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Miles Flansburg

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since Feb 03, 2011
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Wyoming & Colo: Zones 2 to 5,
Urban and Forest gardening !
Miles was born into a ranching family. His Mom and Dad moved to the big city so he has lived in both worlds. Miles is married with two college aged children. He has been gardening all of his life , in Colorado and Wyoming. A Wyoming Master Gardener and Permaculture newbie. Miles loves hiking, camping and fishing in the Rockies. He and his family live on a small suburban lot outside of Denver and own a ten acre forested lot in Wyoming that is slowly being planted with food crops.
Zones 2-4 Wyoming and 4-5 Colorado
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Recent posts by Miles Flansburg

Any of you folks down that way heard about this? I follow several of the youtube homesteaders down there and it sounds like the county is about to change the rules around their freedom to do alternative living systems. Please sign their petition .  HERE
1 week ago
jer, is any of the land around you for sale? maybe next to that hill in the background? Might be a fun place to get some permies neighbors ?
1 week ago
I have a buyer and we are moving forward with the sale. Thanks for everyones support and encouragement over the years!
4 months ago
I have a bed under my hazelnut trees that I have never done anything with ,except cover with about a foot of tree leaves each fall. They produce loads of berries , every year, no thinning, no work! It has been there for at least 14 years. I don't know if they thin themselves somehow but I have never seen any yellowing, or die out of any kind. The bed is about 20 ft X 20 ft, I have added a rhubarb, garlic chives, and some comfrey to the mix , just for fun.
4 months ago
Howdy Melonie, I come from a long line of South Dakota Ranchers and farmers. Yep Big ag dominates but if you get a bit closer to "town" you might find a few more kindred souls. Maybe Rapid City area? You might check out the County extension agents in what ever area you are looking, for answers on wells. I remember my Grandpa's ranch had a well out by the barn that was used for drinking water and a well in the pasture that was a hot spring well, smelled like sulfer.
4 months ago
And you might add Wyoming to that list.
4 months ago
Keep me updated , might need to bugout someday.
4 months ago
Well folks it has been a good run but all of this Covid stuff has caught up with me and I may be loosing my job next month . So I am in the process of selling my gulch to help make ends meet.
4 months ago
Well folks this isn't gonna happen. At least not with us. The anchor property is up for sale and Kani and Lyle are moving to California.
4 months ago
Here is one option. An underground tank ,built in Arizona, USA.  
5 months ago