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Recent posts by Chris Holcombe

This video helped me identify mine:
5 days ago
I made wine out of them. It was quite good!
1 month ago

bruce Fine wrote:work slowly with a pole saw

that worked great!
1 month ago
We had a pretty strong storm blow through yesterday. It knocked off a large branch on one of the trees in my zone 4 I guess you could call it. The branch is still attached to the tree. I made a series of up cuts starting from the tip and working my way towards the trunk. Now I’m left with the odd situation of what to do with the section still attached to the trunk. I’ll add a picture for context. I’d say it’d attached about 15ft up. Maybe a little less.
1 month ago
I had one corn plant do that this year which was rather curious. The variety i grew was cascade ruby gold.
1 month ago
I little off topic but I wonder if Permies could be partially hosted with IPFS to take some of the load off of the server bill. It might be possible for the people that volunteer to also host the site with ipfs nodes.
The China study cookbook has a whole wheat chocolate chip cookie recipe that we love. I’m not sure I’m allowed to copy it here without violating copyright issues
1 month ago
If it’s scab I heard on the permaculture orchard YouTube channel you can spray 5:1 diluted whey on the leaves and fruit and it’ll take care of that.
2 months ago
I generally migrate the new figs outside over the course of 2 weeks starting from 2hrs of sun and adding half to one hour of sun per day. That should keep it from getting sun burned. Hopefully that helps.
3 months ago