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Recent posts by Abe Coley

Burl Smith wrote:
Hmm... I wonder if the seeds remained in them when they were dried and pulverized as an ingredient in pemmican:

no the seeds are poisonous
3 days ago
chokecherries grow great around pines
3 days ago
i have the DIG 710AP timer for misting cuttings. it's good because it can do short duration mistings (5 seconds) and short intervals (5 minutes), which is nice because with regular garden timers it's easy to both overwater cuttings every time you water them and also dry them out by going too long between mistings (say a duration of 1 min every 20 mins).

if you don't have water pressure but do have electricity, i would get a pump and a pressure tank and set up a small pressurized system just for the cuttings and use a good misting timer. Off-the-shelf 120v or 220v outlet timers that can do custom short intervals are kind of hard to find, but they are easy enough to build with an arduino and some relay boards. if you want to go arduino route, then you can avoid the pressure tank and just set a timer where you switch the pump on/off at whatever interval you want.

if you want to go super lo-tech, you could set up a water drip that drops from a decent height onto a hard surface that causes a splash that "mists" the cuttings. Kind of like what plants growing next to a waterfall would experience. Like each drop of water would splash on the cuttings in the immediate vicinity. A slow drip could be set up with a needle valve, or several.
1 month ago
The grain bikes thresher and fanning mill is pretty dope. I want to build one of these and grow a ton of beans.
2 months ago

Brody Ekberg wrote:Do you know if the book is about plants in a specific zone/climate, or is it more broad than that?

I think it's geared toward north american growing zones, but it has plants from all over the world. Not a ton of tropical plants, though.
2 months ago
I would recommend the book The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation by Dirr and Heuser. It contains very specific instructions for propagating via seeds and cuttings for a wide variety of woody plants. Most of the book is an index of species, with instructions for each.
2 months ago
In my experience, old hard dried sap makes better gum than fresh oozy sap. Fresh sap is too sticky and doesn't have any "body" to it.

For example, ponderosa pine sap turns red-orange when it's old and dried out, and it chews quite nicely. But if you try to chew it before it starts to turn a darker color, it's way too sticky and soft and it comes apart and gets stuck all over your teeth.
2 months ago

Marc Dube wrote:100% raccoon

i dunno to me it looks more like 15%

...he ded
3 months ago