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This is an interesting blog post about vertical vs horizontal stump placement relating to plant wilting. Hugelkultur in buckets too. Good read!

10 years ago
It's a brick 3 story apartment building with a concrete basement, about 60 years old.
10 years ago
I've read about it Peter but as in your post the info source I came across had no info on where to get a product containing the poison. I did find links connecting it to delayed mental development in children and a connection to multiple chemical sensitivity (which I experience) so I'm not sure about using it in our house. I could apply it on the door mats and door frames outside and it certainly can't be any worse than what's been used on the baseboards by the professional exterminators our landlord hired but I have to be careful if I am going to be the one applying it.
But I still don't know where to get it, what product it's in, or anything useful. There's only one site I found with possible products but I can't tell if they'd be safe to use. I'd feel more confident if there were other healthy conscious people using and reviewing this stuff.
10 years ago
I have an excellent vacuum, it's really old and boy does it ever suck! LOL. I empty the canister outside after vacuuming, plus I keep a very strong flea collar in there for the little bit of time any fleas might be in the bag. If I feel it's needed I mist the vacuum bag with alcohol, I've read that kills them.
I don't want to vacuum up DE, it's not great to inhale too much of it and I have some breathing issues already. Instead I've steam cleaned the floors more than once, that thing is so super duper hot it's supposed to kill anything. I steamed the windows and the rads too. I do treat the door frames with DE and a poison spray. The kitchen door leads out to the fire escape.
I've read 15 mins in the drier is enough time but I leave them in there on high for longer than that anyhow. The couch is actually my bed so everything comes off that, linens and the cover, and it all goes into the wash.
All the baseboards, cracks and crevices were caulked before I moved in, it's all sealed up tight. I can't do anything to the floor, I rent.
My daughter is little, I see her fully naked at least twice a day. That's when I photograph her bites . I also do a lice check on both kids daily and spray them with tea tree oil before they go to school (aka the germ and lice factory, omg). We never have fleas on us, not unless one jumps on then jumps off. I don't think they really hang around on the body. They just sense her heat when she's sitting on the floor and hop on over and bite her up.
I have looked this up online so many times and I follow Every Single Recommendation I've come across but to no avail. It's been over three months and I am just managing to keep them down a little. It's beyond irritating, I am really fed up.
Gotta go finish the 18 loads of laundry I'm doing this week .
10 years ago
We don't even use the common entrance at all, we come and go via the fire escape exit which leads from our kitchen straight outside. We're on the second floor and it is COLD out there. Plus we carefully wipe our shoes on the DE and flea sprayed mats outside the door before coming in. I don't think they're picking up fleas from the school, I'd hear about it from the other parents if their kids were getting bitten at school. I know the school treats it's floors and hallways as a pre-emptive strike against any incoming bugs too. It's only a 10 minute walk home from the school, it's not like they're rolling around with dogs on the grass on the way, lol. It's all sidewalks and busy streets.
I was careful to clean things when unpacking, all fabric got laundered, vacuumed, sprayed with bug deterring essential oils. I bought a wardrobe to put clothes that we were keeping on open shelves so nothing is exposed or even too close to the floor. We don't have clutter, the floor is fairly bare throughout aside from solid furniture. This apartment has been treated with poison now a total of 3 times since we moved in, you'd think fleas would not find it hospitable. I just don't get it, why is the problem so bad here? Granted, it is calming down now that the weather's turned but I suspect it will flare up again in spring and I just can't go through this again. And I'm afraid to move and take these bitey critters with us! We never had any sort of problems like this out on the farm, this city has some nuclear insects or something.

I have to say, as little as 3 weeks ago we'd be sitting on the couch and a flea would jump on one of us. 2 weeks ago one jumped onto my arm while at the dining room table. I'll do the white socks vacuum routine this week and see what happens. Unbelievable.
10 years ago
Oh My Goddess, yes, it has certainly not been a minor nuisance to us. We moved from rural southern Ontario to a city 3 months ago and within days my kids were covered in bites, especially the little one who had quite the swelling reaction and extreme itch. She'd wake itching, bleeding, crying, and wake the rest of the house and presumably the neighbours up and downstairs. It was horrible. 2 weeks after moving in we found out the fellow downstairs who moved out the same day we got here left behind an apartment full of fleas. The property manager and superintendents went in to inspect the place and ran outside and STRIPPED ON THE LAWN, they were that covered in fleas. One of them told me she looked down at her sandal clad feet and it looked like she was wearing fuzzy black socks. The fumigator who came said he'd never seen anything like it, he wore a has-mat type suit when he treated the place. Needless to say, I packed everything up, steam cleaned all the floors, rads and window frames, and had the exterminator spray our place, the balcony, the fire escape, and the shared hall/stairwell. We left for 4 days, when we came back I carefully vacuumed, laundered absolutely everything, and cleaned everything else as I re-unpacked it. We've now gone through that process twice more along with vacuuming several times per week with a strong flea collar in the vacuum canister. I wash every piece of fabric in the house weekly, I've purchased special mattress covers, new pillows and covers, new duvets and covers, ditched box springs in favour of solid fabric free bed frames, put door mats outside all the doors covered in DE and have lately taken to spraying with flea poison on those and around the door frames as well. I also have been misting the floors, walls, baseboards, bed frames, rads, shoe mats, etc with essential oils thought to deter insects. And I've steam cleaned the floors again too, also every crack in this place has been caulked up tight. The building is kept at 25C and is super extra plus dry. I have flea traps in every room, dishes of soapy water under nightlights. We don't have a pet or any carpets, it's all hardwood and tiles here. I don't keep clutter and am a very neat housekeeper.
It's cold out now, snow on the ground, the flea traps have caught next to nothing the past two weeks and still, my daughter gets home from school, sits on the floor to play and colour (I can't get her to stay at the table, she's too short for it to be comfortable) and by the time I put her to bed she's got more bites. I've had our place inspected, mattresses, floors, everywhere, for bedbugs just to be sure that's not it and it isn't. It's fleas. A horrible, unshakeable case of fleas. The building manager refuses to treat the building as a whole and spray it all at once and everybody else here has pets they treat with advantage. I'm about to go that route myself, foster a cat as a flea sponge and poison it to poison the fleas. How horrible is that? But I just don't know what else to do, this is literally eating up my entire life, all my time and a great deal of money, not to mention my daughter's health. She's been treated with antibiotics for a horribly infected bite, she's suffered so much, and she's regressing to the point I have to sleep with her. I moved to the city to work, lol, to save money for a better life. Instead I'm in debt for the first time in years.

No, not a minor nuisance at all.
10 years ago
Well that's super cool too. I love these cheap on the fly rocket stoves!
10 years ago
This is REALLY cool and totally doable by anyone. I'm thinking this would make a fun project to do with Scouts. Have to give it a try...

10 years ago
I've been looking for an oil press that is either affordable or that I could build myself. Not entirely sure *I* can build this one but I am sure I know metal workers who could!

Sunflower and pumpkin seeds, I can grow those in Canada. Hazelnuts grow wild here too.

Take a look and say what you think. The rest of his designs are pretty cool too, the non-disposable customizable blok cell phone is what brought me to his site. Pretty awesome stuff.
10 years ago
In this link you'll find several tutorials for craft projects, 3 of them are for making stuff out of old tshirts. Baby bibs, women's panties and yarn from which you can knit or crochet heavy duty rugs, bowls, baskets and bags. You'll need to have some sewing and/or yarn work experience or a willingness to try them out at least . In the rest of my sets there are a couple of quilts and a LOT of toys made from old clothes too.


Not a lot of salvaged wood in my life but between the 3 of us we manage to generate lots of old clothes, ha ha.
12 years ago