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Recent posts by Jan Nash

Thanks Terri. I will email you.

Used to sail from Bellingham to Alaska to fish in days of youth.

Swimming in the cosy slow rain of Florida right now.

10 months ago
A warm hello from my warm heart,
We have lots in common. Have you found someone to share your fascinating life with? I just returned from my Sanctuary Farm in Luxor, Egypt and helping my Mom get back to her everyday life in Leesburg, FL right now. I am free after 9/29 to pursue anything. New beginnings. What way are you comfy communicating? I am at my business mail of srachele66@yahoo.com.

Seeds are something I do all the time in Luxor. We have Hungarian Alfalfa that grows all year round and we harvest seed every year. Much sieving goes on till we have clean seed. We sell it and use it ourselves. I have a farming partner and several hired hands. WE have cows/calves, donkeys, a camel, dogs, geese, and goats. All sanctuary animals. We give animals away to people who have shelter and food for them. Most animals in Egypt are working animals.

Appreciate your reading suggestions.

With peace filled regards,

10 months ago
Where do you live?

A warm welcome from my intelligent heart,

I want to talk with you about you.


Hugs, JAn
10 months ago
A warm heart hello to you,
Are you still seeking a partner? I am 69 and just returned to the USA from my Luxor, Egypt Sanctuary
Farm. Looking for one or more to share life with. I like the way you express yourself. In FL right now caring for my Mom and getting her set up to live on her own again.
Have a connection in IN and I do not know where it is going. Let em know your relationship status.
Lovingly, Jan
10 months ago
A warm from the heart hello to you,
Lived many years in Estes Park and worked  permanently in Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park for 4 years before the go North to Alaska bug bite me. Spent lots of time in Kodiak National Wildlife refuge maintaining cabins and Sears heat stoves. Went to be with the wildlife!! Would like to get to know you as I am just back from 9 years on my Sanctuary Farm in Luxor, Egypt. New beginnings. Best way to communicate with you if you have not found your special someone. One ? do you have internet at home being so far removed from civilization?

Please do send your photo. Just started down the path of permaculture and started to establish a food forest on the back 5 A closest to the barn. Do you have any critters besides your friendly dog?

I am in FLright now providing support for my 87 year old Mom to be able to live on her own again. Going great so far. Have you had your first snow?
With peace filled regards, Jan
10 months ago
I am so enjoying reading the way you create. Your passion to co-create with another is refreshing. Plus, your sense of humor and playfulness with words puts a huge smile all through myself. You are a refreshing person.

I grew up with the Aimish/Mennonites in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate NY. Our organic family farm of 1800 A raises organic food for Wegmans grocery stores. Were you born into the life style or some where along the way adapted your ways to their ways? Just curious. Please answer me, Janette (Jan) Lee Nash, at my business address, if you would like, of Srachele2004@yahoo.com.

Such a feat to type here as it is small. I found my way to this site researching communities in Southern Oregon for a friend. We are in a Permaculture Design Class together based in Costa Rica. My Farm in Luxor, Egypt is about 15 minutes of a  donkey and cart drive from the West Bank of the Nile. Been here 8 years now. The farm was chosen as a design project. I had to decline as my farming partner, Abdul Auf, had a stroke induced by covid meditation 3 weeks ago at the age of 45. He is stable and can speak and the left side of his body was affected. Too much for me to farm without him. We are a Sanctuary Farm that grows and processes all the food for our resident cows, goats, donkeys, camel, horse, and my 3 dogs. Just turned 69 April 2. The way I see it is I replace Auf or go on to a other life style with other people. I was married to an Egyptian and he passed of a heart attack in 2017. I am a single widow now!!

If you would like to establish a friendship, I would be open to that. You are a fascinsting person and I have many a question for you. Yes, our farm work keeps us in shape. I am 5' 4'', blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. Probably 130 pounds. I am a strong and muscularor person
With kind regards,, Jan