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Recent posts by Guy De Pompignac

It seems there is a che / osage orange chimera too :

9 years ago
There are a bunch of people at the Facebook group "Plant Breeding for Permaculture" with great projects
9 years ago
Do you have more to say about it after years of growing it ? I'm going to plant some tubers this spring
9 years ago
Hi !

My 2 yo girl is happy to hemp in the garden, irrigating plants, moving some mulch, weeding pathes. But my raised beds are not child-friendly, so i would like to make a little space more child-friendly, so it will be her garden. It would be for next summer so i have time to design something really cool and interesting for her and she will have 3,5 yo by then.

It would be very helpfull to tell me every ideas you could have for such a garden, it could be on species, cultivars of vegetables, pathes, treillis structures, etc ...

Some initial toughs :

* Something to eat every days (indeterminate tomatoes, day neutral strawberries)
* Maturity easy to spot (red tomatoes)
* Easy to harvest : color (purple beans, red tomatoes), non spiny (spineless OP summer squash cultivar ?)
* Easy to eat in the garden (edible raw, cherry sized tomatoes ...)
* Some shade : treillis with scarlet beans, beans, tomatoes
* Nutritionally superior food ? Like extra beta carotene tomatoes ?
* Not too susceptible to overwatering (she likes to do it a lot !)
* beautiful : colored veggies, edible flowers ?
* Some things sowed by seeds so she can do it (beans ...)
* Summer harvesting : not to "waste" place for only fall maturing veggies
* Some things to do on her garden while i'm in the main veggies garden ?
* What shape and paths ?

Any suggestions ?
9 years ago

I think this could interest folks here. It is a young project, but hopefully thanks to you, it will grow and a lot of good stuff will be produced !

Plant Breeding For Permaculture
10 years ago
Hi Andrew,

i've ordered seeds at Adaptive Seeds some years ago, i love your nursery!

Another way is to work with fertile Daubenton perennial kale, some crosses have been made recently, so there is a lot to explore :

Maybe a way is to work with Nine star perennials, i've put the idea here :
10 years ago

M.K. Dorje Jr. wrote:
I also grow Purple-Sprouting Broccoli as a perennial. I just pinch off the flowers and bend the stems over so the plants can re-root along the stem. These guys can go for years like this without much care. Some of new ones survived the recent deep freeze without problems- these guys are tough! Plant them in a spot where they'll get afternoon shade in the summer and they'll do fine.

Hi MK, is the purple sprouting broccoli Purple Peacock ?
10 years ago
Burra: Oh My God ! Do you know how hardy are these kales ?
10 years ago
For breeding projects, take a look at :

Homegrown Goodness :


Plant Breeding For Permaculture :
10 years ago