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Central Texas USA, Zone 8
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Recent posts by Tyler Ludens

Definitely not Johnson with that seedhead.  
1 day ago
I'm glad you're hopeful!  25 seems incredibly young to me - I didn't start getting seriously into permaculture until around age 40, and I didn't have much of a clue how to proceed.
Is there room to build another wall with a space between it and the house wall?  A large enough space to get a rake in to clean out debris, at least one foot wide.  Other than not wanting the animal run right up against the house, I don't see any downside to having a concrete floor, as long as you put a roof over to protect from rain.  This way you will be able to control the moisture level of the compost.  As far as soil life, simply adding garden soil periodically will take care of that.  Eventually the compost will develop its own ecosystem.  I envy you having so much of a composting animal system already built!

1 week ago
Thank you all for these ideas.  I'm pretty sure it's not Tree of Heaven, not exuberant enough. I think I will attempt to transplant it to another location and keep an eye on it in case it actually is Sumac, which would be nice.

1 week ago
Added this Improved Dwarf Meyer Lemon to the front yard food forest. Young Moringa trees in the background.
1 week ago
Planted about 40 Tall Bearded Iris amongst the Agave along the north border of the front yard food forest, and mulched.  This finishes the edge on the neighbor's side.
1 week ago
This tree or shrub came up in my dad's front garden in San Antonio, Texas.  Any guesses as to what it might be?  Some kind of Sumac maybe?
2 weeks ago
Planted this herb garden in my dad's yard along the walk to the front door, reducing the lawn some more. Then I fell while exercising and sprained my left hand, so I've had to be a one handed gardener for a few days.  Makes me appreciate full mobility more, that's for sure!
2 weeks ago