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since Nov 13, 2010
Missoula, MT
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Recent posts by Abe Coley

Stripped one down to the studs and the roof cap and completely rebuilt it with hella insulation and air sealing. Horrible to work on, but totally sweet now that it's all done. Whether or not it's a good idea totally depends on the quality of the trailer.
1 week ago
That is weird.

I use the 15 mil ones from dripworks and I've never had that happen. I previously used their thinner tape, however I never had any of the thinner ones just blow out the side like that. I've even ran them over 30psi and not had them explode.

Can you take an up-close pic of the split when the water is off? A good pic of the hole and I might be able to tell what's happening.
2 weeks ago
This summer I have observed a large number of salsify growing amongst knapweed.
3 weeks ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:Poop 3

deer or goat, pellets clumped up into turds from eating all that green grass
3 weeks ago
I completely agree. Deer are a scourge if you are trying to grow anything.
3 weeks ago
The thing I like about using pine needles as mulch is that they sort of lock together to form a mat which little weeds have trouble growing through.
3 weeks ago

Jp Wagner wrote:How were the tree stumps treated in that 2 story house?

They were untreated, as far as I know.
3 weeks ago
I lived at a place that had a 25' x 25' two-story house that was built on tree stumps. After ~20 years the stumps rotted and the building collapsed.
3 weeks ago
I'm zone 4 and have gotten lots of peaches off an Intrepid variety, as well as Blushing Star.
3 weeks ago

James Freyr wrote:Are any Permies using an automatic chicken door opener for a up/down sliding guillotine style door on a chicken coop? I'm eyeing something along the lines of one of these and am hoping someone has a little experience and input to offer about using a door opener on a photocell & timer.

I've had one of those Brinsea ChickenGaurd opener/closer things for three years and it works good. I have to change the batteries in it about 2x per year.
1 month ago