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Rebecca Dane

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since Aug 31, 2010
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Missoula Montana
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Recent posts by Rebecca Dane

Awesome, maybe I will have some stuff to bring in at some point  

You should scroll down this forum and at the to Missoula Eco Sites as well.
11 years ago
You most likely won't like my opinion, but I am going to give it to you anyway.  DONT get health insurance.  Start a special health savings plan and stick money in it monthly in case of an accident or catastrophy. 
I think insurance companies are a bunch of crap.  They take your money but they can find reasons not to pay if they want to. 
I had Humanna insurance (in CO)back in 2002 and it was horrible.  After suffering an accident in my home and being transported to the hospital in an ambulance, my insurance refused to pay for the amount beyond the deductable.  I called them.  They said "did this accident happen at work?" 
"NO" I told them "I am not filing for workmans comp, I am filing under my health insurance."  They denied the bills 3 or 4 times when I re-submitted and eventually the hospital, doctors and ambulance turned me in to collects, which I had to pay or have bad credit, with extra fees attached.
11 years ago
I know this is last minute, but just found out about it myself.  Tonight at 6-8 p.m. is a beginning wire wrapping class (jewelry) at Garden of Beadin on Brooks.  Cost is $32.00 and includes all materials.

Call 251-0055 for more info and to register.
11 years ago
Will you be selling other peoples arts and crafts made of recycled materials?  like a consignment sort of thing?  Sounds really great!
11 years ago
Funny! Found this and wanted to share.
11 years ago
I recently acquired an old Ashford spinning wheel and learned to spin my own yarn.  I am currently working with alpaca, but started with wool. 

It is interesting to find after I started doing this, how many people are using spinning wheels and into the fiber arts craft. 

A website I found for spinning is called for information, materials, ect.
11 years ago
They are made of some sort of special microfiber, and I believe they are made in the USA so they are a little spendy, but long term they save you money as you don't have to purchase cleaning solvents.

They also have a special kit for kids.  I think this is neat because it teaches kids to clean up after themselves, they can help around the house and there is no toxicity you have to worry about.
11 years ago
I keep thinking the Bill Murray movie...hopefully I won't be reliving the same day over and over again...unless its really good!  lol
11 years ago
Starting 1/15/2011 at 12:00 noon at the University of Montana;

Medieval/Renaissance Swordsmanship Classes

Renaissance Rapier Practice (think Three Musketeers) is held most weekends in Missoula. Cost to try is free for the first few weeks, after than an annual membership in the SCA is required. Loan equipment available. Ages 14+ only. We also have on hand individuals to talk about other SCA activities & combat styles.

Age Group: All Ages
Venue: University of Montana
Address: UM UC Center, 3rd Floor Ballroom
Phone: n/a

sounds like fun!
11 years ago
January 12, 2011 at the Missoula Public Library 6:00 p.m.

A BodyTalk Lecture and Sample Session Clinic will be held on Wednesday, January 12th 2011 at the Missoula Public Library. 6pm: Lecture, 6:30-8p: Sample session clinic. Sessions will be provided by local certified BT Practitioners on a first-come, first-serve basis. Contact Debra Shorrock (406-728-6347) or Rosie Smith (406-240-9103) for more info. Please join us to learn about this exciting and revolutionary healthcare system being utilized by thousands of people all over the world. Free and open to the public.

11 years ago