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Recent posts by Cam Haslehurst

It's my second last night here. But how was today? Well I did a shit ton of lifting! Sorry I am going to milk the shit puns as much as possible. Curtis and I got it all finished up today and the barn is looking spiffy. I'm looking forward to seeing how short the horses look when they come for oats tonight or tomorrow morning. We also dug out 19 buckets of clay for Kate to use building the rocket stove. The clay was damp so the digging was much easier than last year, so that's good. The rain makes stuff heavier but easier to break up and lift too, so it's kind of a trade off.

Tomorrow is going to be spent packing, tidying up the RV and and collecting up some plants to take home. It should be a nice relaxed day. Enjoy the photos!

17 hours ago
I had a rough day today. I had to deal with a lot of shit. Horse shit that is.

Curtis and I worked together on clearing out the horse area, and we made some serious progress. I learned that horse poop is actually much easier to fork when it's soaked through. It breaks into manageable chunks, and slides off the fork real easy too. I actually got so used to it sliding right off that I started 'tossing' it into the wheelbarrow instead of dropping it. That worked great until I picked up some slightly drier stuff. It stuck to the fork instead of flying off, and I nearly fell over from its momentum. It ended up RIGHT on top of the left wheelbarrow handle - ewww. I wiped the handle with some hay to clear it off as best I could - but still. I gave my hands a thorough washing after that, lol.

Kate kept on going on the stove. I helped her out by crushing up some more brick. As usual I put on some music and thumped away for about an hour.

Other than that today has been fairly relaxed. I've been reading about Hinduism for the past little while. There are some very neat ideas there to explore. The most interesting thing to me is that it's really not possible for us to be separate from the universe itself. We don't come IN to the the universe and then disappear when we die. The atoms that make me up were here well before "I" was, and they will be here long after "I" am gone. My body will die, but it doesn't disappear into nothingness - it'll most likely become ash or soil, and will eventually take another form. It's the idea of the divine play, or Lila where god (or the All Knowing or the Universe or whatever name you want to give) plays all the parts of every single thing in the universe. So it goes against the idea that we are lonely little creatures in a vast, empty and uncaring universe. Instead we are manifestations of the entire universe, and we cannot possibly be separated from it or anything else within it. I apologize if I'm not explaining this well, or if anyone more familiar with Hinduism is reading this and cringing at my attempts to talk about it. It's all new to me, but it's a refreshing way to see the world.

In gardening news, I am going to take some comfrey home! I think I might take some walking onions too, my mom asked about them tonight. Our garden is gonna get a nice little boost.

Oh and yesterday I got some ice cream! Wolf paws. Vanilla, chocolate, and peanut butter all together. Mmm.  
1 day ago
I forgot my cord down at the RV and it's raining and I am tired so this is a text only post.

I painted the ends on the boardwalk this morning, and things are looking good. If things dry up (it's raining pretty good right now) I can paint the other older boards so everything goes together better.

However my big task before I go is to crush brick. Kate was using ash as an inert substance for part of the fire proof mortar, but we're all out now. So old fire brick will be used instead. My forearms are going to grow even stronger!

We also gotta dig some clay up tomorrow because we're just about out of that too.

Finally, today I learned that the lead in a herd is the female. So even though the buck has by far the biggest horns, Missy is the one you feed first when feeding the herd all together. We got talking about this because Wishaw, Snoopy and Midnight all escaped the paddock today. Gavin was coming back to the house with a wheelbarrow of trimmings, and Wishaw came over to eat some. He was giving it to her, and he had the gate partially open to get him and the wheelbarrow through. He unfortunately left a gap that Wishaw strolled right through, followed by Snoopy and Midnight. Whoops! Fortunately with a bucket of oats they all got brought back in. All they wanted was to eat the tall green grass outside the paddock and I don't blame them. I mean I wouldn't eat it personally but I can see the appeal.


So that was yesterday's entry. We lost internet just as I was finishing writing it, so I just saved it for later. Today I finally remembered to take some photos of what's been going on.

I spent a good amount of time doing some more serious crushing. First I did some charcoal and mashed it all up into a fine powder. See the pic of my hand. I love how sparkly it is - I don't think you can really see in the photo but it's real neat to look at. Then some more brick. My oh my can I feel my forearms. I know, I know I need to stop mentioning my forearms. But they are getting stronger! After that I checked on Hugh and Gill, and gave the tomatoes further in the garden some water because they were drooping ever so slightly.

Kate kept on working on the stove. I'll post a pic and she can elaborate on it if she wants - she really knows what she's talking about and well, I don't.

Curtis worked on getting a new arbor over the board walk. I helped him grab a few posts, and he started measuring and cutting. He has two posts up now.

Finally, I remembered to take a photo of the garden! Check out how lush it is.
3 days ago
I did some carpentry today! I took all the steps I said I would yesterday. It was all very smooth, except for the very beginning this morning. I was using a Dewalt DW716 miter saw. Curtis had the head locked down for safety, which is a good thing to do. The issue was I had no idea where the release pin was. I've used miter saws before so I'm not a complete noobie, but I spent about ten minutes searching that saw up and down to no avail. I asked Kate, and she didn't know. I googled the saw name and the manual popped right up, thankfully. I opened it up, and there was the diagram. It said the pin should be just below the motor housing . "Okay, great", I thought. I looked below the housing - no pin. Now I was seriously confused. I kept at it though. I just started poking all the objects that even remotely resembled a pin...and eventually I poked the pin! The saw popped up, and I was able to get to work. From there things were fairly smooth. I didn't have the speed sqaure we had yesterday, but I just made multiple marks to make sure I was making the cuts right. Now if you don't look closely things look perfect. It isn't quite though, some spots are off by about an 1/8". Curtis doesn't mind though, I think he knows I'm not quite a professional carpenter.

It sure was fun work though. I had my country station on, and I got into a groove: identify bad end, measure 62 1/4", cut, mark 1" from each edge, identify good side, and screw down. I just kept repeating that process until it was all finished up. Then I took a nice cold shower to clean up and get the sawdust off.

I asked Curtis about the pin when he got back from work, and he told me the handle end got sheared off when the saw got banged off a truck one time - so THAT'S why.

I put together a gif, as should be expected by now.
5 days ago
It's been a nice and busy past two days. Yesterday I did some more shelf building, plus putting the door back on a shed. I played with Rocky too, Cindy's cute dog.  Other than that I mostly relaxed yesterday.

Kate has been working away at the rocket stoves. I decided I'm just going to do ingredient prep instead of the building, because time is getting tight (I'm out of here on the 30th of this month) and as I said I've never made mortar or laid brick before so I'm very slow. I am however very proficient at crushing brick and clay, as well as shovelling sand. So that's what I'm doing to help instead. I will get some up to date photos tomorrow.

Curtis didn't work today, so I helped him work on the new veranda. He tore the old one out this morning, and I helped pull nails out of some boards that served as the frame. Now he's got it all laid out with the first couple boards put on. Tomorrow I'm going to spend some time putting the rest of the boards on. I'm going to square the ends, then measure 62 1/4" and cut, making sure to take the bad end off. Then I'll lay the board down with a 1" overhang on each side and make sure the good side is facing up, then screw it down. It should be fun!

And poor Curragh got stung on her eye by something again today. She's roaming free on the property now, and for 3 of the last 4 days she's been stung. Today's looks the most painful. She is recovering though - she was tired for most of the day but her energy sass is returning. She just jumped in my lap as I wrote that last sentence.

6 days ago
Today I did some more material preparation, then I finally got started on brick placement! I've never done any brick laying before so there was a learning curve, but I am figuring it out.

Today was nice and cool, which was a great change from the mid 30s stuff we've had for the past while. I did some more litter removal from the goat area of the barn.

Finally, the gate has a new sign! Brid (Kate's daughter) finished it up today. I'd say it looks pretty great.

1 week ago
I did a lot of ingredient preparation today. Not for baking, but for oven making. I got a bucket of sand, and kept on smashing brick up. This time I listened to a pop station to shake things up a bit. I was hammering to the Weeknd and a bit of Justin Bieber I think. Good stuff! I only stopped because my wrists were starting to get sore. I also tied up a bunch of comfrey. And oh yeah I got stung by a wasp yesterday - just above my eyebrow. It's been a while since I've been stung, and honestly I did not miss that sensation. I got the stinger right out and put some polysporin on, and everything was all good. It's just a little itchy now.

I also did some clay crushing. It's in big clumps which don't mix well, so it's gotta me broken down into much smaller pieces before mixing. That gave me forearms another workout.

Out of curiosity, I weighed the bone crusher tool - it's 11.2lbs! It's no wonder my wrists are getting sore. So it must be a 10lb sledge, and the handle adds 1.2lbs. I really should have taken photos of my forearms to compare before and after.

Finally, I cleared out a section of the goat barn. It was a low traffic area, so the hay was mostly nice and fluffy.

I also visited with some of other residents - I gave Peaches, Missy and Lucy a good scratch in the afternoon. This morning I said hi to Wishaw too.

*Edit* Kate just finished reading and started laughing at "it's gotta me broken down" and "that gave me forearms a workout". Not sure if it's the heat or the smoke or the one glass of wine or lack of proofreading or a blend of them all but I made some typos, lol.

1 week ago
Another toasty day today. Not heat wave levels but I think we got around 35C. I don't think I did too much really. I went out for a good bike ride, read a little bit, and crushed some fire brick tonight once the sun was down a bit. Kate did more work on rocket stove #1, and I'm going to join in on that tomorrow. I think I'm gonna be doing most of my work in the mornings and evenings though, at least while it's hot.

I have a pair of those hearing protection ear muffs, but these ones have a built in radio. So tonight while I was crushing brick I was rocking out to 101.9 Country FM for over an hour. It's great because the banging wasn't so loud, but also because I couldn't hear the mosquitoes buzzing around my head. When I bought them I wasn't expecting to use them for mosquitoes, but life can be surprising.

I took some photos of some flowers and one of a kitten too, so enjoy!

1 week ago
I spent most of today in suburbia, and it was fun! I went along with Cindy, one of Kate's friends, to cut some lawns. It was the first time I used an electric mower. It was nice and quiet, and cute too. I think the blade was only 14" in diameter. The downside was dealing with the extension cords. Both yards I cut were beautiful - lots of beds and fruit trees. They looked real nice, but unravelling the cord from around the trees and whatnot probably took about a third of the total cutting time. I am nothing if not patient though so I made it through just fine. I finished Cindy's neighbour's lawn, then Cindy's lawn. Then I took a break and we chatted for a bit. I started to whippersnip afterwards, but she stopped me a few minutes in because it turns out I'd already been there for over 4 hours. Time flies when you're mowing lawns. I'm gonna head back another day to finish weed whacking then to put together some shelves.

After all that I'm very hungry. Thankfully when I got back to the homestead I saw that Curtis had roasted a whole duck in a rocket roaster (pic below). We're also gonna cook up the big zucchini. I sliced it up and sampled a slice - very nice. Needless to say I am excited for dinner. Time now to cut up some more veggies.

And in mildy interesting news, we found a strange egg! To me it looks like one of those banana shaped marshmallows.
1 week ago
Hi Eric,

I think if Recent Topics was the default or even just an option that would be awesome. I try and access it on my phone and it says it's PIE only, which I think is different from the desktop (correct me if I'm wrong). Usually when I'm on Permies on my phone it's just to browse around and see what's up in the community so an accessible recent topics section would be real nice. That's just me though.