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Tim is an industrial safety and production professional who has developed a passion for fostering living with nature rather than against it. In New York, he dabbles in gardening/chickens/mycology and more when the weather permits.

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Upstate NY, Zone 5, 43 inch Avg. Rainfall
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Recent posts by Timothy Norton

That is just how it is sometimes!

Maybe an opportunity for some inside projects?
I, as a general rule of thumb, water at least weekly for the first year for trees to encourage root establishment. I have heard that honey locust are almost extremely drought resistant but I'd rather not test that too early.

Is irrigation a challenge on your site?
14 hours ago
I asked this question to my wife emphasizing it needs to be eclipse theme and she blurted out "Sun dried tomatos" and we had a good laugh.

I hope someone has better ideas because I am raking my brain and coming up with nothing at the moment.
16 hours ago
The game is simple. Create a reply and paste what is currently loaded in your clipboard. No cheating! The next person to post may comment on whatever the previous had posted.

I will start first

19 hours ago
In high school, I was a camp counselor and found that I really enjoy teaching and interacting with the youth. The energy curious kids can bring is fun. Not so much run when one of them runs towards an eagle during a predatory bird flight demo but that is another story.
22 hours ago
It is hard to put in text form, but I am pinching my fingers together mano a borsa style and shaking my hand at the screen. (Tomato Sauce is life.)
22 hours ago
I find moments where I enjoy both, but I tend to be of the camp of working by myself.

I am what some people call a "Pidler" or a "Putterer" but in the best of ways. I like to take my time, enjoy the breeze, get distracted by 15 things, and then come back to the same thing and ponder. This is mostly because I have the outcome in my brain, but don't know how to use my hands to get there. A little work here, a little work there. Take a half hour or so to cool my temp when I get frustrated because I know I will cause more damage if I continue. The usual!
22 hours ago
Mamalana Bliss,
I have merged your topic into this topic. I hope that helps. Multiple forums can be linked to the same thread, so I have done there here for you.

Welcome to Permies!
1 day ago