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I got kicked out of the Flat Earth Club. I asked the group if social distancing had driven anyone over the edge yet.  
4 months ago
Imagine if the U.S. suddenly switched from pounds to kilograms, overnight.

There would be mass confusion.  
4 months ago
Guy charges into a bar.  He yells at the bartender, "quick! Gimme a shot of your best whiskey!"  The bartender pours him a shot of top-shelf liquor and the guy whacks it back in one gulp.  Then he says, "Quick!, give me a shot of your best Scotch!"  The bartender pours a shot of fine single malt, and the guy pounds it back and slams the shot glass on the bar.  "Quick! Pour me a shot of your best Vodka!!"  The bartender gives the guy the side-eye, but pulls down a bottle of premium Russian vodka and pours out a shot.  The guy shouts "Na Zdorovie!!" and slams the shot back in his throat.  The bartender says, "buddy, you really shouldn't drink like that!"  The guy looks at him with fizzled eyes and says, "if YOU had what I have, you'd drink like this too!!"

The bartender looks at him with sudden concern and asks, "what the hell do you have, exactly?"

The guy says, "about a buck and a half!"  
4 months ago
From a very successful guy who created an environment where people could actually work hard and prosper.  Jack Welch of GE.  

“The final relationship that cannot be ignored is with disrupters:

They are individuals who cause trouble for sport - inciting opposition
to management for a variety of reasons, most of them petty.

Usually these people have good performance - that's their cover - and so
they are endured or appeased.

A company that manages people well takes disrupters head-on.

First they give them very tough evaluations, naming their bad behavior
and demanding it change.

Usually it won't. Disrupters are a personality type.
If that's the case, get them out of the way of people trying to do their

They're poison.”
― Jack Welch
Not sure this would qualify as a 'recommendation', more like a snap review.  I bought the Wonder Mill about two years ago.  Wife has pulled away from gluten and I along with it for the usual health reasons.  We still make some whole wheat, sourdough leavened loaves now and again.  We only have run Palouse brand hard wheat berries through it.  The literature clearly states a limitation on 'oily' or 'moist' grains, but non-wheat seed products are apparently all right; corn, amaranth, etc.  It comes off the shelf about once a month when a couple of cups of AP flour are needed and the other grain contenders just don't have the oomph of a good slug of gluten.  

Otherwise, it does a commendable job on them, makes a slightly courser grind on the "bread" setting then I would expect in comparison to store-bought bread flour, but it works.  The product comes out disconcertingly hot, despite the instructions and ad propaganda stating that it will "Grind 100 lbs. an hour" "for 10 hours without overheating."  Define 'overheating.'  The output is very warm to the touch, but I never put a thermometer to it.  I'm guessing in the +90ºF range.  You'll want hearing protection if you're going to run it more than a few minutes.  

Cleans easily, breaks down (except for the actual business parts) into smooth, cleanable parts.  It leaves me wondering what moldy, savory bits are sleeping in the actual guts of it.  I just run a half cup of berries and toss the first output.  

Feels good to know it's up in the pantry storage, ready for duty, better than needing and not having.  In retrospect, I might have chosen a manual/external drive motor brand.  

Hope this helps.  

8 months ago
There are two kinds of people in the world:

1. Those who can extrapolate fom incomplete data.
10 months ago
Young Husband: My wife was mad at me, so I went to the flower shop and bought her a bouquet, but she’s still angry.

Old Husband: What kind of flowers?

Young Husband: Violets.

Old Husband: Well, no wonder. You should have bought her roses. Someone should have told you…

”Violets never solved anything.”
1 year ago
Whew.....I was one of the last posters on the old thread, I thought mayby I broke the forum..

An old lady at the bank asked me to check her balance.  

So I gave  her a good shove.
1 year ago
When I bought our 5 acres, there was a very active game trail that ran right in front of the buliding site.  The deer would saunter by, followed closely by coyotes who would pause and look at me with the "what the hell are you doing here?" look.  Hence, "Coyote Way".  I wish I could attribute some mystical Carlos Castaneda type meaning to it, but it's been more like the Simpson's and Johnny Cash's take on mystical coyotes.  Every once in a whistful while I'll refer to it as Rancho Malario, a hat's-off to Firesign Theater, my wife playing Bunny Krumhunger to my Buzz; leaving anyone under the age of 60 with a puzzled look.  
1 year ago

Greg Martin wrote:Someone stole all the wheels off all the police cars.  The cops are working on it....tirelessly!

(too long without a joke)

That's nothing.  Last week they stole all the toilets from the station.  The case hit a dead end because the cops have nothing to go on!
1 year ago