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John Rosseau

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since Dec 07, 2020
Northern Ontario
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Recent posts by John Rosseau

Steve Harvey wrote:Yes, you will need one of these though. You can't just hook up the wires to the charging clamps.

Edited/deleted - posted in haste without really thinking about the battery booster pack.  
6 months ago
A good doc film worth checking out, The Fruit Hunters:

Official Trailer

6 months ago
I have the space for a riser, but would the most effective cooking surface have to be at the top of that? I'm assuming that the top surface of the riser has the highest temperatures.
6 months ago

thomas rubino wrote:  
have you looked at Matt Walkers riserless RMH cookstove plans?  They can heat a bench/bell as well as be a standard cook stove.
Here is a link to his site

Thanks, yes I have checked out some of his stuff before, and I gave it another look today. His larger cookstove looks like it has some aspects that may work well for my application.
6 months ago

Aaron Yarbrough wrote:

I'm thinking about installing a 2 gallon thermal expansion tank inline just before the shower to provide a little moderation between scalding and ice cold.  

Ah, interesting, as long as the incoming and outgoing water gets mixed nicely this could be a good solution.

PEX pipes are pretty resilient to freezing in my experience.
6 months ago
I'm thankful that this community exists, for its knowledge, ideas, and enthusiasm. Let's see if anybody wants to help me kick this stove project along that I am in the beginning phases of researching, brainstorming, and planning.  

Basic background:
-Zone 4a/4b
-relatively long, relatively cold winters
-Approx. 1000 sqft main floor of house, including some large windows that are not optimal for heat retention
-Essentially every part of the house is in some form of construction/renovation, with the kitchen eventually slated for a refit (new counters, cabinets, and possibly stove!)

-lined cinderblock chimney
-there is a basement under the main floor, with a large wood stove that feeds into the same chimney stack and same flue pipe as the main floor cookstove (this is not to code)

What I love about the current cookstove:

  -warming drawer, oven, large cook surface with multiple heat zones, water heater (plumbed to pressurized house system)
-can heat up quickly and begin outputting heat quickly (benefit of low thermal mass)
-it is able to heat the house if we are home to tend it every few hours, usually we do not need to fire the basement stove
-easy to clean firebox and ash collector
-you don't have to be a rocket scientist to get a fire going and create heat

What I don't love about the current cookstove:

-does not hold heat for very long (drawback of low thermal mass)
-takes up a lot of space in the kitchen, which is especially a annoying in the summer when it is not in use
-probably not very efficient burner, needs to be tended fairly often
-smallish firebox

What I want to achieve:

-maintain multi-functionality (heat, and all cooking needs, water heating)
-smooth out temperature dips overnight or when we are away and unable to tend the stove (!!)
-increase efficiency of wood use
-increase efficiency of space usage
-more functional cooktop - this would mean having a surface that transitions seamlessly from hot stove top to counter top, currently you have this gap between the stove and the counter to manage when cooking
-I'm a bit worried that too much mass will mean hours of cold when you return home and light the fire after time away.

I'm open to different kinds of mass heaters, or stoves. Possibly a bench could be worked in to the right of the stove where a cabinet currently rests, and possibly, maybe a bench could go in the room to the north. It could be a location to sit when you come in the house, take on/off boots etc.

Aesthetically we are going for a bit of a mid-century, modern-ish, but still country kind of feel. Concrete countertops are tempting. I've attached an image of a stove that has really caught my eye.

Thanks for any input on this one!
7 months ago
Forgive me if you already factored this in, but be sure to take your voltage readings when there is no load on them. The load will pull voltage down.

Hah, I like the license plate!
7 months ago