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Recent posts by Andy Commons

Joe Grand wrote:I did a search on permies & found nothing on  thermoelectric module. That does not mean it not here, just that I did not find it.
I read an article on  thermoelectric module in Low Tech Magazine:

Hi Joe,
I read the same article and thought about posting a link here, but I see you already did that.
I love that the server that runs is solar powered.

As for efficiency, did I read it correctly that the heat that is used by the TEG is then given off again, so in a way, the efficiency is actually close to 100%?
If you're running the stove anyway for heat, and you have a way to store the energy produced, why not use a TEG to capture some of it?
I guess like anything, you'd need to figure out the break-even point on the initial setup costs.
2 months ago
Thanks to all. Sadly, due to the location near our outdoor dining area, I decided on extermination. If they were farther away I would have left them alone. Have a good day everyone.
5 months ago
Thanks everyone for your comments. To help further, I was able to capture one as they flew out of the nest.
It's curled up, but you can see the details on the face much better, and the photo with the ruler helps illustrate that it's about 1/2 an inch long (when not curled up).
I took another photo from an angle to get a better shot of the face and tail markings.

As for where the nest is, it's RIGHT next to our outside dinner table. (4 feet from where I sit).
They fly right past my head every minute or so. For that reason, if they are in fact something that could be aggressive, I'm going to have to take action.

Let me know if we're wrong about the Bald Faced Hornet thing.
But it does seem to have 2 sections.. more wasp like than bee.

5 months ago
We have a hive in our retaining wall of small black bees with white stripes. They don't seem aggressive but my wife wants to be sure they are ok. They are about a half inch long. I'm going to try to upload a photo.

Ps. I'm in Missoula. If that helps.
5 months ago
Hi Mike,
What about SDR are you interested in?
There are several flavors of SDR. Are you interested in 2 way communication? Ham Radio?
Just listening online?
I play around with this stuff, and am happy to try to help.
1 year ago
Hi all,
I hope this post will be of use to someone out there...  

I just heard about a documentary that is launching that seems like it's right up the Permies Forum alley.

It's called "The Need to Grow".

Starting today, (10/10/19) you can enjoy free online viewing of the documentary (for only 5 days). Oct 10 - 15, 2019.
Visit to see the trailer and sign up to watch the full thing.

text lifted from the landing page:

Join in the global online premiere of Rosario Dawson’s award-winning documentary that many are calling the environmental film the world has been waiting for. With the planet on the brink of ecological disaster, and chronic disease rates skyrocketing, this is a story of real-world SOLUTIONS.

It will warm your heart, fill you with hope, and inspire you to take action.

Rodger. I will buy the book the other way. Thanks.
1 year ago
Dang it... it's still May 10th but it seems the kickstarter is over.
I'm experiencing huge fomo...
wait, it's not just Fear of missing out... I really missing out on the bonuses...  so what is that called "Frustration of Missing out"?

I had hoped to pledge $15 and get the real book, plus those other fun things.

1 year ago
This silliness showed up on my facebook feed today.
I responded by linking to Paul's famous and fun post on heating yourself

But this flower pot heater does nothing more than store the heat and let it disperse in a different way than the candles alone. The amount of heat created in the room is the same...

Someone (like Paul) should explain this in a fun video.

I'm I late to the party? Has this already been discussed?

6 years ago
Thomas, I sent you a PM. Did you get it? Are you still interested in those logs?
8 years ago