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Recent posts by Jorja Hernandez

Cj Verde wrote:The bad part of this is that Geoff and/or staff wont be looking here to answer your questions and that's part of what you are paying for. OTOH, last year those forums were not terribly user friendly. I asked lots of questions because I couldn't easily find if they were already posted or answered.

My one and only issue with this course was/is the forum format. I find it extremely awkward, with the newest replies going to the last page instead of immediately under the OP. I did not participate much for that reason. Otherwise I can't say enough good things about the course, it was amazing and really, how cool is it for Geoff to invite us alumni back at no added expense?!
What exactly about that little promo came across like a non-denominational prayer? Not trying to be argumentative, I honestly don't see it and I'm curious.
10 years ago
Really enjoying these WIP pictures!
10 years ago
Love the chicken in the barn window.
10 years ago

matt sorrells wrote:... we have a trackhoe in the family ...

I hate you.

But seriously, I don't blame you for being excited. Please post lots of project pictures, 'K?
10 years ago

Cj Verde wrote:Hahaaaaa!
This is why only crazy people raise goats.

Hey, I resemble that remark! LOL!
10 years ago

Cj Verde wrote:

Jorja Hernandez wrote:
Is it necessary to harvest the honey at all?

I think the issue is that if you don't harvest the honey, the bees run out of space to make more bees and if that happens the bees will swarm.

Ah! Yes, that makes sense. Thanks!

I can't imagine honey is too hard to get rid of seeing as how I'm the only person I know who hates the taste, LOL.
10 years ago
Wow. This is certainly the most beautiful bee dwelling I've seen. I've got the trees, the chainsaw and the sandals - must make one! Last year a wild hive spent a few days at my goat barn before moving on, wish I'd had a home like this to offer.

(Probably weird) question:

Is it necessary to harvest the honey at all? I want bees for pollination and because they're such cool little critters to have around but aside from small amounts for medicinal purposes I rarely use honey.
10 years ago
Jocelyn, so sorry to hear about this! BTDT and it sucks, don't it? Here's wishing you a speedy recovery but in the meantime, milk it - make the Crazy Man wait on you and do all the chores. Bwhahahahaaa.
10 years ago