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Worked good for greens in the spring. To hot for then now.
My last week on and making pocket change to post blog posts, post pics, or even comment, has lead me to ask the question; why do we not have permies coin? Get permies coins for excellent posts, or answers. Have a list of businesses that take permies coins. ECT ECT
3 years ago
In the process of finishing a walapini. I want to put a sliding layer of either poly or bubble wrap at around 6 feet like flat ceiling to cut down the about of air that needs to be heated at night. Not have any luck with any plans online.
4 years ago
D.E. works for me. Just take care not to get it on the blossoms or you will murder all your insect pollinators.
4 years ago
Dean, I clicked on your profile before I added my 2 cents. We are in the same area. I live in Berea, Ky. I had feet problems with the dorper crosses I had. Might just of been the ones I had. I talked 2 a local ranch hand once that grew up running Dorpers on a range in South Africa, and he said they never had and any feet issues. He said it was so dry that the stock density was 10 acres a head. Thus I believe getting 48 inches of rain a year (like we do) creates conditions that dorpers have not been selected for yet. Like I said might just be that I had some culls. I seen a Kat ram in Knox Co ky, that had to be pushing 300 pounds. Critter was a beast. I got a ram from the same flock, and lost it to pneumonia that winter. That guy sold out due to cancer. Had some beautiful stock. Has some really good videos on youtube. His seams similar to Mark Sheapard.
4 years ago
Has anyone started hazelnuts in tree cones? Thanks!
4 years ago
Mostly Katahdin. I sale lambs to friends and family for 100$ for 6-7 month old lambs. Most are around 65-75 lbs. My goal is to put people out the door with a under 5$ a pound total price. 100$ for me and 65$ for the butcher. I got a year to year list and some people want two. Moving them has not been a issue. I like to hook people up, and I love the view from my Mt top. The sheep are fundamental part of having a view via and not having pay someone to cut my front hillside with a tractor.
I'm 4 years in. I have flock of 11 ewes a ram as of now. 9 of the 11 ewes where born on my farm. I just took 5 off to the butcher today. I have sold all the males and culled/ donated a few ewes/ ewe lambs. I think I'm at the max number I want to deal with. I have high tensile fence with 6 joules, and two mini donkeys. I also have a pyrenees, chickens and a ever changing number of quail. Sheep are great, for land management, but for actually making money,I think anyone's time is better spent with chickens, or quail. I think you would need a few hundred to make a living, but not spending every weekend cutting grass is priceless.