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Recent posts by Raven Sutherland

okay fogot and remembered something very important

i read the book titled spices double the power of your immune system

later......at one point i came down with the flu

you feel super contagious > lethal >almost radio active  (and you  "KNOW")

i quickly went and bought some JUMBO shrimp

next i butterflied them so they stand up on the griddle pan

i cooked them with Butter but drizzled on a super hot oil
called MONGOLIAN fire oil thats like tear gas in a bottle hot HOT HOT

after they are golden brown i dipped them in a bowl of ground black pepper

AFTER eating 4 of these-> in a matter of seconds beads of sweat formed on my nose indicating >>> rushing thru my system

then i went to bed and when i woke up i felt tremendously better but not out of the woods

then i went with my normal routine of eating oranges, taking vitamin C  1000 mgs, and taking echinacea herb with golden seal

this (remedy)  KICKED the flu's butt right out of ME
there are quite a few foods and suppliments that BOOST your immune system
here's a partial list:

aloe vera juice
vitamin C
bee propolis
echinacea herb and golden seal
carrot juice


the scarlet runner bean   hummingbirds love it plus edible beans

6 years ago
predators mark their territory's
i suggest you do the same
get a funnel and fill a jug
don't waste precious Pee
down a toilet
works for me

i also do RAIDS
get up from a sleepless night
and go for a predator control walk
be the fence
carry a metal trash can lid
to Frisbee at prime habitat
for them to hide in for an ambush
7 years ago
we feed our chickens slices of baloney cut into small cubes AND THEY GOBBLE IT UP

WE ALSO GIVE THEM  sliced lettuce or cabbage  ......but  they need green's man

the other thing we give them and especially our DUCKS is fresh heated corn

and meal worms  as a treat.....  especially to the HENS

it's a rich and expensive diet but our EGGS are outrageously GOOD

along with that stuff we givem cracked corn, black sunflower seeds, and layer grain combo
7 years ago
try cranberries....  what? you're thinking.........   well there's a new kind that doesn't need a flooded bog to grow in

  you can also buy dried cranberries at wally world  too for under 5 bucks . i eatem every day  or i have "WHOLE BERRY" cranberry
 sauce with every hot plate meal i have.  i also buy concentrated cranberry supplements  from puritan pride .

  don't forget cinnamon   but you want the ceylon cinnamon ->  nothing else
7 years ago
hello Charles,

Yes i have experience REBUILDING a Crushed by snow hoop-house!
just don't give up...
because it happened to me and my 16 x 100 foot hoop-house on a freaky
 Halloween snow storm  and i only had shade cloth on it.

 Here is what i did...  I took every single arch that had a usable HALF
and i  sawed them in Half  so i could rebuild a "smaller" hoop house.

    the home depot sells sleeves  that you can join your salvaged Halves
 back together again . I built a ridge pole supported by posts and screwed
the sleeves to it so  it became more solid and supported the other end
on top of a "pony wall "  short enough you can swing a leg over it.

 on the top of this pony wall i drilled holes in the 2 x 4  every 22" inches
to shove the bottom ends in .Actually i drilled the holes in the pony wall to receive
the sleeves THEN i shoved the arches into them.

here's a photo showing the construction of it , it supported 2 feet of snow.
i use 3 inch deck screws on EVERYTHING !!!  make it super strong!

7 years ago
great topic.....  

here are some random thoughts.

The stamp could be impregnated with oyster mushroom spores in between two layers and make it a thick stamp
one that you can actually feel with your thumb. Oyster mushrooms clean up the environment of oil spills so these could
circulate world wide for people to have easy access.

Did you know that we can differentiate between one million of an inch
of thickness with our quite sensitive fingers?

Imagine if all people had to do was to feel for a thick stamp then roll it up
and tuck it in the soil where someone accidentally spilled some OIL.

it would be so easy to find a junk envelope to do this
instead of utilizing them only to start your fire in the wood stove.

7 years ago
juice can lids..... (they don't rust !)

i re- use them as a large washer with a "deck screw". then....
i cut off the lip of vinyl siding and use the now flat strip
of  plastic to anchor down greenhouse plastic to my wooden  frame.
7 years ago