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Janet Reed

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since Jun 14, 2020
Veteran, 21 years in greenhouses..10 years in an undisclosed occupation, 12 years boarding and training dogs. Retired to work more!
Dry mountains Eastern WA
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Recent posts by Janet Reed

Monarda leaf...lovely fragrant for cooking or baking dry or fresh

Red Rasberry leaf..fragrant and subtle for cooking or tea; dry or fresh

A simple butter shortbread is a great vehicle for subtle flower/ leaf flavors.

Any leaf can be painted with melted chocolate; the leaf then peeled off to use the chocolate leaf.

There’s probably dozens more. Those just come to mind.
3 hours ago

M D Scott wrote:Thanks for the replies! I thought it was only the lavender flowers that are edible; the leaves are too? Are the better dried first? I imagine the texture is a bit strange.

It’s not a strange’s herbal. Everything about lavender is scented and lovely.

It’s like so many herbs..very usable
7 hours ago
I think we get way too worried about what we plant next to what.  

Why wouldn’t brambles grow nicely around fruiting trees?  My raspberries like a bit of shade.  
3 days ago
Before I did anything with a small place I would draw a plan.

Where will you walk. That’s what I plan out first.

Where will you sit to view the garden and what do you want to see from there.

What type of planters or are you planting all in ground.

What type of plants are important and where specifically are they going first.

Go to your windows or areas where you will view the garden.  What do you want to see?

Remember as you walk and view how some things are tall and some short.  Plan accordingly.

It’s VERY EASY to mess up a small space without a plan
6 days ago
I’m just sharing.  I found the BBC GOODFOOD app and I have never found a collection of recipes I like better. Astounding.
6 days ago
The leaves of lavender are perfume.  That’s why they are liked.  They are good in baking.Lavender shortbread.
6 days ago

Carla Burke wrote:Be a benevolent opportunist - if something is growing wild on your land (or was planted there, begotten you got there) take what you need of it, but be sure to leave the rest for the wildlife that has been depending on it. If you don't, they'll leave, and sometimes much of what you loved about your place will wither and die. I want given a choice - it was a rental. The county took out the huge bank of lilacs, along the road, which not only took away much of our privacy and sound barrier, it also took out the habitat of much of the wildlife on the 5.5acre parcel. The critters who lived in there left, and the flowers, trees, shrubs, and my formerly prolific garden all suffered for it. very sorry...a good lesson for us to remember.
1 week ago

My husband works hard and works with all kinds of fluids that smell BAD...I had a horrible time getting the smells out.  It took me awhile to find the right detergent.  I now use Mrs Meyers which is extremely gentle; but I turned the hot water heater up considerably. I suggest trying a hotter temperature water.  It worked for me.  I mean HOT..
1 week ago
Well that’s pretty great... and glad I looked up that site!  Soapstone grills! Gotta have one!
1 week ago

echo minarosa wrote:I mostly like the idea but wonder about the effects of metal rims on bird feet in hot summer sun. Any issues?

I have several metal bird feeders and lots of birds. No problems.
1 week ago