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Those are some really good ideas.

I think like Jan said, for this to work, I would need to have multiple sources. I do have experience with computers, I work in IT right now. I hadn't thought about personal shopping. I'm not really a dog person, so I don't think that would work, but landscaping or consulting I could see.

Anyone else have any other ideas? Even if they don't work for me, these are good things for working from home in general.
3 hours ago
Hi Jan,
Most years I can tell a difference. Siberian is much spicier and phillips more mild. I have not tried any this year yet, as they are still hung up to dry. But that is a good idea to save some and buy some. I could plant in 4 plots and see if I can match the plants.
6 hours ago
Hi L.
I think this is a great idea. I hope and pray things will get better for you.

I lost my dad in December and a few months later my wife filed for divorce, took the kids, and won't let me see them. For a long time I was not doing ok. Today, I'm doing mostly ok.

For me, knowing that God is bigger than individual events helps. Knowing that He might have a reason for me to be where I am (like helping my mom cope with her loss) helps. And focusing on Him, rather than my problems helps. Getting back to an area where I have family and friends to support me helps.

For those who are not religious, and depending on why you might not feel "OK" right now. Reach out to friends if you can. It is way too common to shut yourself off from the world and people. While there is a time to grieve alone, cutting yourself off will make it worse. Allow people to grieve with you. And ask yourself what you can do right now to make a difference around you, even if it is not where you wanted to be or with who you wanted it to be with.

Sometimes it helps to have someone listen. If you are reading this and don't have someone to listen, send me a purple moosage and I will give you my email. I might pray for you, and I might have fight the urge to try to suggest solutions instead of just listening :), but I'm seriously willing to listen to stuff that you might want to get out, but don't want to put here. I know how much it helped me to just get it out.
6 hours ago
It is important to me to know which is which, because the Phillips variety was found here in Maine, so it is a cool selling point. Siberian has the highest concentration of allicin of any variety, which is also a cool selling point. However if I don't know which is which, then those interesting points go away and it becomes just garlic. Still better than store bought... but just garlic with nothing to really make it stand out.
6 hours ago
I don't know if this is in the right forum, but I'll try. My situation has some specific issues, but I think the broader question might be helpful for other people. If you have kids that are too young to go to school, and the daycares are too expensive and are full anyway, and your family is not in a position to help watch the kids, and if you don't come up with somewhere for them to be, the judge might not give you half time with your kids... what kind of a job could you do, while having your kids around, to earn enough money to support yourself and 6 kids?

While I'm open to suggestions on other options for the kids... I'm more interested in what people would suggest for a way to earn money with kids. I imagine there are tons of single parents who want to spend more time with their kids, or can't really afford to have someone take care of their kids, so they work more hours, which means more hours away from the kids and it turns into this cycle.

Option #1 - Daycare
  • My kids can be around
  • There is a huge need in our area
  • You can make decent money at it in certain cases

  • Cons
  • You have to deal with all kinds of regulations to be a "licensed" daycare.
  • Realistically, I can't do this by myself. Who watches the rest if someone gets hurt? What if I need to use the restroom?
  • In this day and age, being a man at a daycare (while probably a good thing) is looked down on.

  • Option #2 - Farming
  • My kids can be around
  • I would be doing something I think I would love
  • My kids would have all kinds of learning opportunities
  • People always need food

  • Cons
  • It's really hard to make money farming
  • Most farming takes time before it turns a profit, or take a lot of money to start
  • It would be very hard to do it by myself

  • If you were in my position (or something similar) what would you do? (what have you done?) to be with your kids, but still make a living?
    6 hours ago
    I have 2 varieties of garlic that I grow. (Siberian and Phillips). I have never labeled them before because the phillips plants were always quite a bit smaller than the siberian plants. This year, due to some home made compost I put on both plots, all of them were huge. The ones I think are phillips, are actually bigger than the other row. The siberian variety often has brown tips on the leaves no matter what you do, but I'm only about 60% certain which is which. If there is not really any genetic benefit to my having saved them for 4 years, I'll just buy some more so I can be sure which is which. My understanding is that garlic grown from cloves are essentially clones... so there wouldn't really be any genetic benefit to my reusing ones I've saved and replanted for 4 years? Or maybe there is some benefit to my choosing the biggest healthiest cloves to replant even though they are clones?

    Thanks in advance.
    7 hours ago
    While I don't think I could ever get tired of butter popcorn... :), as a kid we used to use the dried "cheese" mix from macaroni and cheese boxes.

    There is a store/restaurant in Portland, ME that has tons of popcorn flavors. You could probably get some inspiration from them.
    2 days ago
    I second MK on the jute. I buy the normal jute from the hardware store and I have only had trouble once with it not lasting through the year. I generally can get a whole growing season out of it. Green beans, peas, and tomatoes. It is compostable so I don't bother trying to save it and untangle it from the plants. I just cut it down and throw the vines and twine into the compost pile in the fall, and then buy more twine the next year.

    Keep in mind, most twines and ropes will have a strength rating of some sort. Holds up to 30lbs and the like. A higher rating would imply a stronger twine that should last longer. All natural fiber twines that I have seen come in different strengths, so read the labels.
    2 days ago
    I used SensorPush to monitor my chicken brooder, greenhouse, and freezer. They were fairly expensive, but worked well.
    2 days ago
    Hi Beau,
    The shepherdess channel on youtube has a lot of info on sheep. I'd imagine goats would be similar. I have linked to two videos where she shares about marketing and selling sheep.

    2 days ago