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Marc Dube wrote:100% raccoon

i dunno to me it looks more like 15%

...he ded
3 weeks ago
In Alabama you may not have enough chill hours to effectively cold stratify things outdoors, but that will vary from one species to another.

Here in Montana, there's a chance the winter can get too cold (-30F and below some years), so I do moist cold stratification in the fridge over the winter and germinate a fair number of fruit tree seeds and move them out into the greenhouse starting in like february through the rest of the spring. Works good with apples, pears, plums, elaeagnus spp., black walnuts, thuja spp, osage orange, aronia,

Apricots I mulch under the tree after the fruit drops and then dig them up the next spring.
2 months ago
I've heard same percent glazing as your latitude. Which doesn't really make sense if you live at the north or south pole or the equator. Somewhere in the middle, however, it seems like a decent rule of thumb.
3 months ago
Kirkland (costco) brand italian sparkling water is actually from italy and it has tons of tasty minerals in it. Plus it comes in a huge case for pretty cheap. Would be delicious w/ tomato juice
3 months ago
One thing you could try is to make a raised bed with a sunken middle that can hold a pool of water, then fill it up and let it drain a few times. The idea is that the water-soluble alkali ions can be rinsed down and out of the bed. If the alkalinity is coming from the soil minerals themselves rather than a buiidup of salts or whatever, then this method probably won't work.
3 months ago
Four shipping pallets stood up on end in a square configuration and tied in the corners will create shade, disrupt the wind, and keep the deer off. I have used these to successfully plant out small fruit trees with no irrigation in an area that receives ~12 inches rain per year with super hot dry summers. Versus seedlings that didn't have a "pallet protector", the ones planted in the pallets are now 3 feet tall whereas the others are only 1 foot. A little bit of shade and wind blocking makes a huge difference.
i stratify seeds in the fridge in winter in moistened folded up paper towel in little plastic baggies. works good, and i think it's safer than sticking them outside somewhere. Once they've imbibed water in the stratificaton process, i don't think you'd want to let them freeze.
3 months ago
I made a roller crimper for my field but I think it has to be done at just the right time of the season so that it lays down and stays down. I would think right before the dry season might work.
3 months ago