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Recent posts by Robert Sunset

We've had some good, now how bout some bad!  I'll start us off with a couple of my favorite terrible experiences.

El Diablo-Missoula's supposedly Mexican quick stop.

This is by far the very worst thing I've ever eaten in my entire life. I had a burrito with black beans and some terrible alleged "cilantro" sauce that tasted more like dill to me.

The tortilla itself wasn't bad and the portion was good but that's all. My wife loves guacamole so she got about 4 sides of it. Little did we know it was guac from a powder form. Tasted terrible.  Worse than terrible.  We let that slide and ordered a "bowl" of their tortilla chips. Santitos brand, straight from the bag.  For $4.  By now I was furious. Then the alternative (crappy) music started to blare. LOUD.  The employees must have loved that particular terrible song. I'm a pretty alternative guy myself but this was terrible music. Why not some nice Mexicana for a "Mexican" restaurant?

If you want REAL Mexican food there are only two options in town.

Fiesta En Jalisco and the El Cazador bus. NOT the El Cazador restaurant, it's actually just average. The BUS however is superb. I don't know why, it's probably because I'm a southern CA native and the street taste from the bus is what does it for me.

Honorable mentions:

Jakers...Overpriced, under portioned.
Montana Club...Everything on the menu looks SOOOO GOOOD. Then your food arrives and you're sad.  It's just a terrible place for a meal. The burgers are just fine but the specials aren't worth the money.

Let's hear some more!
10 years ago
I was wondering what everyone's favorite stores were for permaculture supplies in Missoula?  We all know The Good Food Store, Missoula Food Co-op, and Patty Creek Market have good organic foods year round but actually growing them ourselves, especially in winter, presents a challenge for many of us.  If you live in an apartment or have a microscopic lawn, you know what I mean?

I've bought some nice stuff from Quality Supply and the Paradise Garden Center but what are others' recommendations?

Paradise is nice but many have never heard of it so here it is:
Paradise Garden Center
2825 Stockyard Rd. Ste C-4
Missoula, MT 59808
10 years ago
I wanted to tell everyone that this is a great workshop for parents/grandparents as they will end up with an amazing document that showcases aspects of their lives that they may not share otherwise.  Even things parents consider mundane events when they were children may be very fascinating for younger family members and can even lead to careers/hobbies over time.

A fishing story my Father told me turned me into an avid deep sea fisherman years after I read about him doing it.
10 years ago
Thanks for that Andy!  I accidentally broke one of the kids first little pottery dishes and have felt bad ever since.  I think doing that together would help mend that little touch of pain lurking in my mind.  All parents have some but a little less couldn't hurt eh?
10 years ago
That's great news!  I heard Qwival's closed down a year or two back.  Maybe just the more pricey activities are gone.
10 years ago
It was the Saturday following this post actually
10 years ago
I was at the local Mini Mart on N. Russell and discovered some honey called "Urban Bee Honey" for sale for a few bucks.  It's made at a house right behind the store I think and it's good stuff.

If you're in the area, pick some up and support another Missoula small business owner providing a quality locally made good!

10 years ago

1st Annual Breasty Festy
1:00 PM    Caras Park

Celebrating women and raising awareness and money for early detection programs in a fun new way! Food vendors, Beer vendors, live music, entertainment,educational resources, dunk tank, massage tables, special guests, silent FauxPink art aucton. Sponsored by FauxPink, Zip Beverage, Silver Slipper, and more!

Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Caras Park
Address: N/A
Phone: 640-FAUX

Well, it doesn't sound very eco-friendly but it's for a good cause right?
10 years ago
Sounds like the perfect day for Free Cycles!
10 years ago
I guess we settled on home made Chia Pets for October.  We don't know any place to kiln fire clay so we might use some old pots and paint them then throw in some wheatgrass seed
10 years ago