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I don't know first hand about what a snake can or can't poke his fangs through.  I would say it would depend on if the snake were strong enough and big enough to punch through, but we don't plan like that. We hope for the best but plan for the worst.
Snake boots do provide the protection you'll need if you come across a large rattler that is found the hard way.
I heard or read a story years ago in which a man was wearing leather cowboy boots and got bit by a rattler through the boot. He was taken to the hospital and his brother took those boots home. He put them on and started having snake venom symptoms. A fang had broken off in the leather and scratched him.
If it were an option, a .22 caliber revolver with snake shot for self defense should also be carried.
1 year ago
Tereza, when I lived in OKC several years ago I had a few groups come by to convert me. I don't listen to any of them. It's a waste of their time to go through their routine when they ain't accomplishing anything.
I've since moved to a more rural area of Arkansas and I guess it ain't worth their time coming out here to convert us heathens🤣
I'm not an engineer but I would say if the tread weren't ground down to the wire one could cut a section from a tire and gusset a truss.
I think I'd use bolts with fender washers all the way through instead of using nails or screws. The pressure of the rubber against a nailhead because of movement due to temperature deviations might back it out.
Similarly, a screw head might cut it's way through the rubber and loosen over time. A fender washer over a wood screw would probably work.
I don't know that I would depend on this old material used in a new way in my home unless I had an engineer test it properly. A chicken house or shed probably wouldn't be big enough to give you a clear indication it would work in a larger structure like your new home. You'll have snow loads to consider among other things that relatively few of us could actually figure and guarentee against failure. I doubt seriously that an architect would approve it's use without trials and testing to back up its potential.
I had never given anything like this much thought, but that's one hell of a good idea you have! You have the potential for quite the business sitting right in front of you! Gussets from used tires! Outstanding!
1 year ago
I don't know that anyone picks wild blackberries any more. When I was a kid we'd pick a gallon and turn it into some of the nastiest tasting wine you could ever imagine. We were kids and it got us somewhat drunk lol.
For the last couple of years the rain came at the wrong time and we only got a few dried up berries. This year however, we in NW Arkansas will have a bumper crop of blackberries.
I'm going to gird my loins against chiggers, ticks and other biting insects. I'm gonna strap on my .22 caliber pistol with rat shot for those deadly stick snakes that inhabit blackberry bushes and I'm gonna pick a few gallons. I don't think I've ever seen any for sale in farmer's markets so just not too sure how much to charge for a quart if I decide to sell them. What would you charge for a quart of wild blackberries?
1 year ago

Burra wrote:Should probably admit that the main tools are less 'pacifiers' and more 'rods of iron', sometimes with velvet gloves, sometimes not. Mine got worn out years ago with too many behind-the-scenes spankings...

Sometimes those rods of iron are the only thing some folks understand! I don't do the velvet glove thing. You can't put enough sugar on a turd to make you believe that ain't a turd, so don't waste sugar, tell it straight.

Douglas wrote:I think real-time chat is kinda a potential nightmare for the admins here.

I gotta agree with that statement. Good conversation can become toxic with the simplest of misunderstandings. Then, the thin skin takes over, the claws come out and feelings get hurt.
I always try to think everyone will be decent and be respectful, but my definition of decent and respectful is probably not someone else's. Therefore, a babysitter would be needed to monitor the chatroom, change diapers and insert pacifiers.
For the sake of all Permies everywhere I rescind my suggestion of a chatroom! 🙂