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I can just see the Sherriff on his horse coming to tell these folk their house is illegal..

Check out "Soddies"
See the cow on the roof?
12 years ago

We have applied rockdust at about 500 grams per square meter thus far with half of the beds.
We are now entering our 3rd year of growing with RD added and I can attest that our tomatoes and potatoes have better shelf life and
the last crops were an improvement on seasons before as well as the crops from untreated beds. Cabbage was amazingly sweet.

Much of the theory does make sense, and I am not too concerned about having an imbalance as a result of applying rockdusts.
I read as much as I could about it and chemical analysis indicate that rockdust from Volcanic basalt may be the most balanced in minerals.

Your post really has me convinced it is the right path to take.

Some historical background and interesting read.

Finding a source as close as possible is important to cut shipping costs and bulk buys will save a lot.
Finding some "polvere di roccia" or "farina di roccia" there will be a challenge. Check for quarries and ask what type of rock there is.

some useful links.

Keywords to search for may include Azomite and Greensand also Stonemeal and Glacial RD
12 years ago
This is really excellent. - many thanks.!
Is the transcript of the video available on a pdf file?

This really reinforces the case ( for me personally ) to use basaltic rockdust in my growbeds to balance micronutrients.
12 years ago
Piglets learn quick and sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind.
Bucket of water is a good idea.
12 years ago
What about Pigeon Pea ~ Cajanus cajan ?
Very very little written about them on Permies.

Drought tolerant as described here.
Annual in Cooler climes and perrenial (2-3yrs) in warm areas.
The leaves are edible.
Its a nitrogen fixer.
Grows to a small tree -5-8 feet (so once tall enough Chicosaurus Rex wont kill them)

It seems some will flower twice a year.



Very nice article on growing them here

I have now put some in and will see how they do.
12 years ago
Josh, I'm only aware of Jean Pain's compost to heat efforts and methane production.

It there is more besides that , please post for us to read. - tks

What is amazing is that the Palms die after flowering,
once they cut the head of the flower off,
it will just keep producing sap and not die..
" Edit " - but not a nice edit.
12 years ago
Great article !
Way at the bottom very good link to Oven Stove article.
12 years ago