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Recent posts by Tyler Ludens

Thanks to my friend's yard guy who did most of the digging, we were able to get the structural plants in the ground today.  These form the core of the design, and we'll fill in around them with other things.  Next to plant, some small trees.
13 hours ago

J Davis wrote:Clothing made with silver.

How does that help?
I will be happy to purchase it!  (I'm an embroidererer)
2 days ago
I had success growing store tomatoes.  I sliced them into sections and buried them slightly in the dirt.  They came up thickly and I was able to transplant them to another spot.  Ideally I would plant them where I want them to grow.
Looks like a wild subspecies of Pleurotus.  

From the article:

"Habitat: from spring to summer, rarely even in autumn, in single or bushy form. It associates, as a saprophyte, with Opuntia ficus-indica ( prickly pear ) finding ideal habitat on the trunks or cladodes (blades: parts of the stem of the prickly pear of a flattened shape which, joined together, form ramifications) dead of the plant. Findings associated with Yucca, Agave, Dracena and various Cactaceae have also been reported in the literature."

So, growing on the woody stems, it looks like.  It might be worthwhile to try drying pads and inoculating them, especially very large, old, woody pads.
2 days ago
I'm guessing they grow on the big old stems, not the pads.
2 days ago
Here's a "before" shot of the front beds along the street:
3 days ago
I've started another project, this time a large one, at my friend Ann's huge yard in a neat old part of San Antonio, Texas.  We're first starting with planting xeriscape plants in two large beds along the street in front, then we will move on to a vegetable garden in the back yard, and continue later in the front yard with a patio area adjacent to the front door and a food forest in the largest part of the enormous front yard.

3 days ago
I love it very much.  Like most "invasive" plants, it is incredibly useful.  Vast quantities can be cut and buried to improve soil.  The problem is the solution.
3 days ago
Welcome, fellow Texan!
5 days ago