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Wez Prestage

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since Aug 06, 2021
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I was a business consultant, counselor-( grief, trauma/ group ethics), and writer for business blogs before I retired from my consulting practice. This was one month ago ...after becoming a radicalized permie because of these podcasts and youtube videos.
My family and I now live rural full time.
I grew up rural, farming in NZ, and spent much time on my great uncle's permaculture commune/farm in NZ my youth. it's still going strong!
I'm a kiwi/ auzzie. All the best of both ☺️
Im now on 8 acres of bush and fields above Jackson Ca...
Im studying hard and relearning my old skills and updating them to what's been developed over the last 25 years!
Fiddletown Ca
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Recent posts by Wez Prestage

Just watched that  ! Best 10$ ever spent.
2 weeks ago
Merry Christmas Grey! Blessings for the New Year! Cant wait to meet you :)
3 weeks ago
Merry Christmas Dez! Blessings for the New Year! Cant wait to meet you :)
3 weeks ago
Merry Christmas Magdalene! Blessings for the New Year! Cant wait to meet you :)
3 weeks ago
Please tell me about the douglas fir cookies.
Is that an edible thing? !!
3 weeks ago
I think the above ideas are right...
Getting rid of the 100$ to get ON the list...
List is free... but make it 100$ to get IN, and show your commitment.
1 month ago
How do the cats survive in the snow? Are they special snow cats? or just tough?
1 month ago
Thats awesome! I cant wait to make a wooden spoon !! ...Im more excited about this than you can imagine.... Funny story - when I was 16 I found this really cool wooden spoon at a thrift store. It was perfect for eating almost anything.
I insisted on using it to eat all my meals, I wanted to pretend that I was living in the middle ages.

My family became furious with me and my spoon and every night made a huge deal out of my medieval wooden spoon eating ways.

I had to start hiding the spoon, in fear they would throw it away...
One day I accidently left it in the kitchen and it disappeared forever :(

That was the final straw for me and I moved out of home to go and live on a commune in the bush

But I never did have another spoon.
1 month ago
Wow - Dez ! Thats good to know! And a great learning experience about thicknesses of snow! - . Ahh so the cat died of old age. Well thats not too sad! He looked so happy and had an amazing life!
1 month ago