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GOOD kids - yes

BAD kids - no

we could rephrase that to human instead of kid :)

unfortunately there really isn't a way to pre-determine which ones are or aren't

Nice post thanks

I recall seeing a YT video about a Thai woman who is making cheese in the tropics with all the challenges that come with it

Its possible. Just not easy at first.
11 months ago
Great news that you found a relatively local source of metals

I agree that unless you hold the metal in your hands, it isn't yours

Most services or "paper" metal products sales contract states somewhere in the fine print that they can settle in fiat currency to maintain market dynamics. What does that mean ? It means that they can sell our paper metal for dollars or euros or whatever currency you bank in. Further the ratio of paper metal to the real stuff is in the hundreds to one. If and when a market moves against a commodity such as precious metals, all those who have invested in paper metal products will find their account empty of metal and full of currency.

What does that mean ?

Well it means that the bank or government can impose a tax on the sale of it. They can also set a withdraw limit on your THEIR money. Its happened before. Look up the Cyprus bank crisis from 2012 to 2013.
Its not your money.
Its not your metal.

While I do keep money in a bank, we have most of our savings into a local credit union. Its just as likely in danger as a major bank, but I feel better with it invested in the local community.

best of luck to us all

Karen McVause wrote:We are putting the money we are saving for land into gold and silver.
We think it is a safer store of value than a savings account at the bank.

It took us a while to figure out how we wanted to buy the metal.
I didn't want to do it long distance and I wanted the metal in my hand.
DOH we finally hit on a small pawn shop in our area that specializes
in buying/selling metal and has for decades. It is fun to make a trip
every 4-6 weeks and figure out what we can get for the dollars we
put back.

11 months ago
Thanks for the share Erik

I think you might want to edit access to your files however

clicking the link gave me editing privs

Erik Ven wrote:Hello,
I have built a few of these, but this one is my favorite.
It was an experimental project made of soup cans, rocks and earth (no cement, or added clay) and an old barrel I had found at an abandoned mining site. This winter is the second winter I am using it and it works great.
I might catch some flack for breaking with some traditional rules, (like the short side of the J chamber is not vertical but angled, being too close to the wall etc.) but it's okay. I would really like to know what people think even if some may not see this as a good way to build.
There is one thing I have done differently in the second iteration of this design: the four tunnels create a large enough heat transfer surface so that practically all the heat is extracted from the exhaust gases. Therefore, by the time they hit the external chimney, they are cold and don't create an appropriate updraft. Because of this I needed to stick an exhaust fan on the top of the chimney to create the necessary airflow when there is no wind. When it's windy, it purrs like a big cat even without the fan . So what I have changed in the second one was that I built three tunnels instead of four, to extract less heat.
I live in the middle of the Mojave so I doubt that people would want to drive all the way out here just to see it, but who knows... Plus I'll be happy to share info if anyone is interested.

here is the link to the pics:



1 year ago
The sad part is that many in the EU could probably use a mass heater this winter and still have time to make one before the winter arrives
1 year ago
I stopped using Shampoo 6 months ago but as always there needs to be some context

about 15 years ago I was dealing with some troublesome dandruff, an acquaintance suggested using bar soap instead of shampoo. I tried it and the dandruff was gone ! Initially it was first a shampoo, then a second cycle soap bar wash. Later I started to develop some skin irritation related to Hashimoto and a terrible diet which cause some very bad inflammation levels in the blood. I know because I get my blood tested at least once a year, now its every 3 months. Anyway I switched from regular bar soap to "Ivory" as it claims to be 99% pure and was relatively affordable here in Japan.

6 months ago I stopped using shampoo altogether and went with 2 cycles of "Ivory" bar soap on my hair without much of an issue. I am currently growing my hair out to give as a wig for cancer patients and its very wavy stuff so it can be a struggle for people unused to caring for long hair. However the soap instead of shampoo works like a charm.

As an aside I want to add a traditional "cure" for skin troubles from the Italian side of my family back in the old country. First take a dip in the ocean, then lie out in the sun. Repeat. Do not rinse off the ocean water until later. The combo of the salt and sun kills most skin irritants. Since the ocean is a bit of a hike from my current abode, I substitute cheap ocean salt by the kilo from the local supermarket. Here in Japan we take a bath every night, so once a week whether I need it or not, I dump a table spoon or two of salt and get a good long soak. Voila. No serious skin troubles for since I learned the trick.
There is a reason people go to the Dead Sea for skin problems...

best of luck to us all

2 years ago
The wasps around here are no joke
2 years ago

I have vitiligo as an adult which my Doctor told me isn't unusual for people with Auto Immune diseases.

His suggestion at the time was to treat the symptom on the epidermis, however once I modified my diet the vitiligo didn't progress and actually faded in some areas.

I always try to remember that the epidermis is the largest organ in our body, so treat it with loving kindness and she will repay you with stellar looking skin. Sleep is also an important factor in keeping healthy

Susan Brill wrote:Kathleen Sanders – I’m curious to know why you listed vitiligo in your family - do you consider that an autoimmune condition? I have vitiligo, which caused me a lot of embarrassment and emotional issues as a child, but doctors always acted like it was just a cosmetic issue and nothing to do about it. As an adult, I have had Lyme disease and been diagnosed with fibromyalgia - with chronic fatigue symptoms. It’s extremely debilitating and I have not been able to work,  except very part time, for about eight years. I am wondering if vitiligo is a marker or early warning of autoimmune illness? I’m Interested to know any knowledge you have about this… i’m 58 so it was 30 and 40 years ago that I was looking into causes. At that time they said it could be caused by shock or a trauma, it could be a vitamin B deficiency (or evidence that your body does not properly make use of vitamin B), or hereditary. I am very fair skinned so if I simply remain out of the sun, the vitiligo is subtle. But when I was a child playing outdoors I would tan nicely where I had pigment but had very large  “albino” splotches all over my feet, up my legs legs and on my stomach that are (mostly) symmetrical on my body. I also developed melanoma skin cancer 10 years ago,  likely from so many terrible childhood sunburns - without pigment more susceptible to the radiation perhaps.

2 years ago
Yes the notify me in the Upper Left Corner is functional

the remind me button is not functional
2 years ago
I wish you nothing but the best Susan.

If possible try to keep a positive mindset, I find meditation helps me purge negativity but please do whatever works best for you

I humbly suggest you avoid eating anything that comes from a box at the supermarket unless its real unprocessed food packaging such as oats or frozen berries for example

Studies show cancer loves sugar, but I'm not a doctor just sharing what I've heard and read

Susan Brill wrote:

Paul Canosa wrote:An old friend from High School was diagnosed with MS about 5 years ago. She decided to change her life and went on an AIP diet, to nobodies surprise she is still as energetic as ever. She even got a dog to go for walks to stay fit.

Its a daily struggle but she made me a believer

That’s good advice, thank you. I am familiar with that – I went through natural cancer treatment program when I had melanoma skin cancer and the regimen was a similar diet as well as other lifestyle changes. With all of my fatigue and emotional exhaustion as well as physical, I let go of a lot of those good lifestyle habits. Too tired to care and it was just so hard to have discipline when I could barely think and function! However… I have been realizing that I need to go back onto the anti-cancer life and diet. I had a new spot appear that could be another type of melanoma ( Seeing doctor tomorrow). Maybe it will reset other areas of life and energy…

2 years ago