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John Young wrote:Is your tree a trifoliate orange by chance?  (Oranges are smaller, very cold hardy, lots of seeds, and fit your taste/juice description.)

Softball sized
3 days ago

Hugo Morvan wrote:Nice! I'd put them in soil in pots. Medium size  pots, get the root as deep as possible. The leave just above the ground. Water well and keep in a shaded place the first weeks, no frost. Until they start to really perk up, start moving them into partial shade and when they seem adapted to that and you have some real growth go for it. Water from the bottom or sparsely.
But more important then the times i mention between the moving is follow your own feeling. Look at the plants, which ones are ready, which ones have to stay more protected.. Same with watering.
I prefer that the plant knows it's a tough world out there and prefer to kind of give the idea to create more roots. It's a balancing act between, they need foliage to get energy from the sun to grow roots, but if they're in water all the time they "think" they can get away with putting all energy in making foliage. Then when they move into full sun/lamps they might die. That's why some people use misters, which keep the foliage moist too, so no water evaporates, but some time they will have to start making roots.
I like it when the whole of the pot fills up with roots between transplanting. Others put them into place immediately, but i figure that can only be done if you have loads and or keep a super watchfull eye.

Whats really nice and amazing for me is that I can get a response from someone in France.

Ill most likely be well dead and decomposed before I see any fruit but its worth noting that there is an orange tree that grows in the back yard of a property owner not to far away from my property in Dunnellon Fl. This tree stands about 20' tall and is covered with oranges year after year, literally hundreds.

The oranges are not great to taste out of hand but when I squeeze them into a glass the juice is amazing in taste.

This tree sees freezing temps years after year, Ive not been working the property long but I have seen temps down in the lows 20s and I am told it can get down in the teens and stay there for a long time.

These are the seeds from that tree and I have read that seeds may not produce a tree with same characteristics but Id like to think it may and so Ive decided to try and make a tree.

Thanks again
3 days ago
Can anyone tell me whats the next step with these citrus seedlings?

3 days ago

Amy Arnett wrote:

Jason Walter wrote:

In my opinion pills are nothing more than something to cover up problems, no different than drugs/alcohol. A person has to learn life skills/ make mini goals, achieve these mini goals and continue to grow.

That's one way to look at it. Just like insulin covers up a diabetes problem, an inhaler covers up an asthma problem, tylenol covers up a pain problem, or benadryl covers up an allergy problem. Whether or not to use medication is absolutely the individual's choice; they don't work for everyone.  

In case someone reading might be interested, there are also quite a few herbs and supplements that some have found helpful with anxiety. Some are discussed in this thread that I started before going to the psychiatrist the second time and getting diagnosed:https://permies.com/t/133660/kitchen/Herbs-acting-social-inhibition

Anxiety and depression are symptoms that can come from a variety of causes that can be physical, genetic, environmental, experiences, trauma and many others. The root cause will determine which treatments will likely work best for each person. 

I like the suggestion of mini-goals. I do that too. It's easy to set impossibly high standards for ourselves. Small, achievable goals are a great way to increase our successes and feel better about ourselves. Life skills are important as well. Taking care of ourselves, and other people or animals or plants, can be empowering. When I'm feeling like I haven't done enough, I often reflect on the trees I've planted, the gardens I've grown, the perennials I've shared, and the animals I've raised or rescued over the years.

I would enjoy continuing this disc however I leave tonight for my property and I'll have to pick it up on my return.

Id like to say though that anxiety/ depression in itself is not an illness or is not an illness that has to be seriously  debilitating.

Amy Arnett wrote:Great question!

I've tried lots of things over the years and found some coping skills that help me. A couple times, the demands of life outweighed my ability to cope on my own and I went to a psychiatrist. The first doctor gave me an ssri antidepressant, which reduced my symptoms, but wasn't a good fit for me long term. The second psychiatrist diagnosed me with ADHD and autism. Medication for the ADHD reduced my anxiety and depression symptoms drastically, but I still use the coping skills most days.  

The closest thing to mind control that I have found is mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy. The part of mindfulness that really helped me was the idea that thoughts just occur for no reason and aren't significant by themselves. My emotional reactions to my troubling thoughts were the root of my persistent negative mood. Mindfulness is basically practicing accepting whatever thoughts occur and letting them just float by without reacting. (Easier said than done). It is also practicing moving and focusing your attention. Controlling what I am paying attention to is very helpful for me when I get panicky or am focusing on being anxious. I can choose to focus on my breath or something sparkly or the sound of the wind, and after a minute or so the anxiety has simmered down and I feel like my brain resets and I can start over dealing with whatever I was doing from a calm place. 

The specific book I used was "The mindful way through depression". Some of the audiobook and guided meditations or on youtube I think. 

Cognitive behavioural therapy uses some mindfulness, but is mostly about training your response to your thoughts. Everyone's goals will be different, but some general goals are reducing negative self-talk, giving yourself positive feedback, and stopping rumination or negative thought spirals. At least that was my take away. I never participated, just read a book. There are many self work books now I think. 

CBT focuses on identifying your triggering thoughts and reframing them or deciding on a positive response. Eventually, when the problem thought occurs, you would use your decided upon response and move on skipping all the negative emotional reactions and storytelling.

So "I wish I were dead. Oh no! we can't think that. That's a bad thing to think. what's wrong with us, why do we think things like that. I am a bad person. why can't i just be grateful and enjoy my life. imagine the funeral and my grieving family. i'm the worst for even thinking about something that would devastate my loved ones...etc."
becomes "I wish I were dead....yep, and right now I am hanging up laundry. Good job doing the laundry that you wanted to do. The laundry is wet now, but it will be dry later because I'm hanging it up right now. Nice!" 

Or when I start to catastrophize about the worst possible outcome to a situation, I interrupt the catastrophe spiral with "yes, that is one possible outcome of many. Another possible outcome is..." and think up something positive and more likely to happen. 

It takes some work and practice and being nice to yourself when you don't do it right every time. And it's ok to let a medication do the heavy lifting if visiting a psychiatrist is an option. 

Try to be nice to yourself, you deserve it! and thanks for sharing your experience. 

In my opinion pills are nothing more than something to cover up problems, no different than drugs/alcohol. A person has to learn life skills/ make mini goals, achieve these mini goals and continue to grow.

I do not want to comment too much, I have a tendency of not considering how my comments might hurt someone and I have no interest and causing anyone discomfort.
Its not confirmed yet but pretty much a cinch that its a bogus site, I contacted paypal the day after my purchase to suspect possible fraud, they e-mailed seller and to this day still no response. I also e-mailed seller and received no response.
1 week ago
Seems like this forum is dead, last post a year ago so Ok

I cant dazzle you with fancy words or for that matter correct English but maybe I can add what I like, subscribe to this  and eventually get a response that may help. Ill try and keep this short.

I have anxiety problem, Ive had it most of my life, in my case it comes from an unhealthy non nurturing up bringing. My parents were unhealthy/abusive and so naturally I turned out unhealthy/abusive.

I am not physically abusive as my parents were, I am not miserable ( although I use to be so miserable suicide seemed the only way out ) I am however emotionally abusive toward those near me AKA my wife. I cannot give her loving emotionally fulfilling support, I can only give her cold, militarism support with deep devotion, caring,empathy that is so strong within me that in my opinion its percolating/wishing to be released.

This percolating behavior is seen as enthusiasm by others, I am or can be one enthusiastic SOB. So much so that I feel I could sometimes write books on overcoming depression/poverty ect but the books would possibly go unfollowed because my way ( the only right way IMO ) is not an easy way and we all ( or most of us ) want an easy way out.

Anyway Ive searched my entire life ( and will continue the search until the day I cease ) for the answers of controlling my mind, Ive watched alot of videos on you tube/read some books and have come to believe that there is no one place to find answers, that answers are to be found in snidbits all around us. Mind control simply is not something we can just do.

In my case when I say mind control I mean the anxiety type feeling ( as an example ) I get when a topic online goes un noticed and un-responded to, yes that still bothers me but I have learned to dismiss this and not let it eat into me so badly, these computers are killing us all, we try to validate our own worth by the number of friends or subscribers we have following us online. Its a shame that we have come to this, when someone makes a comment that is nasty we ( many of us with anxiety ) assume that we are bad/worthless people and rightfully so since we ( anxiety sufferers ) have been told throughout our lives we are such.

I still go to work everyday suffering with this disease, it affects my life greatly but I thank God ( yes I do believe in God or a higher power whatever you choose ) that its not debilitating as it is for so many others. I function in life quite well even with this problem, I overcompensate by working hard, making lots ( in common mans terms ) of money and building my empire. ( only to have it thrown aside as negligible in just a few more years time )

Id like to add as far as religion.....you have two choices, believe in a higher power, believe that this higher power is there to help you assuming you want to help yourself and that when you die you will live the eternity in a better place or you could believe that you die and thats it, your worm food or that because you are a terrible sinner ( as we all are, its our nature, its something we are born with ) you will spend an eternity in pain.

I choose to believe that there is a higher power guiding me ( in my case I am certain ) and as long as I do my best to be kind to everything around me whether it be a fellow human being, the animals/insects or the plants I will be following a good path that will lead me to a good life and an even better once deceased.

Dont get me wrong, I am a thief, a liar and commit just about every misdeed that could be done but these acts are sporadic and are generally not a way of life for me. I thank God for keeping me safe and ask for forgiveness.

In closing Id like to actually suggest something that has helped greatly in my life and that is an audio ( cassette ) series I purchased many ( 20 + ) years ago recorded by Lucinda Basset titled anxiety and depression program, I have never actually listened to the entire series, inside of me there is an evil that is comfortable with a certain anxiety filled lifestyle, its all it knows and it dosent want to relinquish full control but never the less the program helped me personally with its dialogue/showed me that I was not alone and that many of my feelings/hurts were justified.

My question to you is what has helped you? If your reading this and have made it this far than either you just want to read this crazy guys testimony or you yourself suffer from anxiety/depression.

Dont be ashamed to admit, what  have you tried? Help me to grow by adding something helpful to this topic.

BTW My name is Jason Anderson, Walter is my middle name, it would not allow me to use Anderson when I signed up cause it was in use, I am happy to be alive, I look forward to my future ( or whats left of it which isnt a whole lot ) and I AM eager and enthusiastic to improve my mind with your recommendations. Thanks
2 weeks ago
I needed some parts to repair a finish mower I plan to use behind my tractor. Looking online I found some parts I needed on this site ( thru a google pop up deal ) and the prices were 1/4 what everyone else was wanting.
I did not look into them at all before purchasing cause I paid via paypal so as far as I know I cant get screwed.

I never received a confirmation e-mail from them of my order although it said I would get one when I placed the order.

Doing a google search of reviews I see nothing about nothing about them.

I need the parts but am in no rush so if its coming from china and Ill see it in 60 days thats almost fine.

If Im never gonna see the parts Id like to move on and purchase them thru e-bay like everything else I buy.

2 weeks ago

Mathew Trotter wrote:Compare to "twiggy mullein", Verbascum virgatum. Should be obvious after it flowers.

Thanks, yes that is it. I have seen the flowers I believe already, just did not pay attention of this same location. No apparent uses evidently but I found one paragraph that indicated long tap root which Im assuming means its a minor plant bringing up nutrients that can be used by other plants nearby.
3 weeks ago
I found some of that pallet wrap laying around and I decided to put it to use, I know it offers no thermal protection but it does help block the wind. We had low twenties for several hours both Fri and Sat night, today was back up in the 60s.

Im guessing this is gonna help and hopefully next year the plants will only be stronger. I really like my 5 variegated kumquats.
3 weeks ago