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Recent posts by Lailani Lynn

I love this whole concept.
I am so grateful to Mr Wheaton 🙏 ❤️ for this brainstorming idea.
I actually had a dream of doing this. I thought of using people who want to change their lives for the better.
I also would be honored to work and be a permie and get permie's.
I have a website I have been working on. I'm dropping the organic shea butter skin care because of shipping.
I'm stocking up though.
I can change my website to your criteria.
I am a very enthusiastic student & very hard working. I am 52 but, feel much younger.
I want to be a part of this.
This is so amazing.
I am very interested in this.
I have dreamt of living in a permaculture forest community  I am 52 and want to.prepare for the future.
I don't believe there will be much of a future if we don't change our way of life, NOW!
I am a bit comfortable and don't want  to be without fresh water that I can put in my Alexapure filters for drinking & showers.

I'm not liking the 20 people under 1 roof.
I'm kind & respectful 🙏  but this new generation is scary.
Im seeing  now how TV has ruined the kids.
I love watching Gaia. But, I can do without TV.
I am an honest & hard worker but it's so hard in this rat race.
I am so down with this place.
I would seriously love to come.
I have no problem working my butt off.
But I need to know will I be able to have organic food when I get there to eat.
I'm a little nervous about ant farm.
I don't know if I could survive a winter in something I can build.
I spend most of my money on So Called Organic food.
I have changed my health for the better with my  I was very tired and breathless. My organs were in pain.
I researched what foods to eat to super charge me so I have the fuel to help growing Pure Food with No Chemicals.

I am so interested.
I just really want to know more.
I guess I have to pay 100. To find out. No problem.
The world is failing. The people are heartless.
Greed is a terrible thing.
I want to be in a community that truly cares about the 🌎 earth animals, water ,and, food.
Thank you so much.
This gives me hope,
Lailani Lynn