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Seeking peace through working with nature.. homestead, permaculture, laziness-inspired efficiency standards.. this is my jam! Born into consumerism 'merica, i knew of nothing else. in the midst of ravenously wanting more and better 'stuff'.. my heart quietly wished for a different kind of, less contradictory, way to live life on earth. Working to pay bills for several decades didn't make sense to me, but i figured everyone else knew something i had not. so i followed. but i was overwhelmed. today, i stoke the fire of strong desire to seek simplicity. looking forward to meeting like-minded people!
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Recent posts by Dez Choi

POST 645 (DAY 656, Friday, 2022.05.27)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for nutritional yeast.. been on it for about two weeks now.. a table spoon taken in the morning gives me extra energy for the day.. minimal fatigue.. a tablespoon at night before bed and I sleep deeply and wake up rested..  
15 hours ago
POST 644 (DAY 655, Thursday, 2022.05.26)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for gardening.. growing up in the suburbs of Southern California, there wasn’t much yard space around the house.. I’d come home from school and watch my folks getting more and more into gardening with what little earth they had between the concrete and painted wood.. I wonder what it is about gardening that I enjoy so much.. being outside, working with my hands, abs discovering things that grow..
POST 643 (DAY 654, Wednesday, 2022.05.25)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for generosity.. something I’ve learned since arrival is how generous are the people I’m surrounded by.. and though is my first nature to be a taker, I’ve been practicing the priority of offering help and service.. and it feels pretty good.. almost like magic.. can’t see exactly what, but something just happens when the dance of give and receive synchs up..

PS.. yesterday’s post somehow got lost.. I’m pretty bummed about it.. anyway it’s a reminder for me to stick to my routine a bit harder.. waver not from tried and true routines.. :)
POST 642 (DAY 652, Monday, 2022.05.23)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for opportunity.. keep them eyes peeled..!
POST 641 (DAY 651, Sunday, 2022.05.22)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for being in nature.. met someone that goes and lives in the woods for five months a year, being a forest watch person.. i thought that was cool.. and then I realized that I get to be in the woods any time I just walk around.. awesome ~~
POST 640 (DAY 650, Saturday, 2022.05.21)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for Cat-urday.. someone told me yesterday that they’d love to be reincarnated as a cat.. I’d like to be able to switch back and forth, from cat to human then back to human.. being human seems way more robust.. although—cats do everything naked, and bathe by rolling in sandpits.. that seems pretty robust also..
POST 639 (DAY 649, Friday, 2022.05.20)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for permies support.. such generosity, such kind folks.. <3
POST 638 (DAY 648, Thursday, 2022.05.19)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for grace.. again.. I think after many months of gratitude mornings, the resulting pattern has become evident—I’m grateful for the basics.. food, water, shelter, clothes.. favor undeserved..
POST 637 (DAY 647, Wednesday, 2022.05.18)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for clean potable water.. what a luxury..
POST 636 (DAY 646, Tuesday, 2022.05.17)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for being able to let some things go.. [instead of stressing over things outside of my control]..