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since Jul 18, 2020
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Seeking peace through working with nature.. homestead, permaculture, laziness-inspired efficiency standards.. this is my jam! Born into consumerism 'merica, i knew of nothing else. in the midst of ravenously wanting more and better 'stuff'.. my heart quietly wished for a different kind of, less contradictory, way to live life on earth. Working to pay bills for several decades didn't make sense to me, but i figured everyone else knew something i had not. so i followed. but i was overwhelmed. today, i stoke the fire of strong desire to seek simplicity. looking forward to meeting like-minded people!
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Recent posts by Dez Choi

Liv Smith wrote:Congrats for Post 100!

Are you going to continue with your posts? It would be really nice☺️.

Thanks Liv~!!!
it would be a great way to keep track of my time.. so I'm leaning toward yes indeedy.. =D
12 hours ago

Mike Haasl wrote:Hey Dez, when I was out there I brought a bunch of thick socks along.  I think they ended up in a free bin somewhere.  I'm sorry if you weren't within earshot when I unveiled them but hopefully some are still available.  

I believe I did see them around here.. I will find them and pick out the best fit! thanks Mike!
12 hours ago
POST 100 (DAY 107, Wednesday, 2020.11.25)
[Morning Entry]    ::: THANKSGIVING :::

The beginning of confidence.. is not giving a care about what others may think..
not to be inconsiderate.. but to be free from false speed bumps
.. and to be pure to self..

HAPPY 100 DAYS~!!!

enjoy the pics~!
POST 99 (DAY 106, Tuesday, 2020.11.24)
[Morning Entry]    ::: KIND COMPANY :::

its taco tuesday!

THE WORK (yesterday): AM/PM--The First Wofati Greenhouse, man~!!!.. dug a trench to lay down a drain pipe, at a 3-4% grade.. my first time.. cut out a few notches for the final rafter of the west wingwall.. it was a below freezing temperatures all day.. my toes are now used to being the coldest part of my body.. my fingers too.. but the fingers seem to warm up when I use a shovel--pretty cool to know..

    yesterday was a breakthrough moment for me.. bur I could not have had that moment without the support of this community.. there was something heavy on me, regarding the social dynamics of living in community.. I believe I was having trouble communicating.. and yesterday things were brought up to clear the air, so to speak.. what was so "breakthrough" about it?.. I was able to communicate my thoughts and feelings in a way that embraced individuality and honored differences between the people involve.. I took my time to think instead of reacting or blaming.. I sought to understand before seeking to be understood.. and the end result was one where all parties involved felt at peace..
    I'm used to living in a home where harmony and peace was a thin veneer covering the unspoken resentments and/or grudges.. I never really liked it to be that way.. here I have a chance to contribute in a way that maintains harmony and peace, reduces resentments and/or grudges.. and it feels like a safe place to speak and know that I'll be heard.. I am living among my examples--the people who live here.. they, simply by their way of being, help set the tone for using good manners in genuine expression, while still having fun working together.. it is because of my current company that I have found the courage within myself to "step up my game", to match pace in class, to behave in kind and in kindness.. don't tell them i said this, but i love them like a fat kid loves cake..

enjoy the pics~!
I’ve heard gentle massage can sometimes provide some with limited help.. also not for others..
2 days ago
I’ve heard yoga and or meditation works for some.. others not so much
2 days ago
POST 98 (DAY 105, Monday , 2020.11.23)
[Morning Entry]

Its odd how the laziness can carry momentum.. yesterday I did a few things, that made me feel slightly productive, but still tasks lingered in my mind i could have done.. rest is good too.. is this my way of seeking comfort?.. it seems this 2nd 90 days of my journey at Wheaton Labs is going to be about refining my sustainable weekend pace.. a pace where i can feel productive and rested, without letting the fire die out.. so perhaps a schedule time window of design or deliberate/intentional dream-building.. a sort of "fuel" to relight the upcoming week's drive and momentum.. (just thinking this through as i write)..

enjoy the pics~!

Liv Smith wrote:Hope you’re ok and you didn’t get sick, and you’re not posting just because you’re busy and enjoying your day off.

Sending warm virtual hugs your way.

Thanks for the warm hugs Liv!! Didn’t get sick..and totally enjoying my day off.. might even take a nap actually.. my fav thing is napping in the sun.. perhaps I’ll make a sun room on my plot .. :)
Hope you’re well also.. hugs

Lazy Sunday.. baked cookies, nibbles on snacks, took a nap.. Watched The Village with a few of the folks here at Wheaton Labs.. loved the re-experiencing of it and hearing Josiah’s response of his very first viewing.. Jen started some broth in the crockpot earlier today.. the smell fills the kitchen of savory warmth.. read about the construction of an RMH—turns out that the cross sectional area must remain consistent throughout the piping to obtain optimal performance; and optimal performance is key to a clean burn which also affects maximum conversion of fuel to heat.. another fun fact: the heat riser tube must be three times the height of the fuel loading chamber in order for the syphon to function.. one more fun fact: warm air is better than cold outside air for the intake into the combustion chamber because the temperature can remain hotter which means better conversion once again..

Happy Sunday!