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Admittedly a beginner and curiously devouring the endless content of this wonderful forum.

THANK YOU to all the members who share their endless experience, knowledge, products, and/or services!
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Recent posts by akira hirose

A quick "bump" of this thread.

Next session is April 14th, 2024.

Find out the fine details here!
4 months ago
A quick "bump" of this thread, along with an update to the frequency of this activity.

These charrettes are now hosted on the Second Sunday of Every Other Month vs. monthly.

This is to balance all of the "prep work" (consulting with client, collecting site data, etc.) to keep the live session flowing and productive, while juggling all of their other projects.

Next session is February 24th, 2024.

Find out more here!
7 months ago
Here's a post courtesy of Midwest Permaculture for whom may be interested:


A video, which is part of their PDC, is also now available for free as a tribute to Mr. Korn.
Hi Clive,

I am not sure if you've already tried this, but here's a thread to possibly assist:

One of the prerequisites is to ensure you are logged in, which I have forgotten to, on several occasions.

Hope this helps!
1 year ago
I unfortunately currently do not fit the profile for this opportunity, but "bumping" the post for many others who would/do

FYI - Susan's course is part of the 2023 Permaculture Adventure Bundle:
1 year ago
Thank you to Paul, the Permies staff, and the respective content creators for offering this bundle with incredible value!
1 year ago
I humbly applaud everyone who has a distinct memory of how they found about permies!

Mine was not as clear - brain fog may be my excuse...

All I can recall is that I was at a "crossroads" where I was searching for how to do certain things (due to a personal situation with our family).

Things like lawn... Replacing lawn?

Link to Permies:
Growing more nutrient-dense food

Of course, from there - much appreciation to Permies, the associated resources, staff, members, and so many of the historical content - I have finally been able to reach a state where I can say that I am doing what I am for the "why."
1 year ago
Welcome Blake, and thank you to the Permies staff for making this collab/offer possible!

I started planting some of the more "mainstream" berries last year while establising our forest garden.

This year will be reflecting fom last year's experience, and exploring berries that may not be widely considered mainstream
1 year ago

ajeet khalsa wrote:I planted garlic in december when I got back into town-i live in zone 7, Tennessee. It's starting to sprout!

Same here.

I will also be dividing the comfrey plants that I started to establish last year, then planting them as part of the trees' guilds.
1 year ago
Hello fellow Permies:

Would you happen to be interested in an over-the-shoulder webinar where you can learn the tools and thought processes associated with a site design?

If so, Midwest Permaculture (MWP) hosts a monthly, virtual "charrette" when/where they discuss/design the property.

I immersed myself in their mini PDC in my early days of/upon crossing paths with permaculture, and they have been one of the critical influences, along with the Permies experience!

Some bulletpoints:
-Hosted by Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture (MWP)
*Bill nominated as a permaculture leader by Paul in this thread
-Frequency: Once a month (2nd Sunday)
  (1) Design in person on a real property (submitted/requested prior to event)
  (2) Open Q&A with Bill and Team
  (3) Mini "Workshop of the Month"
-Cost: Honors system

I am admittedly not providing enough info/liberty with this post - please visit their website for additional info if interested - THANK you!


This may or may not be for everyone depending on where you are in your journey, but I wanted to extend/share this with whom may be a good fit.

With much gratitude to the Permies community, and my best wishes!
1 year ago