastes great if you don't mind a little bit of fine grounds at the bottom of your cup.

I don't know why I hadn't thought of using the grounds before. That's an excellent idea. I'm just getting ready to start a worm bin too. Thanks!
7 years ago

Bill Puckett wrote:Randy, I think of Paul as a designer. TL will tell.

Double berm in front of BC sounds good.

I don't disagree. In fact I think of him as both a designer and a developer. By mastering both, he's in a great position to lead / direct.

I've listened to about 2/3rds of the podcasts however I have no practical experience... hopefully my post wasn't offensive. It was simply my attempt at Paul-styled humor.

BTW, what does TL & BC stand for?
I'm unprepared to write a full bio... So how about a snippet that can be incorporated into a full bio?

Some of the best qualities of a dictator
Paul Wheaton is a well known, self-admitted, overall wearing dictator. His controversial style has become more pervasive than you would think. For instance, there was this guy named Steve who proved that this leadership style is successful. You have a developer, designer and a dictator. The developer develops architecture. The designer designs for carbon based life forms. The dictator determines resolutions to any conflict between mindsets and dictates overall, wearing overalls, the path forward.

One of the best qualities in a dictators toolshed is vision. Without vision, projects easily get off track. Dictators gain vision from experience, gaining deeper knowledge through observation & interaction. Visionaries are best known for finding new paths resulting in harmonious integration.

Dictators that assume their role by force, instead of proven leadership, inevitably create catastrophes. Thus avoiding and recovering from catastrophes is perhaps the best quality overall.