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Kim Huse

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since Feb 17, 2021
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Recent posts by Kim Huse

I didn't have time to go through the whole list of posts here: Has anyone put together a master list , combining  all the items posted into one list for items to go into a tote or backpack?
2 weeks ago
I have had ground hog; you have to process it quickly, and be sure to cut the glands out of the carcass; but its  not bad bra=b-cued; same with raccoon.

Deer and turkey; ah, I would love to have some deer and turkey, squirrel and rabbit in my freezer....but there are lots of recipes online for all sorts of wild game meat...
2 weeks ago
Jay: I agree with the *REALLY BIG* workshop area
2 weeks ago
I use an Amazon Basics that handles up to 12 sheets of paper at a time.  It also handles cardboard up to 1/4 of an inch thick corrugated
2 weeks ago
first of all, can i get some seeds? *LOL*

BUt, as someone who has woven baskets, myself, I would chop it back at the  end of summer, and dry the long blades in a shaded area, spread out so that they get air circulating around them, then bundle when dry.  Thats because most materials, when woven during the green stage, will shrink like mad when drying, and you get a weaker, holier basket that might fall apart.

Drying in the shade will help the grass retain its green color, and when wetting it to work, you will need water to soak it, and  I would use a couple drops of vegetable glycerin in the soaking water.
3 weeks ago
we use our dryer like, once ever 2 weeks; my husband has to use it for his work clothes, where we have to do a special laundering process, and then we use it when we get like, 2 weeks worth of clothes that need to be washed.  Then its usually like, 4 loads of laundry for that; so, say, we run it 6 times over a 2 to 3 day period?  I use wool balls and balled up tin foil; and yes, dryer sheets, over 2 loads for each dryer sheet;


I have a dog and 2 cats that SHED, SHED , SHED...

so the dryer sheets are necessary because the wool balls and the tin foil just don't help; and the lint screen is always full when I pause it midway through the cycle to clear it, then let it go to finish; and its like, halfway full  at the end; of mostly pet hair.

I have tried tutorials on how to shake clothes out, put them into certain hampers/totes; sorry, that gets too funky, so we went back to the net hampers we have; and I have scoured he internet to see if there is any tips I have not tried yet; even to trying things by combining several ways to see what worked the best...

oh, an NONE of those products out there that are supposed to trap the hair in the washer, work...I have a top loader, so all of those ideas have went belly up...

ANYONE  got a tried and true way to help with the pet hair issue?

Oh, and we vacuum/sweep/rubber sweep ( hardwood floors)  at least once a day...
3 weeks ago
Inheritance by the oldest; a holdover from feudal times.

These days, not so many  follow that practice, Its staid and unnecessary.  The land, or at least a portion of it, should  also go to the youngest, especially if they are the ones who stay to care for the elders. There was a right huge mess when my grandmother was old and my mom, the youngest, ended up taking care of her. and then circumstances happened where things got messy, and she ended up with nothing and was kicked to the curb.

I am all for either letting the child or grandchild who wants to work the land, do so. If no one wants it, sell it to someone who will. Split the money equally among the heirs.  Doing the inheritance thing just because  a child is firstborn, and expecting the youngest to step in later on and get nada, no...it wasn't a good practice when the 'nobility' practiced it, and still not a good practice now.
1 month ago
I love this; spreading the  heirloom seeds and helping others...can't beat that.
1 month ago