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Recent posts by Amit Enventres

Hello! My first thought on trees all the same age is that it might be used to protect the house from wind.  If so, you might need to add new wind protection  in your forest design.
2 months ago
I remember looking closely at it at one point in the past and it said somewhere certain times they don't have all the data.
2 months ago
Results: garden, garden, art, garden, garden. Well, aren't I boring?
3 months ago
You should see the latest androids they are making. I've watched and read too much scifi to want someone else's "smart" machine living with me. That said, I wouldn't mind making my own some day.
3 months ago
I think burn temp matters and what you add to the fire as to the quality of the ash. I burn plain paper, card board (without tape), and untreated wood. Mostly just wood. It's in a high efficiency wood burner, which means it is fine dust when I am through with it. No plastic would survive. Ash has been used a garden fertilizer for thousands of years. Potash aka potassium garden fertilizer. I use it as a side dressing or around the base of trees. No problems yet. I might watch quantity on blueberries,  but we have enough acidifiers here I don't worry.
3 months ago
My aunt has a mandolin she loves and says makes her life more efficient. I'm the type of person who would slice her hand more with that than just chopping with a knife. I have a cuisinart food processor that supposedly also does the chopping well, but it is too much drama for a simple chopping. I just use a good knife, a knife sharpener, and a few cutting boards.
3 months ago
Welcome to Permies! Nice yard! Looks plenty lush and green. My question is season: What's the weather like? What you can produce depends on about the next 3  months of weather.
Try looking up hawthorn. There are lots of varieties.  In Ohio we have a wild "invasive" hawthorn, some times just called thorn tree. Those little branches off the main stem come to a point that is sharp and gets me every year when I hack it back for kindling. The stems are very strong compared to other common woods. Berries in fall that birds eat at full ripeness and only grows about 10ft at maturity.
3 months ago
Anyone have one or plan on having one?

My husband asked for a way to run indoors and have that produce electricity. There's one treadmill not fully on the market that can do this (the Verde). In a tiny house video I have seen an exercise wheel that was more or less a hamster wheel for adults. I have also seen bicycle energy generators.

I don't think we have space for a giant treadmill or hanster wheel.  So I either have to invent something smaller that fills the running function (unless you already did) or go with the bike option. Any ideas?
3 months ago
A friend of mine makes amaretto cookies. I thought it might work with acorns. I totally screwed up the amaretto recipe, but the cookies taste amaretto-like anyway. Recipe: 2 cups acorns (leached and ground to flour), 2T ground pecans, 2 eggs,  enough flour and sugar to make the dough stick in balls. Flour to sugar is about 2:1. Roll into balls and then roll in sugar. Mush out with a pecan on top. Cook at 300 degrees for an hour.  We basically didn't use the furnace today thanks to the acorn processing and cookie making, and there's been a 40°F windstorm all day.
4 months ago