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since Oct 19, 2010
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I don't know about Deb but my ear worms have been set back a lot by my fire ants not going to say they are gone just get ate before they do much damage.

thanks for renewing this post I want to try the 10 " deep planting
as far as what to use to make the hole I have a pointed pry bar that is metal that works great but is heavy
but a pointed broom stick should work in lighter soils.
solid soils might need something heaver
1 day ago
Try and let my deer age in an ice chest with ice and water and salt sometimes vinegar
changed daily for up to a week.
2 years ago

Paul you have done a great job and yes it's up to a few to carry the torch .

People in this modern world are in for instant gratification and they are lazy.

That is what they were taught or rather not taught .
If a thing don't have the (al gore) effect no one substantial is going to be on the band wagon because it don't bring in the MONEY or FAME .
As long as there is a Walmart down the street they have no use for any of this and it will stay that way to the majority
I know you want to save the world ,you have saved a lot of us.
But saving the world won't happen until they feel the need to be saved.
It's totally not your fault,you have done your part 100+ times your part,and we thank you for that .  
sounds to me like you put carbon into the soil but not enough nitrogen takes a lot of it to make up for carbon.It takes nitrogen to brake down the carbon .
2 years ago
worm bins and black fly larva bins .all the stuff from the chicken house floor goes into one and watered then stocked with worms don't take long for it to be ready for the garden.I also store feed in gets all the fish heads and guts to make fertilizer .I have about 20 that I have stuff in.the blue plastic ones.I fill one with water and leaves grass and any thing else I decide or have on hand and water the garden out of.make good scaffolding if half filled with water.  
2 years ago
I throw all of mine in a blue 55 barrel with a lid its there till I need it been putting them in there for 2 years now you do have to pick your times for opening it.
2 years ago
wooden spoons or rakes, hammer,ax,hoe, handles,coloring book boxes,bee hives, brooms,book cases,picture frames,butcher block,bows and arrows,. theirs just lots of things that you can make of wood that takes very little investment in tools or knowledge . good luck
2 years ago
contrary they do care about it and it probably is against the law . as it is in most states.
but as far as the meat being bad for any reason only that part that took the blow would be damaged and my chickens or dogs like it.
most states you are suppose to report this but if you hit it they might make you pay for it so don't.
but I wouldn't want to get caught picking one up either hefty fine.
2 years ago