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since Jun 25, 2010
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Central Texas USA, Zone 8
Central Texas USA Latitude 30 Zone 8
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Recent posts by Tyler Ludens

Beware of the weight of the assembled forest!  Make sure you have adequate equipment to transport them.
3 days ago
It's important to have some filtered shade over vegetables during the summer, in my experience. I grow Moringa, which freezes to the ground but comes back and can grow 10 feet in a season. Honey Locust might also work.
6 days ago
I'm in central texas. I tried aquaponics and failed miserably, killing multiple batches of fish and producing almost no vegetables. It was expensive to set up and never paid for itself.
6 days ago
Oops sorry, the correct name is SKIP!
3 weeks ago
Once you locate the area you want to grow in, try to connect with local permaculturists.  They may know of someone who wants to sell or bequeath land. For instance, our ultimate plan for our land is to find a younger person or family to live here and eventually inherit our place. Paul's OTIS program (I might be getting the same wrong) is about connecting older land owners with younger people looking for land.
3 weeks ago
Sharing this video by David:
1 month ago
I'm following the Grocery Row Garden model in both my main food garden projects. The most developed is the one at my friend's yard in San Antonio Texas. Thank you, David, for being such a constant source of inspiration.
1 month ago
Lizards are excellent wild garden buddies. A young lizard once leapt off a banana plant into my hair and I had a heck of a time getting him out because he wanted to snuggle in to get warm!

For domestic garden buddies I would suggest quail. Small, cute, and very quiet.
1 month ago
Finished shaping and edging the inside of the south side of the food forest and planted 5 dwarf peach trees.
2 months ago