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Recent posts by Shannon Lawrence

Plantain to the rescue! Not only did it provide immediate relief,  the itch never came back! Plants are magic!
I love kale, especially with EVOO and eggs for breakfast.  This is the cleaning of said breakfast.
1 week ago
I used coconut oil for on the wooden handled things I could find.
1 week ago
I came home and found these potatoes trying to grow, so I started another experiment.  Burlap coffee sack lined potato hole. Hmm. Let's see what happens!
The second hand t-shirts i mean. I got post happy before realizing this would drop to the end of the thread.
These are the hens at my parents house, I have educated them relentlessly regarding the Styrofoam egg cartons, but at least they reuse them until they break.
1 week ago
I just returned from the PDC at wheaton labs and my 2 experimental gardens are vastly different. I am gardening at my parents farm in a no till plot with cow manure and straw and cardboard/plastic sheeting between to cover the in between areas. The other garden is at my aunts and I have built beds along the shed and built small containers using coffee bags (the liner is the compostable bag the green beans come in, then burlap then compost and organic soil) utilizing the fenced in area that was previously the dog pen. I also went around the yard and found small trees/bushes growing in old plastic pots and put them into the ground along the back of the property then build a log shelter around them to protect from deer. There was a cut log growing a fresh branch and I dug a hole and put that in with a few nettles I dug up to keep it company, also protected with a log shelter. All of my materials were free, found or scavenged in the yards. I saved most of the seeds from previous experimental gardens or bought from strictly medicinal since I love their products and use plants as food and medicine. Here are some photos and I will update as the seasons progress.