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since Feb 09, 2011
Near PG BC
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paul wheaton wrote:

Sorry, I don't understand the question.

Are you asking that if you buy an ebook, does it help me with the reprint?

Yes, that's what I'm asking,
4 months ago
Does purchases of e-book and audio book help with the bulk buy payment?
4 months ago
Slipform masonry is what first comes to mind without knowing the strength of your back, subsoil type and resources available.Neihring or Kern wrote a book about it if memory serves.
5 months ago
It's been my experience that ok ratchets can withstand a snipe better than cheap breaker bars, a 200 lb gorrilla on the end of a snipe beats pretty much any impact wrench 3/4" or smaller, only a hammer wrench and a 3+ lbs hammer beats the gorilla with snipe.

A little air tool oil can make a big difference in how hard an impact hits, air hose size could be a limiting factor also.

Even with the little compressor you should get a few good Dugga Duggas out of your impact

A few heatings with a torch can help, some copper kote or never seize on hand to save you or the next guy next time :)
10 months ago
Plenty available for real cheap on aliexpress, gearbest, banggood, wish and so on.
1 year ago

Jack Slaggert wrote: As wood ash is radially available and costless

You might want to try experimenting with the locally available wood ash, wetting it and forming can form a geopolymer that will harden to a ceramic with relatively low heat  You could make insinuative material by foaming or adding sawdust that will burn out and leave voids.

Keep in mind that you either want to make out of brick shapes or casting multiple pieces otherwise a monolithic casting will likely crack in places where you don't want it to, due to wide temperature differences and expansion rates through the rocket core.

Here is a video from the awesome Primitive Technology youtube channel where he makes a pot from woodash.
1 year ago
Wow, that's 1/10th the price of regular hard firebrick up here in Canada.
1 year ago
The problem with using something ceramic is not that it cant handle the heat, it's that it can't handle differntial heating. Some parts will be hotter than others and expand at a different rate. If you are lucky it will crack, unlucky it'll explode.
1 year ago
When I dug my pond the earth was mostly clay mixed with stones and gravel, with horizontal seams of sandy gravel. I didn't have enough time with the excavator to pull away the spoils but that worked out in my favor. The first rains drained away through the lowest sandy gravel seam but it got progressively better as the rains washed more clay into the bottom of the pond which plugged off the seams.
1 year ago
Shouldn't be a problem so long as the amperage (not total wattage) rating of the fixture isn't exceeded by the 120v bulb.

For instance, a 1000W bulb @ 120v draws 8.3'ish amps which would be too much for a 220v fixture with a maximum amperage of 4.5'ish but still rated for 1000W 220v.
1 year ago